CHAMP CAMP 3: Hollywood & Hogwarts

'Khloe is my favorite Kardashian,' says Carlisle. 'She's the coolest.' Day 3 of CHAMP CAMP at Mavs HQ includes giddiness, silliness and Dirk going all Hogwarts on us. Come inside for coverage of the Mavs workout on Sunday, which includes Video Visits with Rick and The UberMan and a practice-highlight Dirk Dunk that makes him 'The Flying Deutschman':

Hollywood and Hogwarts: In light of the Mavs trading for Lamar Odom last night, the main line of questioning directed toward Coach Carlisle and Dirk revolved around what the forward would bring to the team… on and off the court.

Rick's thoughts on Odom in full can be viewed below, but he made sure to note how his forward trio of Dirk, Shawn Marion, and Odom is very likely to be unmatched around the league.

Most importantly though, how does Rick feel about Odom's tabloid headline grabbing, E! Network dominating wife?

"Khloe is my favorite Kardashian," Carlisle said. "She's the coolest, in our opinion."

All's Forgiven: Even though Lamar Odom was last seen being tossed from a playoff game for a hard foul on Dirk, Nowitzki had nothing but good things to say about his new teammate. That is, once he got around to finding out there was a trade at all.

"I was watching Harry Potter 2 last night," Dirk said. "So, I missed the whole thing. My phone was somewhere in the kitchen."

Of course you were watching Harry Potter, Dirk. Why wouldn't you be? It all somehow fits.

The Flying Deutschman And then, Dirk tried to impress high flying teammate Shawn Marion with a dunk of his own.

Good thing that Hall of Fame game IS NOT based on outrageous athleticism.

Don't ever change, Dirk.

Mavsellaneous: Brandan Wright continued to receive shooting instruction from Carlisle as he has after all three practices. ... The last shooters on the floor were DoJo and Roddy B ... Dirk also watched the Heisman announcement last night as Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III won it. "I was excited for the area,'' Nowitzki said. "Baylor is just down the road. I loved his speech. That was great, so I'm really happy for him. He deserved it.'' ... There is an afternoon workout on Sunday, too, and Vince Carter might be in attendance. Odom should be here Monday or Tuesday. Rudy F is also en route. And Brian Cardinal is re-upping and ready to grab a broom. ... The vibe at every practice is one of extreme confidence despite who is and isn't there. The championship glow continues to shine brightly. ... Oh, and are they done yet? Nah. Rick: "We're going to be a dangerous team and our goal is to mold into, once again, a championship team. Those things take some time, but I'm excited about this group and I don't think we're done yet.''

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