Mavs Sign Delonte West As Backup PG

With Barea now residing in bball Siberia after signing with Minny, the Mavs were looking for help at backup PG. (and the Mavs) examined Billups, but he's Clippers property. So the Mavs have signed Delonte West to a one-year deal (we're told for the vet's minimum) with plans to give him first crack at the job. And speaking of ‘cracks,' we'll try to hold our wise ones for the moment.

Delonte West, the 28-year old former Celtic, Cavalier and Sonic is a career 9.7 ppg, 3.0 rpg, and 3.6 apg guard who shot 37.3% from behind the arc over his eight years.

Allow us to introduce Delonte to you a little further with this video of him as a Jim Rome correspondent…

Delonte loves fried chicken, hot sauce SpongeBob and Donuts?!?! We like him already around these parts.

But what exactly are the Mavericks going to get from the guy?

West has some significant past red flags, which include weapons charges, rumors of inappropriate inter-team relationships and a well-publicized battle with a bipolar illness.

The Delonte West Summer Timeline alone is a masterpiece.

but the talent is and always has been there. He's more of a natural scorer than a distributor, but he reasonably settled into a passer's role last year in Boston while playing behind Rajon Rondo. West is also a more than capable wing defender who can hold his own against point/shooting guards and some of the league's more minute small forwards.

Dallas is going to potentially need him as the change-of-pace guard Barea was last year while complementing J-Kidd. When bringing the ball up on offense, West ideally will be able to find his way into the paint thru lanes created by offensive mismatches all over the floor by Dirk, Jet, Odom, and company. He is a decent finisher at the rim and his mid-range game is a weapon that must be accounted for. Between him and Roddy B, finishing in the lane or driving and distributing is what the Mavericks are going to need from their backup point guard spot.

Ah, Roddy B. What of Dallas' faith in the idea of Beaubois and DoJo working the backup PG? It's not dead … but Delonte is a reliable player (if not a reliable person). With a short camp, he immediately gets some upper-hand in terms of rotation time.

And maybe Roddy B is left to be even more lonely?

In the bigger picture – and will examine this in greater depth in the coming hours -- the Dallas Mavericks have not-so-quietly created the deepest team in the league. The emphasis on signing proven players who will play on both ends of the court has obviously been on the minds of Donnie and crew while making free-agency moves. It's no secret that this 66-game schedule is going to be a beast for every team and that places a premium on depth at each position. In Delonte West, the Mavs have found a guy who – as long as KIDDIRK can keep him straight in the locker room -- can contribute at more than one spot as a two-way player.

If Delonte can come in and do that for the Mavericks, oh, he'll get his Doh-Nuts from Hell, we'll give him a dozen every morning.

We've got "The Good, The Bad And The Delonte'' coming up later tonite. Stay tuned.

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