CHAMP CAMP 2: Mavs Video Plus Storm Troopers!

The Not-Yet-Mavs weren't at Day 2 of CHAMP CAMP, but that didn't stop the talk about them as the defending champs went to work ... That three-way trade concept we told you about? Done, in a way ... Hi, Storm Troopers! ... Come inside practice with Video Visits with Kidd, Carlisle and Mavs ... Premium Access for Serious Mavs Fans!

One Day At A Time: Times are different. The lockout has condensed training camp, pressed the preseason to two games, and left teams scrambling to complete moves they generally use months to complete.

Rosters are in flux, visas are/were in the process of being attained (in the case of Rudy Fernandez) and we remain unable to paint an accurate picture of what the opening-day roster for the Dallas Mavericks will look like.

As Jason Kidd alluded to with a smile, the Mavs are filling out their roster, even if it comes a player at a time, a day at a time. More from Kidd, who seems excited about his Vinsanity reunion:

Additional notes on today's practice live from the basement of the AAC:

Getting Something for Tyson: The Mavs turned a nothing into a something ("Asset Management!'') by turning TY's departure to NY into a trade. As first reported by, the Mavs get skinny young guard Andy Rautins from the Knicks as part of deal ... and as detailed by David Lord early Saturday morning, hours before the story broke, it's both a sign-and-trade and a three-team deal. The Mavs ship the draft rights of Giorgos Printezis and Ahmad Nivins to the Knicks and also give a 2012 second-round pick to Washington. The Wizards send a future Round 2 pick to the Mavs while getting Ronny Turiaf, a pick and cash.

What's really in it for the Mavs? Not Rautins; as one voice told Fish last night, "He'd look good in a Texas Legends uniform.'' What's in it is a $11 million-plus trade exception from the Knicks. As the Mavs work on ideas to net Dwight Howard (and other ideas involving Sam Dalembert), it's clear they are not done.

Now, WHY did the Knicks make it a sign-and-trade to help Dallas, maybe to help Dallas chase Howard? A good relationship between the teams (with Donnie and Cuban being so friendly and all) or maybe the Knicks want to contribute to Dwight Howard not ending up across the street with the Nets?

The Leader Speaks: Rick Carlisle took the time to answer questions on a couple of the newest official Mavs, and declined to speak on those yet to be officially added.

He also noted that the coach's are "proceeding like it's a regular training camp" and though there will be flexibility, they will try to keep the same system intact.

*On Brandan Wright: "He's doing well. We like him a lot … We just think that he's going to get nothing but better."
The overall tone on Wright was certainly positive, and we were able to watch as Carlisle worked directly with him on a few mid-range shots as practice wrapped up, as was the case in Day 1.

Wright's length is glaringly obvious at first glance, somehow appearing taller than his listed height of 6-10 thanks to some long arms. If you're wondering how this length will fit in with the Mavs, Carlisle mentioned that he sees Wright as "more of a 5/4 than a 4/5."

That's contrary to the usual scouting report on him. columnist (and Mavs radio voice) Coop tells us that Wright "has that coat-rack body.'' Still, Rick's meaning is we may see Wright get a shot at earning a fair share of his minutes at center before power forward.

*On Rudy Fernandez: "Things are going to be competitive here … (Rudy's) going to be in the mix."

We feel that Rudy can be a very nice addition to this team … if he wants to be here. If he doesn't want to have to compete for his minutes, or is smitten with remaining in Spain, things could shift in the other direction dramatically. We remember Rudy's attempts to free himself from Portland, and we hope that a new NBA home is a welcomed sight in his mind.

"He's a good player. We like him a lot," Carlisle said of Fernandez.

We agree, and hope that these visa issues aren't a sign that the feeling is less than mutual. The plan is for him to be here early next week. ... and hopefully for him to not drama-queen-it up.

One last note from Carlisle on Fernandez: "He's going to be like everyone else. He'll have to earn his minutes here."

Let's hope he does.

Rick's Video Visit with the media:

Vinsanity: Carlisle couldn't speak on Carter, as he has yet to officially sign with the Mavs. However, we get the feeling that he won't have to wait too long before that freedom to discuss Vince will be granted. Word is he is expected to arrive in Dallas in Sunday, with the feeling that a contract will soon follow.

There seems to be some hope that he may be signed in time for the afternoon practice.

Jason Terry wasn't bound by the same rules as Carlisle.

"(Carter) will fit right into our system," Terry said. ... among other stuff. Take it away, Jet!

Cowboys talk: The Mavs are planning on two practices on Sunday. But what about football?

"We'll definitely DVR the Cowboys game for sure if we can't get there four the very beginning of it,'' Rick said of the Giants-Cowboys game scheduled for 7:20 p.m.

Jason Kidd's Championship Afterglow: For the second straight day, he stopped and talked to reporters for a bit and seemed to carry an ease and often a small smile with him … can we call it the Championship afterglow? Maybe not, but we will anyway.

Of a few topics, Kidd noted that a quick start to this season may be essential. Due to the season being compacted to 66 games, a slow start would be compounded by the truncated time to dig out of it. More than ever, a slow start could lead to a team playing catch up for the entire season.
Mavsellaneous: Dirk said it Friday and showed it again today: "The good thing is I'm a jump shooter with no athleticism. So, I could probably shoot till I'm 60." Indeed ... Perhaps of note, the score from Game 6 of the Finals was no longer on the scoreboard over the Dallas Mavericks practice court as it has been all summer ... Rick anticipates defense to again be part of the defending champ's backbone. "(The defensive system) is going to remain the same,'' he said. "We'll build flexibility into our defensive system based on our personnel and whatever changes or tweaks we have, but our basics are gonna remain the same for the most part.'' ... says the Knicks and Wolves are pursuing J.J. Barea. ... Would Dalembert really do a one-year deal in Dallas, thus allowing the club its chase of SuperTeam status at the deadline or next summer? ... On the surreal side: We entered the belly of the AAC, beneath the stands and were almost instantly confronted with about five fully decked out Storm Troopers. Despite the presence of the Dark Side, we treaded on and made our way to catch the Mavs practice (where there were no figures from Star Wars lore). ... And, before you ask, yes … we did almost turn and run.

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