Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Quoteboard

'If you watch the standings,' Jason Terry says, 'you're going to kill yourself.' It is a roller-coaster season - 'wacky,' Rick Carlisle calls it - and it was microcosm'ed Sunday at the AAC in a 101-100 OT win over the Spurs that has all the fellas talkin' ... The Quoteboard in Monday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: With the memory of January 5th's embarassment still fresh the Dallas Mavericks built up quite the lead by halfway through the third ... and then San Antonio's reserves started making their threes.

Just like that, the Mavs went from being the smacker to the smackee, down seven with three-and-a-half left. On the strength of some Jason Terry and some Roddy B, the Mavs had rallied to tie with half-a-second left. The Spurs faithful will be howling about this for a while; Danny Green managed to get a shot off that went through the net ... except the refs voided the shot because when the clock ticked over -- in the frame-by-frame there's a flashbulb going off that precise instant -- the ball had not left his hands. The Mavs force OT, and hang on for the 101-100 win.


DONUT 2: Grumpy Popovich is grumpy ... "It's disappointing. I don't know what you want me to do. Do you want me to cry? I don't know what you want me to do. How disappointing? Very disappointing, is that OK? It's disappointing." -Coach Gregg Popovich.

Maybe Pop is grumpy because he's had A Little Spurs Fan With A Dog Collar?!

DONUT 3: The Jet's going supersonic -- about Jason Terry and his season-high 34 points ...

"He put us on his shoulders there. He made some great pull-ups. He got to his sweet spot to send it to OT." -Dirk Nowitzki
"I was locked in. The first time we played San Antonio, I was very disappointed and I watched the film. There were some shots that I know that I make, and I said if I continue to get those same looks and opportunities then I will be aggressive and take them, and they gave me the same looks. That's Popovich, man. He's a mastermind, but with him he's very consistent in his approach and tonight he gave me the same looks I had in Game 1. They ran me off the line and when a team does that to you you have to make that adjustment on the fly. You have to know how they're going to play you and I got to the paint. I got a couple of short mid-range shots to go for me." -Jason Terry

DONUT 4: Cue the howling -- on the buzzer-beater that didn't quite beat it ...

"I thought it was good, but I guess it was too good to be true." -Danny Green

"Does it matter? They called it 'no good'. It's no good." -Coach Gregg Popovich

DONUT 5: The Return of the UberMan -- 10 points on 5-of-14 shooting and 13 rebounds as the "Dirk-Out Workout'' is over ...

"I moved better. Had a couple of one-dribble, two-dribble pull-ups which was basically non-existent before I left. So, yeah, it's coming back. Still had some swelling this week though, but the work load was a lot. I lifted a lot, had two-a days on the court, tried to really push myself. Still had a little swelling in but I think it's going to be OK. My legs are getting stronger, my base is getting stronger so I just got to keep on working ... I'm definitely moving better. I think when somebody comes off a little break, you look at how he's moving. And definitely that was an improvement. I still got to keep working and should be back to normal soon." -Dirk Nowitzki

"He rebounded well. He moved around the court well, I thought, offensively. He's a major factor in the game when he's out there, even if he's not shooting or even touching the ball. It was important to have him out there." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Well we knew it was his first game back and he struggled just a little bit out there. He just needs to keep playing and he'll get right back at it tomorrow night. He's had his rest and he'll ready to go." -Jason Terry

DONUT 6: Welcome to a new Mavs partner ...
RED ROCK Bar & Grill is working with us to host another of our famous Mavs Get-Togethers ... and in the meantime, we're all going to start hanging out there because of that 200-inch screen - the biggest TV in Texas! (great place to watch the Super Bowl) and because of the live music (Random Axis plays regularly).

Red Rock is at the corner of Frankford & Midway, Just off the Tollway, at 18110 Midway Rd Dallas, TX 75287 .. (972) 733-3683.

Go check 'em out and tell 'em The Fish sent you!

DONUT 7: Status of Jason Kidd -- He's out for the week nursing a strained calf ...

"I feel good. We'll rehab the calf and then we'll see where we stand in a week ... The good thing is that my back feels great and it was just a freak incident in the sense of the calf. So hopefully it can heal fast and get back and help my guys win ballgames." -Jason Kidd

DONUT 8: Here're the keys -- about Rodrigue Beaubois, starting at point ...

"I thought he made some key plays that were important. This is a different challenge for him, starting at point. They're going to dare him to shoot and keep a body on Dirk. In those situations, he's understanding more and more he has to step into those shots and make those teams pay the price. This is where you learn a lot in a short period of time. I thought he did well.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He's going to take his lumps but he's going to do more right than wrong. We definitely encourage him more than beat him up ... It was great for Roddy Beaubois to be in the situation he was tonight, a playoff-type atmosphere. Those are experiences you're only going to get in a game and not in practise so he'll learn and grow from it." -Jason Terry

"It's an opportunity for me to get better, learn as a player and for sure help the team to win. If Coach is making me play that many minutes, it's because he believes I can help the team. I just need to be ready for that." -Rodrigue Beaubois

DONUT 9: Danny Green, Gary Neal, Tiago Splitter; who are these people and where are the usual suspects?

"I think he's the greatest coach, really ever in this game, because all their guys function within their system at a high level. We were making a few mistakes on them but they were executing like crazy and it's a great example of what playing the right way is about. I've seen Pop do this time and time again. If the same group gets them back in the game, he lets them finish the game, unless it's some kind of unusual situation." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Pop is such a strategist and you never know what's going through his mind, but it was a situation where he knows he'll depend on those guys later on in the season so it was a great learning lesson for them. They were down 20 so they had nothing to lose so let's ride these guys and see what they can do." -Jason Terry

"We were just on fire shooting threes and it got us back in the game. It's as simple as that. I thought the energy defensively was great; we double-teamed everywhere. They were playing great. There's no sense in taking them off the court." -Coach Gregg Popovich

DONUT 10: Pressure is your friend ...

"It's just the will to win when the game is on the line. I like to take the shot when the game is on the line. When my team needs me the most, I'm going to come through regardless of what's going on the entire night." -Jason Terry

DONUT 11: No time to dwell, no space to breathe ...

"I'm ready to get to Phoenix and move on to the next one. The one thing that I'm not going to allow to happen is to have our team feel bad about a loss. I've been around too long, our guys have been around too long -- wins are hard to get ... It's a wacky year, and there are a lot of things going on with crazy scores and leads and deficits disappearing. You've got to be ready for anything. We're fortunate, but it's a good win." -Coach Rick Carlisle


And by the way ... we've got on TV tonight: Fish and Bob Ortegel are your studio analysts tonight, pre- and postgame, starting at 7:30 on MAVS LIVE taking you through Mavs-at-Suns on Fox Sports Southwest! Join us!

DONUT 12: Why we shouldn't be worried about standings yet (though Dallas is now in first in the S'west) ...

"You've got to be careful of watching the standings. If you lose you'll be back in eighth place ... These games are coming fast and furious, and so if you watch the standings you're going to kill yourself. We just want to win the games that are before us and take care of our business." -Jason Terry

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