Mavs Quoteboard: 'It Went To (Bleep) Quick'

'It felt like we were in there for a minute, but it just went to (bleep) real quick,' says Shawn Marion of Dallas' loss Friday to the Pacers. Much more from the locker rooms in Mavs Quoteboard:

HE'S BACK, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! 30 points on 12-17. Thank goodness, the rumors of Dirk Nowitzki's demise were greatly exaggerated. Don't you worry, never fear, the UberMan is finally here ... oh the game. That didn't go so well.

After a smoking first half for both teams, the Dallas Mavericks somehow lost their shot over halftime. Again. The Pacers, who are on the list along with Denver of Teams That Shouldn't Be This Good Yet But Are, put the screws to the Mavs and the Mavs weren't able to respond in kind. Indiana takes it, 98-87.

Mavs Quoteboard:

The Game In Short ...

"They were physical. When we did have shots we were having trouble making them." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We didn't make them work hard enough. Things were too easy for them tonight." -Lamar Odom

"It felt like we were in there for a minute, but it just went to [bleep] real quick." -Shawn Marion

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, unless they're using it to kick your butt ...

"[The Mavericks], what they did in the playoffs last year, against the Lakers, and against Miami in particular, the way they moved the basketball I thought exhibited championship level passing. And I've used them as a model all year on what championship level passing can do you for you -- it can win a championship." -Coach Frank Vogel

He's baa-aaack ...

"Every day he's moving better, so at some point this kind of game was going to be a reality and it was great to see, because he was doing everything. He was shooting the ball, he was driving the ball, rebounding it, and I thought, overall, he was very active." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"At least Dirk was able to get into a rhythm tonight." -Shawn Marion

"I had some good looks and knocked them down. I finally got into a good rhythm. The strength in my legs is coming back. Hard work always pays off." -Dirk Nowitzki

At least we don't have to deal with them on a regular basis -- about Indiana's big ambitions ...

"We're in the top five in terms of record, and we've played 15 games on the road. That's credit to this group. We're working hard, we're focusing in, paying attention to details. This team still has a lot of room to grow, but I think we're on the right schedule." -Paul George

Owwwwwch -- Jason Terry running in for the layup, blocked from behind by Paul George, Indiana gets back and scores ...

"I knew I could close out on him. J.T. is losing some speed on that jet. I knew I was able to catch up to him and make a play on that. I came down on the other end and AJ Price found me." -Paul George

Paul who? That George Guy, who also whacked out a 30-point game ...

"Yeah, he's oozing confidence, as is our whole team. But, the kid is just good at pretty much everything. And he's pure, and he's refreshing to coach, and he's just got a pure desire to be great, and it's showing up on the court ... He's got the versatile, complete package and when he puts it together like he did tonight he can be scary good." -Coach Frank Vogel

"He's a good player. We played a lot of zone tonight and we lost him a few times on the zone. He's a good 3-point shooter. He made shots and there were other plays we made mistakes on. He had a big night and they had a lot of other guys who played well too." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It looked like we were playing the Lakers' defense in the playoffs and he was getting wide-open shots. I don't know how you miss him. I mean, how hot was he all night? There's no excuse for it, unacceptable." -Jason Terry

"You got to be excited to play the defending champs. I went out there and really just gave them my all. The way I've been playing, I've grown to a comfort level. I just feel like I can knock down any shot now." - Paul George

What only counts in horseshoes?

"[Physically] I'm pretty close." -Lamar Odom

Roddy B Freed, now he needs to lead -- on Beaubois's ongoing training at the fine art of point guarding ...

"The fact that he's very good off the ball is another thing you can incorporate into his point play. And when Jason Kidd gets back, playing those two together at times is something that has a history of being good. We've always had the belief that he's going to get better at the point. Right now, as he has good games, the challenge is going to be to continue to get better and keep having those good games because scouting becomes such a factor. He's on a good path. He's just got to continue to work hard and stay the course.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I just need to keep listening to the coaches, to J-Kidd, to everybody else and try to get better every game. They always tell me and I always believed I can play point guard, for sure. I knew that I needed some playing time at the point-guard position to get better. But I always believed that I can do it. I think that can be a good position for me.'' -Rodrigue Beaubois

That said, please come back soon Kidd, the fellas miss you desperately ...

"Without Jason Kidd, who is good at picking out who's hot and who's not, we're going to have to figure out what we need to do to make sure people stay in rhythm. I just think there was a stretch where we could have taken advantage of Dirk while he was on the floor, and we didn't do it tonight. And that hurts." -Jason Terry

Now it's Delonte's turn -- some thoughts about seeing the old mates in Cleveland ...

"We were so much like a family and the same faces you see in the arena, I would see out in the community. We were all locked together as one. It'll be good to see those guys and some of the guys that are still there that I played with ... I just hope I don't get booed.'' -Delonte West

The Master Plan -- when all else fails ...

"Just give it to me." -Dirk Nowitzki

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