Advance Scout: How Mavs Can Beat The Lakers

It's a rematch of Mavs-Lakers, a 4-0 Dallas sweep in the playoffs - but some different components tonight. For the Scout's Eye view on the habits, strengths, weaknesses and how-to's on beating the Lakers, here's the breakdown from NBA scout Kyle Leath:

Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers, 930 pm at Staples Center


F- Matt Barnes F- Shawn Marion

F- Pau Gasol F- Dirk Nowitzki

C- Andrew Bynum C- Brendan Haywood

G- Kobe Bryant G- Delonte West

G- Derek Fisher G- Jason Kidd


• Very long team that will squeeze the paint and make it tough to get shots inside in the halfcourt.

• Will gamble (Kobe, Barnes) at times on ball reversals and get out of position.

• This is a team that relies on solid half-court defense and the stats bear out that they do a good job defending.

• Will show/recover on ball screens and post will let you catch it then defend with their size as an advantage.


• Like to get Gasol isolated on block:

• Under Mike Brown, have done away with most of the Triangle offense although they still run some of the basic options including the side pick/roll.

• Using a 1-4(UCLA) set now as well which also gets them into side pick/roll looks as well as staggered pin down screens for Kobe to come off of.

• Gasol like the high-post area. He also will trail and shoot jumper in transition as well as pick/pop on mid ball screens.

• With Bynum healthy they have a potent post game both by sets and offensive rebounding.

• Not a good 3pt shooting team.

• Kobe Bryant dominates the ball and will back man down for post-up ... and he'll look for the foul in traffic:

Stat Check:

• Lakers are 5th in NBA in Points Allowed at 90.8 ppg.

• 4th in Opp. FG% at .413.

• 30th in 3pt FG % at 25.7

• 5th in Assist at 22.5 apg.

• 2nd in Rebounding at 45.7 and Reb. Margin at +5.8

• 29th in Steals at 5.7 spg.

How to Beat the Lakers:

• SOLID TEAM defense. Do not get totally caught up on stopping Kobe. When you do they have others that will hurt you.

• Be patient and find mismatches offensively.

• Get out in transition when possible. Easy baskets are key because they will make it difficult in the half court.

• Most importantly, REBOUND with them. Must be tenacious on glass at both ends. Dirk Nowitzki can help in this department.

Kyle Leath, a long-time Mavs staffer, former college head coach and now scout for the Denver Nuggets, provides you with an NBA-style scouting report before Mavs games.

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