Mavs 94, Jazz 91: Who Deserves 'The Dirkie'?

The Jazz had been hot and the Mavs had been snake-bitten but it gets turned around in the 'bad city' of Utah with Dallas' 94-91 victory. Lots of deserving Mavs for the Player of the Game award - what we traditionally call 'The Dirkie' - and you get to vote!

Take that, you bad city. After an atrocious third quarter and some head-scratching brain cramps late, the Dallas Mavericks finally get enough of a toehold to survive any more last-second hero plays from an opponent. The Mavs take down the Jazz, 94-91. That's the 13th straight time that the bad guys have failed to crack 100 points against Dallas. The defense has arrived. The offense? A team effort.

But you have to choose. One Dirkie, coming up.

Player of the Game, Dallas at Utah

*Shawn Marion -- young at heart notches 22 and 7

*Delonte West -- 4-5 for 8 points, some time in the sky

*Lamar Odom -- 11 points, trending right
*Brendan Haywood -- Center A with 6 and 5 plus 3 dimes

*Ian Mahimni -- Center B with 11 and 1 plus a dime

*Rodrigue Beaubois -- 17 points, did you see that block?

*Dirk Nowitzki -- 12 and 5, please get sound fast

*Jason Terry -- came through in the clinch

*Jason Kidd -- eleven dimes, but perplexing turnovers

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