3 Absolutes And Deron's Mavs-Inclusive List

Another CBA wrinkle free-agency geeks need to know? Absolutely true and DB.com has it. Deron's Mavs-inclusive wish list story? Absolutely plausible, and we dig to tell you why. Deron-to-Dallas and the ‘3D Blueprint' having the Mavs so confident they are whispering the happy news to national reporters? Absolutely ... not. We detail all three ‘absolute' angles for Mavs Premium readers:

First, the newly discovered details on a brand new CBA trade rule that we're still digging through - but have a bit of patience as we sort through the facts and analyze the ramifications.

The new rule itself is generally known, a wider trade latitude for teams which would allow them to take back 150 percent in certain trades, but containing some sort of $5-million limiter and only usable in specific situations.

But as we've dug through the wording of the rule, what we're seeing is fine print written in a way that will make it far easier to use than most anyone knows. And more importantly, its ease of use will almost certainly give it an impact that extends beyond trades.

It's technical stuff, something we're sure the NBA execs know all about, and something we think can be advantageous for teams that tend to make frequent trades (such as the Mavs) moving forward.

We know you'll want to know about it, too. Stick with us here. We're working on it.

Now, onto Deron Williams ' supposed wish list.

The story comes from ESPN's Chris Broussard, who writes that the DFW native has "his short list of desirable destinations (that) includes the Mavericks, the Knicks and the Lakers, according to sources close to the situation.''

DB.com readers already have all the X's-and-O's on how this works, so we only need to review quickly: If the Nets can get Dwight Howard, they will be able to keep Deron, as the two want to team up in Brooklyn in the SuperTeam Era. If, however, Howard – who has his own wish list that also includes Dallas and the Lakers – ends up somewhere besides the Nets, Deron is likely to leave that team as well.

We won't bore you with the many East Coast-reprinted quotes from Deron stating that he hasn't solidified such desires. Those promises were empty and really weren't worthy of publishing in the first place.

Broussard's story adds an interesting tidbit regarding a possible Orlando trade of Howard before the March 15 deadline. He writes that if Dwight is dealt somewhere besides to the Nets (again, presumably to either the Mavs or Lakers), the Nets will follow up by "exploring trades for Williams.''

Which teams will pursue Williams for a short-term rental without them being on his wish list (leading to him re-signing with them in the summer)?

That's a short list.

Putting the Dallas Mavericks in play once again.
If you need the full background on "The 3D Blueprint,'' we consider this required reading. (In fact, dozens of national media outlets have re-worded our story and printed their own, so the national media obviously considers us "required reading,'' too. And we are flattered.)

Anyway, here's why Broussard's story carries weight with us, and this is a benefit of our having crafted this sort of story hundreds of times over the course of our 28-year career: Broussard purposely buries the lead and thus "softens the impact'' of his scoop, if you will, by phrasing the lead of his story just so:

Deron Williams' first choice is to stay with the Nets and to build something special in Brooklyn, but if it doesn't work out with his current team, his short list of desirable destinations includes the Mavericks, the Knicks and the Lakers, according to sources close to the situation.

This is cleverly crafted. While there is no good way to truly hide the source of the story ("close to the situation'' means Williams or Williams' agent), there is a good way to write about Deron leaving New Jersey while not making him look like a traitor.

So before Broussard gets to the real nut of the story – which is that Deron has a specific wish list and is formulating an exit plan – he writes …

*That Deron's "first choice is to stay with the Nets.'' Of course it is!

*That Deron still "wants to build something special in Brooklyn.'' Sure he does!

*That only in the out-of-Deron's-hands event that "it doesn't work out with his current team'' does he want to leave. See? It's not his fault.

This is how a writer breaks a potentially unflattering story about a subject … without making it look unflattering. Do this just right, and a writer gets to maintain those all-important "sources close to the situation.''

And finally, this mushrooming angle that (to paraphrase) "Mavs officials are increasingly confident that they are going to eventually pull off The 3D Blueprint with Dwight and Deron and Dirk.''


No, no, not baloney about "The 3D Blueprint'' and its viability. Our story stands and the viability remains … indeed, the viability increases every time the Nets lose another game, every time Orlando GM Otis Smith issues another dopey statement, every time The Triangle of Trust continues to properly handle its business.

The Mavs already have permission to deal with Dwight. They almost certainly already had an awareness of Deron's wishes. They are working to battering-ram down those doors (in less "polite'' ways than they did when their Summer of 2010 pursuit of LeBron never even gained them an audience with The King).
There is no drastic change in any of this that would motivate Cuban, Donnie or Carlisle to start on-the-record winking at national writers … and we're only half-joking when we say that if everything was "in the bag,'' DB.com would've certainly received the patented fist bump from Donnie by now.

No, the Mavs are busy. Busy learning the nuances of the rules, busy trying to win on the court now, busy trying to best juggle assets so that maybe, someday, there can be front-office fist bumps all around.

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