Mavs Quoteboard: Carlisle's 3 Things (Er, 4)

'The three major points we're stressing,' said Rick Carlisle after the Mavs' 99-60 win over the Kings, 'are energy, competiveness, defense and rebounding ... So, that's four, but actually the first two are one. Work with me on that.' We will. In Mavs Quoteboard, the complete collection of good stuff from the locker rooms:

A game so gruesomely bad (for one team) that you can almost see wavery lines of smell coming off the boxscore. History was made -- smallest number of points allowed in a half at 23, smallest number of points allowed in a game at 60, worst field goal percentage shot by an opponent at 25.6 percent. Dallas Mavericks take it 99-60, welcome back Jason Kidd, and go home to pack. Los Angeles awaits. Mavs Quoteboard:

Trying to put it in a less stinky light ...

"We use the term 'Traveling Training Camp,' because that's pretty much what this is. The guys are still trying to get up to speed on what I want to do and how I want to play." -Coach Keith Smart

Welcome back, Jason Kidd ...

"Rested, felt great, no rust. I showed off my speed on a steal. It felt good ... They felt going back-to-back, there was no need to. Going tonight, there was a green light. I could have played as many minutes as Carlisle wanted, because I felt good." -Jason Kidd

"JKidd is such a technician. I've got so much respect for that guy. He's unbelievable on both ends of the floor.'' -Shawn Marion

"He looked good to me. I thought he moved well and he had good balance. The two shots he took went in. His presence on the floor is irreplaceable ... We weathered the storm without him. But we're not going to be the same team without him. There's no question about that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding the effort on defense ...

"We're doing better things defensively and we were good defensively in the first half. They had some struggles-- their shot making wasn't great, but I thought we had something to do with that. The three major points we're stressing are energy, competiveness, defense and rebounding-- so that's four, but actually the first two are one. Work with me on that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Defensively is where it's at. Over the last couple of games, we really established that first. That's where we were at our best last year, when we got stops and didn't get stagnant offensively." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Our chemistry on the offensive end is not where we want it to be, but defensively if we just compete and put out that extra effort every night on the defensive end, we're going to be in a lot of ball games and win our fair share." -Jason Terry

"We did a good job out there of staying focused and taking them out of any and everything that they wanted to do. We've just been helping each other and just doing it at both ends of the floor, and that's a great sign right now. We're taking baby steps right now until we get to where we need to be." -Shawn Marion

More thoughts on this Wild And Crazy Season ...

"I think what people are going to overemphasize are individual game stats, which in this type of season are not only misleading, but misrepresentative of contribution. I mean, all the traditional stats and things that teams use are worthless. Because you don't want to play guys as many minutes, right? And playing against teams that have just played seven games in nine nights is a different scenario than playing a team coming off three days of rest." -Mark Cuban

Something we will *never* hear out of anybody in a Maverick jersey ...

"It's not that we can't do it. We just didn't choose to do it." -Tyreke Evans

On the ever-fascinating topic of minutes management ...

"Nobody is playing long minutes. Everybody goes out there and plays hard to exhaustion and then we get somebody else in. It's a game against a team that we should beat. But we played to the level we needed to play at consistently through the game and that's important to do.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

Mr. Incremental Improvement ...

"My body feels like it's starting to whip into shape a little bit. Makes the game more enjoyable, you've got your body under you ... I can't really hang my hat on one game, whether it's three points or 30. I've still got to build, with this team." -Lamar Odom

Regarding the Mavs Off the Bench -- M.O.Bs 68, Court Jesters 20 ...

"It's important. They've been playing a lot and they're going to continue playing a lot. Again, this season with a compressed schedule and the high frequency of games, depth and spirit and all of that kind of stuff is really key. We're on an uptick right now and we've got to keep it going because the schedule is getting tougher this week." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We just talk about doing our job. When you have three guys that could possibly be all-stars coming off the bench you should dominate." -Jason Terry

A side-note about handing out the rings; considering JJ's a bad guy now, awkward much?

"I have no idea what's going to happen. We'll get rings, we'll hand them out, we're glad JJ is here, we'll give it to JJ, and it'll be fun." -Mark Cuban

Pretty much says it all ... "The Legends might've won this game." -Mark Followill

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