Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts

Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts: Tonight's the night to hang out with Donnie Nelson and at our Mavs Party in Plano ... Dallas' history with paying centers ... Vince Carter dumps the baggage ... Delonte sees himself as Kidd Jr. ... Carlisle borrows a page from Tom Landry ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: Tonight at 7. Red's Patio Grill in Plano. The Legends game on the big screens. The NFL game, too. And a chance to visit with Fish and a Mavs Man of the Moment, architect of the World Champion Dallas Mavericks, GM Donnie Nelson ... a Mavs Get-Together with the Legends ... and you are invited!We're just hangin' out. The way Donnie likes it. Casual, you know.

Red's Patio Grill is in Plano at 4005 Preston Rd., Plano, TX 75093 ... phone 469 229-0098.

Terrific food, lots of specials, and sports! The Legends game on the big screens. The NFL game, too. And a chance to visit with Fish and the man in the center of all the Mavs' huge moves, GM Donnie Nelson ...


It's another of our classic Mavs Get-Together with the Legends ... and you are invited! ... The 75-Member Staff will be there (yes, ladies, Kevin Brolan is single and so is Dr. Chuck Perry and he's a DOCTOR!) ... And Donnie will talk Mavs insider stuff with you over a beer (or two).

What sort of shenanigans go on at a Mavs Party with Fish and Donnie? Here's a decent example of when we recently hung out at another fine dining establishment: - Twin Peaks from Jay Martin on Vimeo.

Yeah. Decent. Now let's do it again. ...

We'll see you tonight at 7 at Red's Patio Grill!

DONUT 2: You will note the Mavs' additions being of the powder-dry variety, short-term deals that permit Dallas' future flexibility.

There is another benefit of this strategy: Everybody stays hungry. Veterans playing for future contracts play like their livelihood depends on it ... because it does.

There is no reason to think that Tyson Chandler will now go to NY and get fat because he's got $58 million. Hopefully for him, he won't ever serve as an example of a guy who got paid (not necessarily overpaid) and then was something of an underachiever post-big contract.

The Mavs know this. They've spent money on centers. (And will again.) And we know that Mavs centers, once paid, tend toward a lessened production. To wit:

*The year before Erick Dampier signed his seven-year, $73-million contract in August 2004, he was a 12/12 guy at Golden State. The year after he did the deal he slipped to 9.2 points/8.5 rebounds. The year after that he settled into Damp reality at 5.7 points/7.8 rebounds.

*The year before DeSagana Diop signed his five-year, $38-million contract in 2008, he was at 3.5 points/5.2 rebounds. The year after he came back with a new deal he was 1.6 points/3.5 rebounds.

*The year before Haywood signed his six-year contract worth as much as $55 million this summer, he earned Dallas' trust with 8.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per following his February trade to the Mavs. The year after he got his money – and after being beaten out by Chandler at training camp – he spent part of the season as the Mavs' third-string center before popping back to life in the playoffs and doing fine work in helping to beat Portland, LA and OKC.

We don't want Big Wood falling into this money pit again ... and we don't anticipate the likes of Lamar and Vince and other newcomers of doing it, either. There is a lot to play for in Dallas right now ... a lot besides just money.

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DONUT 4: Mavs coach Rick Carlisle seems to be borrowing a page from the late Tom Landry in looking at the upcoming season in chunks.

"I know who we're playing the first four games and that's it,'' Rick said. "And that's how I'm looking at it.''

That's how Landry used to do it, too. Four games at a time. Of course, Tom didn't have to deal 62 more after the first four.

DONUT 5: Great point from a follower at FishSports on Twitter: Noting that we all would have loved to see the look on eight-time All-Star Vince Carter's face when he was told he probably wasn't going to be able to wear No. 15 in Dallas because of somebody named "Brad Davis.''

Kidding, Brad! Kidding!

VC is wearing No. 25. No, Erick Dampier didn't quite get that one retired, though The DUST Chip earned the idea some consideration in these parts.
Back to Vince for a moment: He is fitting in beautifully. I learned last night while socializing a bit with Carter and Shawn Marion that the two of them are fast friends. You already know about Vince's UNC connections on this team.

And then, in talking to Vince, I learned even more about how he seems to be all business here in Dallas.

He's living across the street from the AAC. He's here alone (with family coming in for the holidays). He hasn't had time to ship much of his stuff here.

"And I'm just driving a rental car,'' Vince says. "I just go from (the condo) to practice so there's not much need to do much driving.''

All business.

DONUT 6: The Kardashian family is coming to town (unlike Vince, Lamar IS "shipping some stuff'' to Big D and apparently the sisters operate a boutique called "D-A-S-H.'' Turns out, it's among the reason the fam made $65 million last year as the t-shirts at D-A-S-H will run you $125. Me? You? We probably prefer the slightly more affordable t-shirts in the Mavs Store! The Dirk stuff is Dirk-approved! Some of our coolest stuff is now even sold in the Mavs Pro Shop at the AAC ... but you can get it right here and right now!

At least mix it in with your new D-A-S-H wardrobe, OK?


DONUT 7: Dirk Nowitzki was under the weather and missed the Wednesday workouts -- both of 'em.

"He picked a good day to miss,'' Jason Kidd joked when telling me about the two-a-day schedule. "But he'll come back today and we're doing (two practices) again. And then on Friday comes the scrimmage and then we've got preseason games. So he'll hurry up and be OK.''

DONUT 8: JJ Barea on moving to Minny:

"Honestly, (the decision) was not so difficult. It was my moment. I'm 27 and peaking and you have to take advantage of that. I would love to be with a contender, but this is a job and with this I guarantee the future of my family."

Love JJB's frankness. He could've gotten $2 or $3M a year with the Knicks. Instead he took four years and $19M with Minny.

"I was attracted to the idea of playing in New York,'' JJB tells Primera Hora. "There are many Puerto Rican fans there that wanted to see me with that uniform and I liked their system a lot. But it wasn't even close. The money difference was too big."

Will our lil' fella regret his choice?

Not financially, he won't.


DONUT 9: Man, did you (and Bill Simmons) get snowed on the Chris Paul story! Hate to say "I told you so,'' but ... well, the deal never died, the league eventually made one work that benefits NO as a franchise, and competitive balance lives.

Oh, and the Lakers feel like they got screwed.

What's not to like?

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DONUT 11: We give you the Mavs VideoCast from the cushy high-back chairs on Mavs' bench at the AAC ...

DONUT 12: New Dallas Mavericks backup PG Delonte West attempts to describe his game:

"With the green eyes and 15 pounds lighter,'' West said, "you might say I'm a poor man's Jason Kidd.''

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