Friday Donuts: End Of The World As We Know It

Friday Morning Mavs Donuts, as the world shows its love/hate for JoePa, animals, T.O., Michael Finley, Mavs charities, Shawn Bradley .... And It's The End Of The World As We Know It - but maybe with a 72-game schedule?

DONUT 1: "There comes a time when you have to be through with negotiations," David Stern said last night. "And we are."

So the proposal is on the table and the "clock'' is turned off ... until next Wednesday, when the owners will re-trigger their ultimatum and shrink future offers.

DONUT 2: Where I think we're at: A 50-/50 split of BRI. System changes to penalize big spenders. And a 72-game schedule that would start in mid-December.

DONUT 3: The players are going to stew on this for a bit ... contemplate the fact that they have made most of the concessions in this so-called "negotiation'' ... and wonder if there is really anything to be "won'' by crushing a season.

DONUT 4: Some opposition to Michael Dugat's pro-players column is here on Boards. I'm proud of the exchange; MDug and I don't agree on this, but there is room on -- a website based on both journalism and an affection for the Mavs -- for all sides of the argument.

By the way: I was told on Twitter at FishSports by a reader that my stance might put in danger my relationships with Mavs players. Let me make this clear: For 27 years in this business, I've expressed my fact-based opinions that have sometimes been in conflict with the thoughts of the sports figures I cover. The ones I respect, respect me in return.

The dopes? They're the dopes. And me being on their side would do nothing to make them less dopey.


DONUT 5: I've had some fun on Facebook trying to help animal lovers try to understand how much more infinitely heinous crimes against children are than crimes against animals.

For those of you who think the crimes are "equal,'' and who by connection think Jerry Sandusky's crimes are equal to Michael Vick's, let me try it in this space, one more time:

If you, your buddy and a camel were walking in the desert, which would you ride? If you, your dad and a collie were on a nosediving plane, which two of you would get the parachutes? If you were starving and came upon a man and a pig, which would you eat?

Answer these questions and then, please, if you grabbed a picket sign on behalf of a tortured dog, do the same on behalf of a tortured child.

DONUT 6: And as for JoePa? He's an accessory to the crime. Word is he's hiring a powerful lawyer to go after Penn State for wrongfully dismissing him. In my view, JoePa will end up in court, alright. But not as the plaintiff. Ol' boy might wanna plan on being a defendant facing the families of raped little children.

My column on the Paterno story is here.

DONUT 7: In a true "Basketball Never Stops'' example, the Dallas Mavericks Foundation has donated $125,000 in grants to five worthy non-profit organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for this year's grant cycle. Each organization received $25,000 from the Foundation.

This year's grant recipients are:

* Community Partners of Dallas - Grant will stock the Rainbow Room, which provides abused and neglected children with items necessary to assure their initial support and safety

* Dallas Life - Funding will go towards cribs and mattresses, along with school uniforms and tennis shoes for the children at the shelter

* Gill Children's Services, Inc. - Funding for Tarrant County children whose medical, dental, physical, social, psychological and/or educational needs have not been met by other community resources

* Heroes for Children - Grant will provide financial assistance to families with children afflicted with cancer to help with mortgage/rent, utilities, phone, gas, car payments and travel expenses to and from hospitals

* North Texas Food Bank - Funding to support Food 4 Kids program, which serves 10,000 elementary school children per year for 40 weeks of the school year, will provide a backpack full of food to take home each weekend

"The Mavs Foundation is excited to be able to award these wonderful non-profit organizations with our 2011-12 grants," said Mavericks exec Terdema Ussery. "There is a significant and tangible need in our community and we are proud to do our part to help out in any way we can. This is our 15th year in existence and these organizations join a long and distinguished list of non-profits constituting the best of North Texas citizens working tirelessly to improve the lives of others."

DONUT 8: Did we create a way for you to dress like a champion! YES. WE. DID.

DONUT 9: What's old friend Michael Finley up to? We go to Wisconsin for this report for Premium Mavs subscribers.

DONUT 10: They stole Shawn Bradley's bicycle.


DONUT 11: cannot do our thing without the help of sponsors and partners like I bet I could recruit the involvement of MavCowTickets and Esparza's Restaurant , Classic of Carrollton and . Give my guys a click, if you please!

DONUT 12: Terrell Owens is broke.

And is T.O. the football player substantially different in lifestyle choices and budget-mindedness than assorted basketball-playing peers?

Let's don't kid ourselves.

Dallas Mavericks products in The Store! YES. WE. DID.

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