Mavs Donuts: The Ring's The Thing. But ...

Yes, yes, the ring's the thing. Long after we forget which opponent Dallas forgot to show up to play against, we will remember The Ring. But we've got 13 Mavs Donuts, Donuts enough to discuss and detail both major happenings from the evening:

DONUT 1: Turn corners long enough ...

Turn corners long enough and you'll find yourself going in circles. The Dallas Mavericks have turned a lot of corners since Christmas Day, but it's often difficult to see how they've gone anywhere. The things that look better are the things that were bound to get better as everyone got back to work; other things are not improving.

The title, the banner, the rings -- oooh, shiny! -- those are all forever. But the world's moving on, and the Timberwolves -- with Exhibits A and B in Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio -- moved on with the win, 105-90.

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DONUT 2: Enjoy ... The Ring Ceremony Video as shot by the Mavs ... (the Video is Premium and special in its own way) ...

DONUT 3: Get caught up ...

Get caught up with our in-depth coverage in First Impressions, in which does some ass-whoopin' and in Your All-Access Pass: All the Video, Notes, Photos, Quotes, Analysis and Insight from the loss of the game and the winning of the rings.

DONUT 4: The Ring Is The Thing ...

"That bling man; you can really show it off and throw it in people's face." -Shawn Marion

"How's it look?" -Dirk Nowitzki
DONUT 5: And then there's the game, in which Dallas lost a 14-point lead just before half ...

"We're trying to focus on what's at hand right now and the current season and focus on trying to take our baby steps to get to where we want to be. Tonight we just took a hop back." -Shawn Marion

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DONUT 7: "Shut it down! Let's go home!" ....

Dirk looked sharp in a three-piece suit, did some color on FSSW, and will address the media and his "Dirk-Out Workout'' today at the AAC.

DONUT 8: Reflections from an old friend ...

"I'm excited to be here, excited to finally get that ring. I'm just going to enjoy tonight. I wish I was playing, but now I get to talk more and say hi to everybody ... Just the team, the chemistry that we had, how good of friends we became, how hard it was to make it all the way, all the highs and the lows that I had in my five years here. To do it, it was amazing. It was incredible.'' -JJ Barea

Side note; Barea and his girlfriend will welcome their firstborn child, a son, next month.

DONUT 9: On spoiling our evening -- curse you, Kevin Love (31 and 10) ...

"We did. It was fun ... We were lucky to catch them on a night where emotions were running high." -Kevin Love
To which we respond: Yeah. The Mavs' ring ceremony, like the banner ceremony before it, caused the Mavs to be TOO pumped up and so emotions were running TOO high and wait, what?

DONUT 10: Add him to the Curse You list -- Ricky Rubio and his 17 point 12 assist night ...

"Rubio was out there just picking us apart. He did a good job of it. He played the whole game, too." -Shawn Marion

"He's really clever with the ball. He knows how to find people. He's one of those guys that's a true point guard. Every time you do a little mistake, they punish you." -Ian Mahimni

"He's a good, young player. He's only going to get better. He sees the floor extremely well." -Brendan Haywood

"He's steady. He controlled the game, not scoring but looking for his teammates. He's very creative. He knows who to find through their schemes and his future's very bright." -Jason Kidd

DONUT 11: Lamar Odom and his 2-of-14 evening -- it's depressing how not-surprised we are ...

"I just missed shots I normally make. It's kind of like an exclamation for the start of the season for myself. I'm not myself yet." - Lamar Odom

"I can be upset at myself. I can fake body language and act like I'm not upset, but I expect more out of myself than you could ever expect out of me. I've been a good basketball player since I can remember. If you expect me to play well, then you can just imagine what I expect out of myself." -Lamar Odom

"We want him to be aggressive. We want him to attack. He's got a unique skill of being able to put the ball on the floor and make plays. He just had some opportunities that didn't go down ... My assumption is that he is engaged, that he does care. We don't make excuses around here, so I'm not going to get into all the stuff about the things that happened when he got here and that kind of stuff. That's in the past now and we've got to concentrate on now." -Coach Rick Carlisle
You can read our thoughts on the matter in great depth elsewhere on today, but as you peruse Rick's comments ... do you see that at this moment not even Rick is convinced by what Rick is saying? How the heck are we debating whether a player this important is "engaged'' or not?

This "I expect more out of myself than you could ever expect out of me'' business? That should manifest itself on the floor. Not necessarily with made shots. But damn sure with little things like screens set with purpose, just one area where LO was again a total flop.

DONUT 12: The core rationale behind "Be Ready'' ...

"Sometimes [the lineup] is matchup based, sometimes it's me going by the seat of my pants, sometimes it has to do with who's tired, sometimes it has to do with who the other team has in the game. But we've got to be able to play a lot of different ways. Right now just the fact that we've thrown a lot of different lineups out there is something that we've got to view as something that's going to help us going forward. ... It's not very rhythmatic, and it doesn't lend itself to comfort and those kinds of things with having a set rotation. But what it is doing is keeping guys playing hard because you play until you're tired, then give me a fist to come out and we'll get another fresh guy in here. That's a big part of the formula for winning this year." -Coach Rick Carlisle
DONUT 13: In short ...

"We should've won that (bleeping) game. That's the reality of it. I know everybody is making a big thing about the ring tonight -- it's a great thing to receive the ring -- but tonight we still needed to win this game." -Shawn Marion

"Look, we didn't deserve to win, and frankly after that period at the end of the second quarter we really didn't compete at any kind of level at all against them. We're going to have to be a lot better." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I think we're all happy that we don't have any more ceremonies. We can just concentrate on basketball." -Jason Kidd

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