Mavs Blue-White Player-By-Player Reviews

'Thanks to all the fans for showing up at the AAC for Fan Jam,' Dirk tweeted following the Blue-White scrimmage open to the public at WinterFest at the AAC. 'It's great to be back. We still got some work to do until next week. Let's get it!' Yes, more work to do. But our quickie reviews of the participants suggest there is a lot being accomplished already ...

Rick Carlisle let the other coaches coach, as D.A. served as the boss of the Blue squad and newcomer Tony Brown was the overseer of the Whites. We didn't really partake much in the ice skating or the Santa stuff; we were with the 6,300 folks in the gym who wanted to see some post-lockout World Championship work.

And The 75-Member Staff had a darn good view ...

What did Rick see?

"It was OK," Rick Carlisle said. "There are some good things and it's a little ragtag because it's the first scrimmage. The good news is, everybody is still healthy.''

What did we see as The White outdid the Blue 41-37?


No. 0 Shawn Marion -- He looked in classic form running the break on the wing. ... and he made a jumper. The golden hair needs to go, though.

No. 2 Jason Kidd -- For no good reason at all except he remains the ultimate competitor, J-Kidd administered a hard foul on DoJo. Dude never stops.

No. 17 Drew Neitzel -- He's no Jerome Randle.


No. 25 Vince Carter -- He says the tendinitis in his knee is gone -- and he proved it by looking not only healthy but sharp. His theory is that he put a bit too much stress on his knees due to daily offseason work. ... Lots of media question about his "adjustment to the system'' and stuff. But he's got 14 years in the L. Don't you know he's pretty much seen every "system'' there is? ... The Vince Carter headband look could catch on.

No. 28 Ian Mahinmi -- It is fair to say that "The Ianimal'' is "active,'' but what did Bob Ortegel used to preach to us? "Purposeful movement.'' Coach O, go tell it to Ian.

No. 31 Jason Terry -- Was stroking it during the workout but wisely also stroked teammates in his pregame intros. "Let's give a warm welcome,'' Jet screamed into the microphone, "to Half-Man/Half-Amazing Vince Carter!''

No. 34 Brandan Wright -- Brandan Wright looks more than capable as Dirk's backup, showcasing the athleticism that made him a blue-chipper going into UNC and a lottery pick coming into the NBA. However, he needs to bulk up if he is to see any time at 5. As a center, he's going to get broken in half ... But he put on display a spin move inside and a lefty hook that seemed very natural.


No. 3 Rodrigue Beaubois -- Well, he's just silly. Roddy B showcased all that is Roddy B on two consecutive plays: 1) An ill-advised 3 that missed badly followed by 2) a neat steal of J-Kidd that led to a ridiculous-athletic behind-the-back dribble pass to DoJo, who blew the layup (and maybe he was fouled). If there is ever a time to feed minutes to Roddy B it is now, but before we get too excited about the thrills or the spills, we should remind ourselves that he looks healthy and confident in his health and that's a start. ... Oh, and the back-to-back made 3's.


No. 7 Lamar Odom -- He already counts as a crowd fave. His ovation was second only to Dirk. Maybe people really do watch that E! network? ... Odom is clearly the guy who is, at this point, going to be relied upon to play some center. And not just behind Ian -- maybe ahead of him. ... Odom is generally listed at 6-10. But is he actually taller than that? Or does he just stand taller now that he's out of that ugly yellow uniform?

No. 9 Jerome Randle -- He's got handles. We know from college that he can shoot. But he is tiny and thin. Jerome Randle definitely looks better than Drew Neitzel, though.

No. 13 Delonte West -- A quick learner, at least in the sense that he knows to feed The UberMan.

No. 20 Dominique Jones -- DoJo can jump, can muscle it and can finish. But the shot is still not there.

No. 33 Brendan Haywood -- Big Wood spent a lot of time working on his free throws. That's the good news. Can you guess what the bad news was?

No. 35 Brian Cardinal -- Bit of a stomach flu or something. Wasn't able to go.

No. 41 Dirk Nowitzki -- Got the proceedings off to a good start with the patented One-Legged Euro Lean-Back. You think this guy doesn't understand "The Moment''? ... Nowitzki started slow in camp (maybe due to a bit of a illness of his own) but he certainly didn't shoot it like somebody who'd taken two months off without touching a ball until last week. ... Teaming Dirk and Odom on the same squad almost isn't fair.

MAVSELLANEOUS: See below, reader David Miller ships us the Dirk Bobblehead photo, complete with championship-belt hardware. ...The starting lineups: for the Blue, Kidd, Jet, Carter, Marion and Mahinmi. For the White, Roddy B, Delonte, DoJo, Dirk and Odom. And as you can see, Carlisle is already not worrying too much about old-fashioned positions. ... Carlisle certainly dressed up for the event. Full black hoodie sweatsuit. Looked like he's a pair of pantyhose away from robbing a 7-11. ... This Maverick team looks unstoppable. Especially against Air Defenders. ... At the final buzzer, Mavs players took off towels, sweat bands, whatever, and tossed them into the stands. Dirk took off both shoes and signed them before tossing them to the faithful in attendance. Dirk was then fed shoes from a garbage bag that he signed and tossed into the stands. ... The Mavericks are back at it in the morning with a practice at 10:30, and then comes the Sunday nite visit to the AAC by the Thunder, one of just two preseason games for the Mavs before the Christmas Day opener hosting the villainous Heat.


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