The Scout (Suns-Mavs) - And The Suite Winner!

NBA scout Kyle Leath offers his advance report of the Suns for tonight's Phoenix-at-Dallas game, and we're ready to announce the winner of the tickets to ' Mavs Suite Night' and the Ring Ceremony ... c'mon inside!

It's the Dallas Mavericks tonight back at home with a 7:30 tip against the Suns ... and we've picked a winner:

Who is joining us Wednesday for Mavs Suite Night to watch the Ring Ceremony?

The winner is listed below ...

SUNS 6-9 MAVS 10-7

F- Markieff Morris F- Lamar Odom

F- Grant Hill F- Shawn Marion

C- Marcin Gortat C- Brendan Haywood

G- Ronnie Price G- Delonte West

G- Steve Nash G- Jason Kidd

Suns on Defense:

• Good transition team in getting back, but soft in the post on secondary break.

• Do a good job, fundamentally, of playing off ball screens. Will go over off ball screens on baseline and over off ball screens at FT line and above. Do not chase screens very often.

• Post will show hard on high pick/roll action, especially Gortat.

• If Mavs will use effective ball reversal, they can attack the post upon reversing the ball because Phoenix' post will get caught behind.

• Go after their guards Nash and Price. Post them when can.

• From time to time they will show full-court pressure off their made free throws therefore do not get lazy inbounding the ball. All the way down the roster, Suns players show an awareness on inbounds throws after baskets:

Suns on Offense:

• With Steve Nash at the trigger, the Suns want to get out and run, looking to get to the basket OR the quick open jumper before the opponents defense can get set.

• Run Nash off a lot of mid pick/rolls.

• Gortat has been playing well with six straight double-doubles. He is makes powerful moves to basket off the pick/rolls. Will look to isolate him in half-court looks.

• Favorite set is post at elbows and wings in working b/t FT line extended and baseline. Will run UCLA cut w/post-post cross screen.

• Against a zone, they will run a high/low attack with a baseline runner to try and overload a side of the floor upon ball reversal

• Also vs. zone will set in a high post with forwards on each block. Upon a strong side being established, ball side forward will pop to corner, hi post will drop to block and weak side forward (most dangerous player) will flash to hi-post.

Suns Stat Check:

• Suns are 5th in FT% at 78.4%.

• Suns are 28th in Opp. Rebounding at 44.3 reb/gm and 29th in Rebound Differential at -3.74.

• Nash is 1st in Assist at 10.0/gm.

How to Beat The Suns:

• DEFENSIVE TRANSITION - Stop them from running and make them score in half-court. Nash, of course, is brilliant at engineering both:

• HALF-COURT HAMMER – Be sharp and execute in the half-court. Get the ball inside on these guys and make perimeter players defend the ball, a weak point in their team.

• BENCH – Need strong play from bench players. Phoenix has guys (Warrick and Brown especially) that can score the ball. Without Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas bench is thinner. * (See the Dirk shutdown coverage here.)

Ok, The winner of two tickets and platinum parking to the Ring Ceremony and Mavs Suite Night is ... Greg Frederick of Dallas!

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Kyle Leath, a long-time Mavs staffer, former college head coach and now scout for the Denver Nuggets, provides you with an NBA-style scouting report before Mavs games.

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