Advance-Scouting Tonight's Mavs-at-Spurs

We take you inside tonight's Mavs-at-Spurs game with an Advance-Scouting look at SA. What are the Spurs doing without Manu? Are there how-to's on beating the Spurs? Details from NBA scout Kyle Leath, plus a reminder: Fish and Bob Ortegel bring you MAVS LIVE tonight at 7 on FSSW!

Dallas Mavericks at Spurs, 7 p.m. pregame on FSSW with Fish, Ortegel and Dana Larson, 730 tip

Probable starters:

SPURS 4-2 MAVS 3-4

F- Richard Jefferson F- Shawn Marion

F- Tim Duncan F- Dirk Nowitzki

C- DeJuan Blair C- Brendan Haywood

G- James Anderson G- Delonte West

G- Tony Parker G- Jason Kidd


• With Ginobli out (broken hand), their leading scorer at 17+/game, their obviously lose some firepower and will look for Parker and Duncan, averaging only 11+/game, to pick up slack.

• Parker will trigger much of the offense. They still like a lot of DRAG (high pick) in early offense. Will use Duncan, who can pop for mid-range and Blair/Splitter who will primarily roll to hoop. Jefferson, the best 3-point shooter will spot up in corner. He really likes the left-hand corner.

• Have a set where they will enter ball to wing then set a staggered screen away for Jefferson/Anderson.

• One of their favorite set is a basic wing entry, then a guard/post cross screen on the block. Then a forward will down screen the original screener (guard) who will cut to FT line area for jumper.

• They use a set of running Parker off baseline screens on the block as the ball us reversed.

• They are still a VERY effective offensive team when they move and share the ball.


• Not a great defensive transition team, especially with Blair and Duncan on the floor.

• Their 2/3 (wings) are athletic but can be beat off the dribble

• Will go over high picks, especially if the screener is more of a popper than roller.

• Will play behind post defensively when they do not perceive a scoring threat.

• Still a fundamental defensive team that will make not take chances and make you work for good shots in the half-court.

Stat Check:

• Spurs are 7th in the league in scoring at 99.0/gm.

• Spurs are 5th in the league in assist at 22.8/gm. Parker is 10th individually averaging 7.0/gm.

How to Beat the Spurs:

• Push the ball and beat them back. They are much easier to score on in transition than in the half-court.

• Control Parker and make him work on the defensive end.

• Make Jefferson put ball on floor, take away jump shot.

• Get to their bench. Even when Ginonbli was healthy, they only average 29 points off the bench. Dallas averages 45, use that to Mavs advantage.

Kyle Leath, a long-time Mavs staffer, former college head coach and now scout for the Denver Nuggets, provides you with an NBA-style scouting report before Mavs games.

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