Tuesday Donuts: 'Dancing With The Mavs'?

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: Why 'Trix isn't 'Dancing,' Samaki eats pot, your chance for DB.com Summer Swag, Stern's foul mood, Durant's secret tattoos, what's Dirk's 'N-Rating'? and ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: The Dallas Mavericks are world champions, Mark Cuban's already paved ground on the show (as has Cowboys great Emmitt Smith). So wouldn't Shawn Marion be just perfect for "Dancing With the Stars''?


I visited with 'Trix over the weekend and confirmed the TMZ story that he'd been approached about the show but turned it down. Maybe ... just maybe ... Shawn - and the rest of the NBA's players - have other athletic plans for the fall.

DONUT 2: In unhappier news, David Stern emerged from Monday's labor negotiations in a foul mood.

"I don't feel optimistic about the players' willingness to engage in a serious way," Stern said.

Stern's position is that the players are not prepared to bargain "in good faith.'' Funny, because that's exactly the position of the players toward the owners, and why the players want to put this thing before the National Labor Relations Board --because the players are saying the owners are not "negotiating in good faith.''

That can be a significant mark on talks, because of the NLRB sees it the players' way, they gain some leverage.


DONUT 3: That NLRB ruling represents one significant mark. The other? If we get to the end of September without an agreement, we lose games ... and everybody loses revenue. That -- the end of September -- is when both sides MUST move. ... and why right now, both sides can afford to simple posture.

DONUT 4: Something called "The N-Scores'' ranks the Top 10 Most Marketable NBA Players. It's supposed to be based on some secret-sauce formula or something and it seems about as deep as a Frisbee, but here goes:
1 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks 132

2 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 83

3 Steve Nash Phoenix Suns 68

4 Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics 65

5 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs 51

6 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks 47

7 Grant Hill Phoenix Suns 41

8 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls 41

9 Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers 40

10 Vince Carter Phoenix Suns 38

Comments? Questions? Yeah: Dwight Howard's not on the list but Gasol is? Is the N-Rating even sure what team Vince plays for now? Hey, N-Rating, ever heard of LeBron, Wade or Durant? Duncan is marketable? To whom? Kidd and Hill? Sure, in 1994.

But otherwise? Nailed it!


DONUT 5: Game Havens helped me out with the installation of a sound system in my home. They've done the same for lots of folks in Mavs Nation and if you follow Game Havens on Twitter, you just learned that they wired up Dirk's house as well. Like I've been telling you ...Game Havens and AV Spots ... they're the best. Period.

DONUT 6: Kobe to Turkey?

'To be honest with you,''Bryant said over the weekend when asked about announced plans for him to be in a meeting regarding a move to Europe, "that's the first time I'm hearing those things. So, I'll let you decipher what that means, but a lot of that stuff is news to me.''

So is the door shut on such a possibility?

"I'm just waiting on my phone to ring,'' Bryant said. "Here it is. I'll play anywhere. I grew up overseas, so I'm comfortable being overseas. So if [a team] wants to pick up the phone and give me a call and wants me to come and play, I'll definitely listen.''

Translation: While open to the possibility, the phone isn't ringing. Yet Kobe is being a good union soldier by playing along with the threat ... and short of Deron Williams (and I suppose, Nic Batum with France) there's still really no there there.

DONUT 7: Kevin Durant's hidden tattoos are apparently creating quite a commotion in OKC. What's the big deal? Maybe the fact that Oklahoma was the last state in the union to legalize tattooing, in 2006.


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DONUT 11: In case you missed it: Why NBA contraction is anything but a solution. ... and it includes me trying to stuff my two sons back into the womb. Nate is 6-1, 190. Tony is 5-11, 200. This won't be easy.


DONUT 12: During a traffic stop in Arizona last week, former Mav Samaki Walker reportedly tried to eat marijuana during a traffic stop in Kingman, Arizona. The cops say they seized about some prescription drugs and eight bottles of liquid steroids from Samaki's vehicle, along with the 10 grams of marijuana that he was unable to swallow.

I don't know much about drugs. But son, I think you're doing it wrong.

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