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Long, lazy, intercepted passes are a basketball symptom, you know. We admire 'Trix putting a smiley face on it ('Hey, we young too - at heart!') and we'll take the 94-91 win at Utah. But along with the Quoteboard and your chance to win Mavs Suite Night with, we need to talk about those tired legs and those long, lazy interceptions ...

DONUT 1: Long, lazy, intercepted passes are a basketball symptom, you know. If you've played basketball, you know.

It's an unconscious give-up.

We don't know the cure for the Dallas Mavericks particular problem here. But we recognize the symptom.

Does a coach sit someone? Let the tired fella(s) play through it?) But those looooong passes that get intercepted were once again, in Utah, "tired player" turnovers.
Late in the game, an example: when the Mavs needed to value possessions, Jason Kidd tossed a long (and incredibly ill-advised) three-quarter-court pass that was easily picked off. Had he completed the pass, it would not have gained Dallas an advantage.

So why throw it? We'd wager he (unconsciously, of course) simply didn't want to run up the court with the ball, which takes work. Kidd was pooped, and with the looping pass hoped to get a rest while someone else attacked the hoop in transition.

Last night we saw cross-court passes picked off; Jet made an awful one. He was trapped in the corner and didn't have any burst to dribble out of the corner, so he kinda lobbed the toward the elbow/key area for an easy Utah pick-off.

Then Kidd issued a pass to the post to Dirk, and it was picked off, too, and looked especially ugly because both the passer and the receiver lacked the energy to do everything possible to make the completion. Dirk didn't get there because he has no legs, Kidd didn't get it there because he is tired and got impatient.

Kidd threw the ball to a spot hoping Dirk could get to the spot. He could not. Another sloppy turnover.

Check out the video here. Zip to the 1:19 mark for the Jet turnover and to the 1:39 mark for the Kidd turnover. What do we see?

The sloppiness not only takes potential points away from a Mavs team that shot 59 percent in the first half, but also gave away momentum-grabbing free points to Utah in the form of breakaway dunks. Those two instances of sloppiness alone accounted for a swing of somewhere between, say, four to eight or more points.

So what do you do?

DONUT 2: The minutes are already down ...

And we will examine the Mavs minutes issue (as compared to the rest of the NBA) this weekend. But what else does Carlisle do?

Do you sit 'em when they're pooped? Or is this whole part of the season a Training Camp On Wheels, so you make them -- yes, even KIDDIRK -- play through it to work on the conditioning and hope they'll survive?

And that's not even considering the possibility that in addition to more conditioning time, what Dirk's knee might really need is rest. Not playing doctor here and not being specific to The UberMan, but let's say Player X is suffering from a case of knee tendonitis. The only real solution? Rest.

The good news is, the overall Mavs issue should get better with better conditioning. The questions are: How should the Mavs get from here to there? How quickly does it need to happen? Should players be simply benched or made inactive to give them rest?

Yes, even Dirk; Do you sit him for a week or a weekend to rest the knee? Do that starting today and it would give Odom a chance to play PF. (Can the Mavs win at New Orleans on Saturday with Lamar Odom elevated up the totem pole?) Heck, we think Odom should've played more down the stretch in Utah, and he was active and scoring in the post while Dirk was laboring about like a stiff-legged skater.

A little more Roddy B (especially with Vince out) and a little more Delonte and a little less Kidd? A little more Odom and a little less Dirk? That might be the way to go, especially if you'd like a lot less long, loopy lazy pass interceptions.

Need to get caught up on the rest of the storylines? Read on ... and also, read Your All-Access Pass: The Premium Stuff, All the Video, Notes, Photos, Quotes, Analysis and Insight.

Now to the Quoteboard from Utah, and tt's probably nice if you live there. For the rest of us, EnergySolutions in Salt Lake City is a box full of nightmares. And the adage in chess applies to basketball; there's no such thing as a friendly game -- Al Jefferson's fireman's carry of Delonte aside. Thanks to some perplexing turnovers, as detailed by D-Lord above, the Jazz were right in the game late, and CJ Miles actually hit yet another last second three. Fortunately for the good guys, the Dallas lead was six. The Mavericks take it, 94-91. Like just about everything else lately, optimism is tempered by off-again-on-again defense and those out-of-character production problems from KIDDDIRK and the Jet.

A little hot Quoteboard with your Donuts this morning?

DONUT 3: Roddy B FREE -- on Rodrigue Beaubois, and his 6-of-9 for 17 points night ...

"Beaubois was great and we couldn't have won the game without him. With him it's all about developing consistency. He'll throw two or three good games together and then the Clipper game was a step back. But tonight, he came out, he settled the score and got it right. He's really important. His quickness we can't replace, and when he plays the way he did tonight he's an energy player for us, which is really key." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He keeps teasing us. This is definitely the Roddy we want to see." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Offensively, we had a rhythm. Roddy Beaubois stepped up. If we can get that from him on a consistent basis we're gonna be a heck of a team." -Jason Terry

"It was just one game. For sure, I did some good things but I just wanted to be very active tonight. We needed to win this one after the last two games we lost." -Rodrigue Beaubois

DONUT 4: Oh wow, Shawn Marion (22 points)...

"I had some great positioning and I was able to get what I wanted to. We know we're taking baby steps in the right direction. We're still just trying to learn from mistakes and get better every game." -Shawn Marion

DONUT 5: And the Ts were raining down -- one for Dirk for ball slamming, one for Earl Watson for ball whacking, and two for Derrick Favors for ball-tossing and ... something else ...

"I saw [Dirk] smack the ball out of Favors' hands, so I did the same thing. But I guess, it's the second one that counts. Maybe next time I'll be first." -Earl Watson

"I was pretty frustrated. There were a lot of emotions in the game. It was tough. I let my emotions get the best of me, and I've just got to control them." -Derrick Favors

"We've got to be smarter about it, but we don't want to get pushed around by anybody. They made the calls. I like to see the fight; we're not going to let anybody push us around." -Coach Tyrone Corbin

DONUT 6: After going 2-of-12, Jason Terry for three -- good!

"It's the fourth quarter. The truth was Beaubois was exhausted so he had to come out. Jet's been there before. I've seen plenty of nights where he's not shot it good, and then in the fourth quarter he'll make a big one. He's our guy. That shot was as important a shot as we've hit all year." -Coach Rick Carlisle
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DONUT 8: About the Nightmare Box ...

"This is a tough place to play. They're a great home team ever since I got in the league with Stockton and Malone. This is a tough place to play, tough place to win. The crowd gets into it like no other place. "-Dirk Nowitzki

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DONUT 10: Back to The Game ... In Brief ...

"We hung in there. We knew they were going to make a run. They're a young and energetic team. They play hard in this building. We kept our composure. We were able to respond after every run they made." -Shawn Marion
DONUT 11: The latest on Vince Carter -- mild foot sprain, return date unknown, probably missing Saturday at N.O. ...

"It's not serious, but that it's going to take a little bit of time. We'll evaluate it when we get back." -Coach Rick Carlisle

DONUT 12: Mavs Store T-shirt ideas ...

"You couldn't pay me enough money to be happy to lose." -Earl Watson

"Hey, we young too - at heart." -Shawn Marion

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