Thursday Mavs Donuts: From J-Kidd To J-Lo

What J-Kidd has to do with J-Lo ... Are the Mavs working a Plan A and a Plan B simultaneously? ... Eyeballing David West ... Call it the 'Andris Alternative' ... Know Your Sign-And-Trade Rules, by D-Lord. ... No offense to Caron, but isn't he rather, you know, replaceable? ... Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Heads-up for the Dallas Mavericks (at least as a Plan B) making short-term offers and being open to sign-and-trades for departing players.

Now, under the new CBA, the S-n-T doesn't add a single penny in contract size for the free agent changing teams. Same years, same raises, same everything. So for the player, if the new team has the spending room, he gains nothing. He could gain something via S-n-T if he wants to sign with a new team but there isn't enough cap room there to do the deal.

For example, let's use Tyson Chandler.

If he can persuade Team X to give him a deal starting at $20 mil, but Team X only has $15 mil in cap room, Team X can expand their cap space from $15 mil to $20 mil by sending a $5 mil player to Dallas as a S-n-T.

So if TY is going to get a contract that the Mavs have no interest in bidding against -- and we would say $20 mil, being twice what Dallas kinda had in mind, would qualify as "no interest in'' -- they might be open to getting some talent back that way.

Call it the "Andris Alternative.'' As in, Biedrins.

DONUT 2: In addition, in that outlined scenario, the Mavs would get a trade exception for the difference, $15 million. (It doesn't always work exactly like that in generating trade exceptions, but that's the simple way to understand it generally.) That could prove valuable in their own acquisition by sign-and-trade, or in a later trade perhaps. (Note, though, that historically the vast majority of TE's go unused and simply expire.)

All in all, we wouldn't expect SnTs to happen nearly as often as they did before, because with the new rules, the value/desire for a SnT will most often be totally by the team losing the player rather than either the player himself or the new team. The new team and player may not want to bother, or may see no benefit to it at all.

In the case of the Mavs, the value to the team of somebody like TY isn't dead if he leaves. It can depend on where he goes ... and whether his new team is willing to deal and needing to deal to fit him in financially.
DONUT 3: Jason Kidd knows how to handle his dough and his real estate. As you may remember, he recently put up for sale his million-dollar condo in Dallas, and now he's made an East Coast purchase: a 5,500-square-foot mansion in the Hamptons near the beach, just under 2 acres, that includes a pool, six bedrooms, six baths, tennis court, carriage house and gym.

The pad is worth $5.9 million and depending on which tale you believe, Jennifer Lopez either a) was also considering buy it, or b) lives On The Block, or c) both.

DONUT 4: What if it's NOT a good idea for the world champion Dallas Mavericks to bring everybody back? Our Michael Dugat examines the logic there using some history: What did the champion Bulls, Rockets, Spurs and Lakers do in terms of "bringing the gang back for another run at it''?

DONUT 5: Get all caught up on all the recent days' Mavs news from here. It's all here. Every minute of every day. If you need to get informed about your World Champion Mavericks, know there is much, much more to come today and every day as we take you through free agency, into training camp and into the start of the 2011-12 NBA season! Check back early and often!

What you get on, all freshly baked:

*Details of the Chris Paul "Kitchen Sink'' pursuit.

*Columnists Mark Followill and Chuck Cooperstein with their analysis of the Mavs' just-announced schedule.

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Or you can keep listening to Skip Bayless predict that Tyson Chandler is going to Miami for the MLE. Your choice.

DONUT 6: Now, about those short-term offers: More heads-up. If we get word that Dallas wants to acquire talent using only that sort of offer, we'll know that the Mavs are gathering assets in order to keep their powder dry for a trade. No, not for next summer. A trade before the deadline. A trade NOW.

If you are a Premium Mavs Fan, you already understand this concept as the Mavs push hard to acquire Chris Paul ... while also trying to retain Tyson Chandler as his running mate.

That would qualify as a Plan A. And Paul/Dirk/Tyson would qualify as a SuperTeam, no?

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DONUT 7: Come join Game Havens this Saturday as they host the FIFA 12 Ice Bowl tournament at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Garland. This is the first of five gaming events that are a part of the Game Havens SPORTS 12 season at various Buffalo Wild Wing locations, and team is helping Game Havens support the Berkner High School Lady Rams Soccer team as they prepare for the real ICE BOWL XXI in January – a major North Texas girls high school soccer tournament. If you know your way around an xBox, check out Game Havens Facebook events!

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DONUT 8: So some NBA owners are complaining about the demands of the shortened 66-game schedule? Um, fellas, you do realize who is at least 50 percent responsible for the demanding shortened 66-game schedule ... right?

DONUT 9: What if Rudy wasn't brought here to replace DeShawn, as first thought, but rather is here (on a one-year, cap-clearing deal, remember) to replace Caron?

DONUT 10: Rudy, by the way, is the only Mav of the 10 under contract not in town. The fellas with gather today at the AAC and Dirk is expected to visit with the media, and will be there. And why is Rudy not here from Spain yet?

Visa problems ... and a zany piece of media blame directed at the Mavs, the accusation that Dallas "screwed up the paperwork.''

We acknowledge that we're homers here, but ... a) Do you really believe that Donnie and Keith Grant, who supervise such things and have as combined experience with international dealings than any other dozen NBA staffers, don't know how to handle a guy's visa? And b) The accusation is that the paperwork from Rudy to the front office was botched "a month ago.''

Really, Spanish media? A month ago? You know what was going on a month ago, don't you? A lockout that precluded communication between Mavs staffers and Mavs players. So they COULDN'T engage in discussions about paperwork a month ago.

This "crisis'' will be soothed, of course, in the coming days. Rudy will get here. Planes are running constantly. Chillax.
DONUT 11: While we're coming up with ideas to be more affordable and comparably good: Coop notes that if Caron is gone and the amnesty'd Richard Jefferson is out of San Antonio ... Jefferson represents a possible Dallas solution. RJ reunited as a wing working with Kidd (as in New Jersey), all on the cheap? Maybe that beats trying to match the $7 mil a year Caron is fishing for from the Spurs and others.

DONUT 12: The Mavs are eyeballing David West?

That's what CBS is reporting, but ... he's 31 years old ... coming off a torn ACL ... sees himself as a starting 4 ... and one report says "he will be looking for a substantial contract, perhaps reaching above $10 million a year.'' We haven't confirmed and as the Mavs already have a starting 4, we're not sure we should bother. We are fairly certain, however, that as talented as West is offensively when healthy, there aren't a lot of $10 mil offers out there for West.

DONUT 13: Read David Stern's very personal letter to you, the fan. We think he left out the paragraph about giving us free League Pass.

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