Mavs Donuts: J-Ho's Game Will Be 'Fair'

Tyson Chandler has joined the players who are clamoring for ‘fair.' I hope he means ‘Fair Park,' site of the upcoming Josh Howard exhibition game, because that's as close to ‘fair' as we're going to get. Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts are fully baked!

DONUT 1: Let's start with Tyson Chandler of the Dallas Mavericks. He's an intelligent spokesperson for the cause of the locked-out players, and he took his case to the media on LA's ESPN radio affiliate.

"It's really disappointing because I've been to a lot of the meetings, I've talked to Billy Hunter, I've talked to Derek Fisher and I've gotten information from both sides,'' TY said. And I feel like we've come down a lot on the concessions, we've given up a lot of points on the BRI, we've been ready to negotiate with the system, and I think for the owners to say a take it or leave it deal and we're not going to talk anymore unless you take this deal 50-50, I think it's unfair. It's unfair to the players, it's unfair to the fans because it's only going to lead to a longer lockout. A negotiation is a negotiation, and that's the way it should be, but this is more dictators than anything, and I don't feel this is going as a negotiation."

DONUT 2: And why do dictators dictate? Because they can.

TY isn't "wrong.'' It's just that in this case, might makes right. And the dictators … er, the owners … have all the might.

You want to stage an uprising against a dictator? In a sense, by not (yet) caving to the owners' measly offerings, that is what the peons … er, players. … are doing.

The peons don't get paychecks. But they have their principles.

DONUT 3: And they have their exhibition games – including one scheduled for Nov. 12, right here in Dallas, with prodigal son Josh Howard in charge.

The plan, as first reported by the Washington Post, includes participation from J-Ho, Jason Terry, Marquis Daniels, Lamarcus Aldridge, Anthony Randolph, Andray Blatche, Nick Young, DeSagana Diop and Quinton Ross, Jarrett Jack, Corey Brewer, Anthony Randolph; Toronto forward Reggie Evans, Sacramento Kings draft pick Isaiah Thomas, Damon Jones and John Wall. Oh, and You can count us in.

DONUT 4: I'm intrigued by some of the names on the list. Queezy, of course, is one of J-Ho's best pals. Jet and Josh also have a bond. LaMarcus is a DFW kid. And Josh apparently forged a relationship with John Wall during Howard's brief time in Washington.

But I'm also going to be watching to see who is NOT on the list … and if they remain NOTS, why that is their status.


DONUT 5: If the union wishes to present a unified front, it would probably be advisable for the union to help the Josh Howard types get as much participation as possible in these games. (Not that ‘Gana Diop won't be a drawing card!)

In that vein, I'm also going to be watching to see who is NOT on the list … and if they remain NOTS, why that is their status.

DONUT 6: For a game in Dallas, I assume Josh would love to have Dirk Nowitzki participate; that'd certainly sell some tickets, raise some money and lift the players' profile. But maybe by Nov. 12, Dirk will be back in Germany, rowing boats and tooting saxophones with Holger. How about Shawn Marion? JJ Barea? Jason Kidd? Caron Butler? The sick-og-being-dictated-to Tyson Chandler?

Are they in? Is there enough "solidarity'' (the buzzword so often tossed out there by the union side) to produce a Mavs-centric roster of players in Dallas?

Heck, if "solidarity'' is a living, breathing thing, where will Kobe, Wade, Dwight, Amare, Carmelo, Paul, Garnett, Nash, Duncan, Pierce and LeBron be on Nov. 12?

DONUT 7: And while I'm at it: What about some "Mavs Solidarity''? Wouldn't this be a grand opportunity for the gang to get together for a workout? How about Josh and Daniels and Wall on one team, assisted by whomever they can recruit to leave poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel … and on the other team, Dirk, Jet, Kidd, Barea, Butler, Marion and Chandler?

Um, and what about Roddy B?

DONUT 8: I've detailed some of the problems in trying to get the fellas together, most recently in the form of scoffing at the notion of the players creating their own league. As I've noted, there are a skillion moving parts to an operation like that … and even the six-game "world exhibition tour'' featuring Kobe and LeBron is now running into some snags.

From It's going to happen in some form because the biggest names have signed up — Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and others are in for a six-game world exhibition tour. … But it's not that simple to put together a tour, and already the first stop — in Puerto Rico this coming Saturday night — may be falling apart.

Basically, it's because other businesses want rock solid business deals in place before they put their necks out there, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo.

Tour organizer Cal Darden Sr., of Atlanta, has until Monday to provide several requirements – including 18 signed player agreements – for a game this Saturday night at San Juan Arena…. San Juan officials are desperate to start selling tickets, sources said. The global tour is slated to continue to London, Macau and Melbourne over the next two weeks. Players involved have agreements to pay them anywhere from a six-figure fee to more than $1 million for participation. Puerto Rican promoters are still waiting on signed agreements from 10 of the 18 players expected to play in the game, a $12,500 payment to begin the sale of tickets and evidence of a global television package, sources said. The Puerto Rican Tourism company is paying a $750,000 host fee with the assistance of corporate sponsors, but one Puerto Rico source briefed on the details said the local government will not financially back the game without a broad television package.

DONUT 9: Translation, in three steps:

*Money is the foundation of everything. From the monstrosity that is the NBA … all the way down to a little six-game tour. And a he whole thing can collapse like a deck of cards if just one financial aspect buckles.

*There are complexities to deals like this that the average fan, average reporter and maybe even the average player cannot begin to fathom. Contracts, insurance, venues, TV, marketing, vendors, government involvement …

* EVERYBODY wants to get paid. … I wonder, when the players attempt to play hardball to get what they want in terms of contracts, insurance, venues, TV, marketing, vendors and the government, if the players will be accused of being "dictators''?

DONUT 10: J-Ho's deal sounds much simpler than all this. His people already effectively stage charity events in Dallas (like his annual softball game) so the infrastructure is largely in place. (Tickets can be purchased through the Josh Howard Foundation or by calling 202-600-0623.)


DONUT 11: But again, the basketball details, big and small. Big? The NBA is reportedly about to cancel another couple of weeks of regular-season games. Small? Contrary to initial reports, Jason Terry isn't playing in the J-Ho game. He tells ESPN that he'll be serving as an honorary coach ... or whatever.

DONUT 12: Everybody wants "fair''? J-Ho is giving us "fair.'' His event won't be at the AAC, with its 20,000 seats. It'll be at the P.C. Cobb Athletic Complex at Dallas' Fair Park, which seats about 2,200.

Fellas, you wanted "fair.'' You get "Fair Park.''

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