Scouting Mavs At Hornets (And Fish TV Tonite)

We've got The Scout on the habits, strengths, weaknesses and how-to's on beating the Hornets, and we've got on TV, as Fish joins Dana Larson and Coach Ortegel on MAVS LIVE tonight. It starts at 6:30 on Fox Sports Southwest. But your advanced scouting report starts now!


F- Trevor Ariza F- Shawn Marion

F- Jason Smith F- Dirk Nowitzki

C- Emeka Okafor C- Brendan Haywood

G- Marco Belinelli G- Delonte West

G- Jarrett Jack G- Jason Kidd

Hornets on Defense:

• They have a legitimate shot-blocker in Okafor and Smith is coming off a three-block game vs. Houston, but lack depth otherwise.

• Are not very good on-ball defenders, especially bench players.

• Give up a lot of drives and do not do a good job of helping. Delonte West in particular can take advantage of this.

Hornets on Offense:

• Jarret Jack is doing a lot of the damage in transition with drags off hi picks and getting in the paint. He is also good at the pick/roll and he makes the pull up jumper. He is creating shots for the other players. They let him dominate the ball and will set a ton of picks for him.

• Belinelli has struggled with his shot but is still a threat for transition threes. And he can make a HORSE shot ...

• Pick/pops are a huge part of the offense and both Chris Kaman and Jason Smith are hitting shots. Smith is tough to get to on defensive rotations.

• They like to post up Kaman, Landry, and Okafor early in possessions. Kaman is effective at facing up to shoot the jumper.

• Weak-side players do a good job of cutting to the basket on post entries.

• Very good offensive rebounding team.

Hornets Stat Check:

• The Hornets strong suit is rebounding where they are 6th in Rebounds/Game at 44.2, 4th in Opp. Rebounds/Game at 40.1 and 2nd in Redound Differential at +4.1.

• The Hornets are 28th in scoring at 86.8/gm.

• The Hornets are 27th in 3pt. FG% at .275.

How to Beat The Hornets:

• Keep them off the offensive glass. See the aforemented stats and how they add up: poor shooting and good rebounding; they must get second chance points to be successful. This is how Okafor and others score. ...

• Bench Play – A nice edge for the Mavericks in most games right now. As in the contest in Dallas (a 96-81 Mavs win), when New Orleans goes to the bench they drop off considerably.

• Attack basket – Not a good defensive team on the perimeter. Put ball on floor instead of settling for jump shots.

Kyle Leath, a long-time Mavs staffer, former college head coach and now scout for the Denver Nuggets, provides you with an NBA-style scouting report before Mavs games. Again, catch Fish, Dana Larson and Bob Ortegel for the Fox Sports Southwest pregame show at 6:30 before they hand it to Mark Followill and Derek Harper for the play-by-play!


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