Quoteboard For Mavs-T'Wolves

The Mavs got the win in Minny and did it even as returing Jason Kidd was great ... if just a tad careless with the ball. 'The ball is precious,' coach Rick Carlisle said ... and so is the Quoteboard from Minnesota ...

The Dallas Mavericks have followed the same arc; we know how the story begins. Long long stretch of doom, finally led out of the darkness by a couple of generational talents. Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio -- for Minnesota fans who watched their franchise trade Kevin Garnett away because he couldn't get it done, happy days are on the way. As of Friday night, the happy days haven't quite arrived yet. Minnesota coughed up the ball 27 times, went 6-of-23 from distance, and suffered the indignity of 16 steals and 8 blocked shots. ... all key to Dallas' 104-97 win.


Welcome back (again) Jason Kidd! So wonderful to have ...

"It's great to have Kidd back and this is an important win for us.I don't know what the plus-minus is, but he had to be about a plus 15 or 18 ... He's a big part of our heart and soul. When we're without him, we can win some games but we're not the same team." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It's a good time right now to talk about a legend in his own rights who can still do it. He's a great leader on the floor. I think it's good to get him back these few games before the All-Star break so he can kind of get his flow back. He's one of the best to ever do it. Period." -Delonte West

"Jason Kidd was back to rare form. He makes the game so much easier for everybody and that's why we love playing with him.'' -Jason Terry

"I felt good. Maybe my wind isn't as strong right now, but basically I feel good. We'll see how it feels in the morning. I'll go in and do what I normally do -- treatment and stuff -- and hopefully I'll be ready to go. The calf is great, there's nothing wrong with the calf. Everything is good, just my wind. I've just got to get my wind back." -Jason Kidd

... But eight turnovers?

"He was throwing the ball all over the gym there at the end a little bit. I think he was tired.'' - Dirk Nowitzki

"It was ‘give-away-a-ball night' for the fans. It was ‘Fan Appreciation Night.' It was a combination of a lot of stuff, teammates haven't seen me nor have I seen them. It'll take a game and we'll get that out the way." -Jason Kidd

On the subject of carelessness where the ball is concerned; about Minnesota's 28 turnovers ...

"You can turn the ball over making a play, but we turned it over just so casual. We get the ball and you just flip it. The ball is precious. We preach to them all the time that we want to defend better and then when we finally did make stops, we just handed it back." -Coach Rick Adelman

"We just have to, like Coach said, get back to focusing and get back to taking care of the ball. The little things we've done all year that gave us a chance to compete for a playoff spot. We just have to get back to that and play basketball." -Luke Ridnour

"Just being a youthful team, we're going to have lapses like that and unfortunately it was against a team that we beat a couple of times and felt we could have won." -Kevin Love

"Tonight was just one of those nights. Tomorrow's a new day. Of course we won't forget this. We just need to keep ourselves more focused to do this, to not lose so many balls." -Nikola Pekovic

Ricky Rubio and the endless upside ...

"I've been watching him for seven years in Eurpoe. I didn't think he was going to have that much of an impact in the NBA. But they've actually surrounded him with more pieces here and it's really helped his game." -Dirk Nowitzki

"[8 assists] That's not that many?" -Ricky Rubio

Lockout Basketball and the toll it takes ...

"Especially in this half of the season, I think unfortunately injuries are going to be a big part. You see a lot of guys drop down like flies all around the league and I think we've been a little lucky so far, actually. We haven't had any major bad injuries, so hopefully we can get the troops together and have a good run here until the All-Star break.'' -Dirk Nowitzki

Paging Dr. Kidd; 4th quarter and the bad guys are within three ...

"When they cut it to three we put Kidd back in the game and we got it back up to 13 or 14. He came right in the game and immediately hit a three and he got us going." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Well, I didn't have to think about it because I was on the bike and we had scheduled that my minutes would be no more than 25. I got going in the fourth quarter with my bike ride to St. Paul and someone came over and said, ‘Coach wants you.' So, I had to cut that bike ride short. I came in and JET found me for a three." -Jason Kidd

"That's usually our closing unit when Kidd has the ball in his hands and Jet and myself are running around and shooting the ball, and Kidd gets us the ball in the right position. He's our leader and he directs the ball so well out there and it's been fun to play off him.'' -Dirk Nowitzki

Oh yeah, the UberMan -- 33 points on the night, and an NBA All-Star for the 11th time ...

"That's the Dirk I know. That is definitely vintage Dirk. I've been watching for however many years he's been playing now. He's a Hall of Fame player and when he decides he wants it, more often than not he's going to have success. He's an All-Star, even though he says he's not. He showed tonight, he has been showing in the past week, too, why he deserves to be there." -Kevin Love

"I was a little surprised that I made the All-Star team. But I think we all know if I would have been healthy all season I think I would have been a lock. I had some injury problems and I wasn't playing my best, but I guess it's good for me to know that the coaches still respect me and respect what I bring to the game, even though I wasn't 100 percent. They respect what I did last summer, so I'm thankful for the coaches." -Dirk Nowitzki

"His presence opens so much up for everyone else. That's called an All-Star presence, to me. It's not always about the numbers." -Delonte West


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