Mavs & Hollinger's 'Home Blowout' Hogwash

ESPN's John Trollinger reflects on the 0-2 Mavs and writes, 'Championship-caliber teams virtually never lose at home like this even once.' Hmmm. Doesn't ring at all true. I wondered how many minutes it would take me, and how many years back I'd have to go, to disprove this 'rule.' Took me one season. And about five minutes. John Trollinger is a charlatan. Insider John Hollinger is a favorite whipping boy around here because the Dallas Mavericks seem to be the favorite whipping boys of John Hollinger. I have often argued that his efforts, sincere as they might be, are far more subjective than they are scientific ... and I rather hoped that last year's Mavs title would be enough to plant in John's large brain the tiniest seed of self-doubt.

But alas, no. Trollinger is back with a vengeance, two games into the NBA season declaring Dallas dead because of two blowout losses at home.

Nevermind the circumstances (change, lockout, short camp, whatever); Mavs circumstances didn't fit into John's formula here, and really, they never do.

"I can't tell you definitively who will be winning the championship this year, but I can tell you one team that won't be,'' writes Trollinger today. "I'm writing off the defending champions after two games. ... Good teams are virtually never blown out at home ... As for the Dallas Mavericks, we can make an even stronger statement: Championship-caliber teams virtually never lose at home like this even once. ...''

Trollinger writes this with such authoritative certainty that the casual reader is left to assume that he knows what he's talking about.

The casual reader is being duped by ESPN's John Trollinger. Again.

Over the years, John's work has caused me to read every sentence with excessive skepticism.

Join me. Read it again:

Good teams are virtually never blown out at home. Championship-caliber teams virtually never lose at home like this even once.''

Science be damned, that just doesn't FEEL right, does it? Good teams VIRTUALLY NEVER get blown out at home?

It's late as I write this, and I need to get to bed. So I wondered to myself before starting, "How many season might I have to go back to prove that my "feel'' is better than John's "fact''? How many hours of research would it take me?

One season. It took me one season.

Five minutes. It took me five minutes to find the evidence I required to establish -- well, re-establish -- that John Trollinger is a charlatan.

I picked the first three teams I thought of that were "good'' and "contenders'' last year. Thunder, Bulls and Lakers, how about them? Two Conference Finals and the defending champs! Good contenders!


On Oct 31, 2010, vs. the Utah Jazz they lost 120-99 at home.

On Nov 14, 2010, vs. the San Antonio Spurs they lost 117-104 at home.


On 12/1/2010 they lost 107-78 to the Orlando Magic at home.


On 12/21/2010 they lost 98-79 to the Milwaukee Bucks at home.

On 12/25/2010, they lost 96-80 to the Miami Heat at home.

On 1/2/2011 they lost 104-85 to the Memphis Grizzlies.

On 4/10/2011 they lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 120-106 at home.

Now, that's just three teams. I know off the top of my head that Dallas had bad losses at home last year, too. I bet other "good teams'' did as well, but need I really do any more research to prove that this is more Hollinger Hogwash?

John says he's got scientific proof that it pretty much never happens, and in five minutes on Google I show you that it happened to the powerful Bulls, that it happened twice in the first two weeks of the season to the powerful Thunder, and that it happened FOUR times to the defending champ Lakers.
This isn't a defense of the 0-2 Mavs. I've been there in person for every stinkin' minute of both blowout losses and maybe time will establish that they do indeed suck.

But no, this isn't a defense of the Mavs. It's a defense of truth and it's an attack on hogwash. Hollinger Hogwash.

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