Saturday Donuts: Mavs Video From Philly

Want a peek inside the Mavs' locker room in Philadelphia after Friday's big win? is there with Video Visits from Carlisle and Vince (and for Premium Mavs Fans, we've got Marion, Dirk and Kidd, too!) Come tempt yourself with the Mavs Quoteboard!

PRE-DONUT: is with the Mavs in Philly and New York! ...

The Dallas Mavericks Quoteboard today features stuff scribbled down about Mavs 82, Philly 75 ... but also, because staff Chuck Perry is in Philadelphia (and he'll be in New York on Sunday, too), we've got Video Visits from the locker room! Who'd we hang with? Kidd, Dirk, Shawn, Rick and Vince. Who do you get to see here? A couple of 'em. Want to see the rest? That's what those pennies a day get you!

DONUT 1: It started out being one of those nights offensively. ...

The Dallas Mavericks couldn't buy a bucket with a C-note and a charming smile, in spite of some excellent looks and close opportunities. Philadelphia kept to their efficient habits and by the half the Visitors were down a bunch. What happened? For one thing, Philadelphia only scored eight in the third and committed six turnovers (they only turned it over two other times in the whole game). For another, you know that guy, lanky dude, Finals MVP last year ... Score for the second half -- Philadelphia 24, Dirk Nowitzki, 24. Mavs wring out a sixth straight ...

A sprinkle of Quoteboard with the Donuts:

DONUT 2: The Game In Brief ...

The key to the game was our defense ... The story of the game was our defense. We only allowed 24 points in the second half, which is a phenomenal job defensively. They missed some shots, but our guys were into it. Right now, that is our identity as a team. We are a defense-first team." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We feel like we're never out of it. We showed that last year in the playoffs when we were down 16 with a couple of minutes to go. We feel like when we get stops we can get hot at any time. Nobody panicked." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It was a tale of two halves, to say the least. The first half we were active, in the open court, moving the ball, then the second half we started missing shots and I really thought we got discouraged. We got in the halfcourt and we couldn't create anything. That's a very good defensive team. I thought we missed a lot of shots that we normally make. We could never get anything offensively generated. Even with that said, I told our guys at the end of the quarter, ‘With a 24-8 quarter, it was a two-point game.' We just never could get anything generated offensively in the second half." -Coach Doug Collins

Vince Carter, your thoughts?

DONUT 3: Regarding the defense, which held Philadelphia 20 points under their scoring average ...

"I thought, defensively, we have been really solid over this six-game winning streak. I think we're working. We knew that they were guard-oriented with Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams being their top scorers. So, we really tried to make it hard on them. We tried to keep them out of the paint and scramble from there. I thought we did a good job rebounding and then pushed the ball from there. I think that even last year, that's when we're at our best, when we get stops, when we rebound, push the ball and get stuff in transition." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We didn't make shots. We had some decent looks, but the ball didn't go in. We kind of get tense. We started thinking too much instead of just letting it be fluid. You forget the mechanics of just catching and shooting. We had a look on our faces of concern and we have to do a better job of getting out of those funks like that. It kind of lingered with us and it's a learning experience." -Andre Iguodala

"We tried to make it tough. In this league if you get layups and get points in the paint, it's going to be tough and then the threes start dropping. So for us we wanted to protect the paint and make them take tough shots." -Jason Kidd

DONUT 4: The Jason Kidd Minute Watch -- 29:51, and he came thisclose to a triple-double with 9-9-8 ...

"We don't have a definite minutes number, but we're not going to go crazy and overplay him. Other guys are going to have to play." -Coach Rick Carlisle

DONUT 5: Looking on the bright side, if you're Philadelphia ...

"One thing I've always said is I don't care if you miss shots, shots are going to come and go. If you look defensively, we held them under 39 percent shooting. We held them under 36 percent from the three-point line. We turned them over 16 times and got 18 points. I just said, ‘You can't let your shooting discourage you.' But it's easier said than done. When you miss shots, you can just see it take the life out of you." -Coach Doug Collins

DONUT 6: Welcome to a new Mavs partner ...
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Go check 'em out and tell 'em The Fish sent you!

DONUT 7: This is a drum worth beating -- Shawn Marion, the defensive tormentor of just about everybody ...

"We still haven't played anywhere near good basketball. We've just been able to survive on smart defense, and Shawn Marion basically taking on entire teams by himself defensively.'' -Mark Cuban

"I'm a competitor and I don't believe in playing one side of the floor. I've always been like that my whole career and I pride myself on that. True basketball players are gonna find a way to help their team whether they're able to score or not." -Shawn Marion

DONUT 8: It's a thankless job, but somebody's got to do it -- defending Dirk Nowitzki...

"You just try to contain him. Their offense is designed to get him the ball. Even if you push him out to the three-point line they're still going to throw him the ball and let him do his thing. He didn't just catch the ball on the block, he caught it at the three-point line and backed you down and if you stopped him, he'd spin and take a shot. I think I did a pretty good job on him." -Thaddeus Young

DONUT 9: About Dirk -- hey, did you know there're only nine other players that've scored more for a single team in their careers?

"I really tried to find my rhythm early and get some baskets and get going, but for some reason that first half it just wasn't happening. I felt like I had some good looks there, but just didn't have a good rhythm and some of the stuff was short. In the second half, I really had the same mindset but just had a couple go in. We all know when a shooter sees a couple go in, the confidence goes up. I had a couple jabs and face-ups, I had a three that went in and out, so it was a frustrating half. But I knew in the second half I was going to come out and keep firing, especially with Jet out, and I'm glad they went in." -Dirk Nowitzki

"If we keep getting the ball to Dirk, it doesn't matter how bad things are looking. He's gonna make some things happen." -Dominique Jones

"Dirk is a great player, and he is obviously feeling better now. He has put together great games our last six games. At this point, this is not a shock." -Coach Rick Carlisle

More from Rick in Philly ...

DONUT 10: If you like this level of insight into the World Champion Dallas Mavericks ...

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DONUT 11: Off the pine and into the furnance -- on Dominique Jones ...

"I also thought Dominique Jones filling in tonight for our three absent guards that have been regular guys for us was really important ... Jones filling in did a terrific job, all things considered.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"The young fellow came out and play good tonight. I think he's starting to get a little feel for a couple of days out on the floor. I know he got tired. This is the most minutes he's played in a long time, these two games, but we need him.'' -Shawn Marion

"I think I did some great things out there. Of course there's always things you can do better, different things you wish you can do again. I feel like every game I need to get better and do better, and capitalize on the mistakes that I made before.'' -Dominique Jones

DONUT 12: More general thoughts on defensive intensity, which leads the league right now in opponent field goal percentage at 41.4% ...
"I think our energy on defense has been good. We've got some length in the paint, and we've got some guard length on the perimeter, and guys are working together. If you want to be a good defensive team, you can't do it with one or two guys. You've got to have five guys rotating, scrambling and rebounding." -Dirk Nowitzki

DONUT 13: Ready for Linsanity?

"For who?" -Shawn Marion
"Well I'm happy for Jeremy Lin. He's playing extremely well and he's got the Knicks playing at a high level, so we're gonna have our hands full and we're gonna have to play better than we did tonight." -Jason Kidd

"We're ready for the Knicks." -Dominique Jones

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