QUOTEBOARD: From The Mavs & Heat Locker Rooms

Quoteboard, as we get the word straight from the Mavs and Heat locker rooms ... and while we ponder how the World Championship is like a potato chip, Rick Carlisle reminds us that even in the face of a loss to Miami, this is a 'process' ...

The World Champion Dallas Mavericks Quoteboard:

For years the AAC ceiling's looked out of balance; the Stars' NHL Championship banner on one side, a blank space on the other. No longer. Crisp and sparkling, framed with the names of the guys that won it all, the 2011 Championship banner rose today and will fly there always.

It was a wonderful moment . . . and it's over. Today marks the start of a new campaign, and first blood goes to the bad guys, 105-94. How much blood? The box score could star in its own horror movie. Call it The Mercenary Trio's Meaningless Yet Very Ugly Revenge.

Just a little more savoring "Thirty-one years you waited -- thirty-one years -- to call your team a champion, ladies and gentlemen. A champion!" -Jason Terry

You expected them to watch? "Yes we heard [the ceremony], but at the end of the day they are the champions and they deserve it. We just came back to the locker room and stretched and got ready for when it was time to get back out on the court." -Dwayne Wade

"If we're playing them in their first game when they were raising the banner [after '06], we wouldn't have been out there to watch it either." -Jason Terry

That was then and this is now "It's not about last year's storyline. It's not about anything else other than trying to establish our season on the right note. And obviously I think we did that for the most part." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

On benching Vince Carter in the third, or 'role acceptance versus role definition' (again) "I like the way Vince played . . . It's just we need to examine what's going to work best for us in terms of putting us in the best possible position defensively at the beginning of games, etc., etc. It's something I'll have to look at. Game to game, we could have some variance with our lineup at the 2-spot, which is nothing new around here. I'd obviously like to get to something consistent where the guys are comfortable, but right now is not a time a time to be talking about being comfortable with everybody coming at us the way they're going to." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Preaching patience as the Mavericks come together "We've got to get better and it will take a little time to get better and even though the start of the season is going to be a sprint it's still a long season right with 65 to go. We've got another one tomorrow so we'll chalk this one up as a loss and get ready for Denver." -Lamar Odom

"We're going to have to forge an identity with this team; it's a different team. That's work, and it's going to take honesty, and it's not going to be easy." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"You can't worry about what anybody else is saying or trying to prove anything to anybody else. You're trying to help your team. It's about the guys in this locker room. It's not about the outside world." -Brendan Haywood

"We're a new team ... that has to kind of learn each other on the fly, that's just the way it goes. There's a lot of teams that have the bulk of their guys returning; we don't. There's six guys missing from last year and added six more guys. So, it's going to be a process and we need to learn on the fly. I think we understand that." -Vince Carter

About taking the season a day at a time "We don't talk about results here. We work on the process every day. Everybody knows what the goal is. But it's important, particularly with a new group, that we concentrate on the things that we need to do every day to be successful, and that's what we're going to do. We're not going to get in to thinking into the future and ‘what if' and that kind of stuff." -Coach Rick Carlisle

On the other hand, titles are like potato chips "Once you win it all, that's such a great feeling. I've got three more years on my contract, and we would love to win all three years in a row and have the same feeling. Once you get a sniff of us winning it all, I think it's tough losing again. We'd love to work our way up to the playoffs and peak there again and give it our best shot." -Dirk Nowitzki


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