Sunday Mavs Quoteboard: Dialing Delonte

Grasp this; Saturday's Mavs-Blazers game needed two overtimes to almost get to a 100 points. Good thing it wasn't a school night. Good thing, too, Coach decided to Dial Delonte. The Mavs Quoteboard:

Grasp this; the game needed two overtimes to almost get to a 100 points. Good thing it wasn't a school night.

After a dominant first half, the Dallas Mavericks stumbled out of the locker room in the second and watched Portland chew up and spit out the double-digit lead. A try at the game winner by Our Dirk went astray. Yay, five more minutes of torture by hardwood. Fast-forward five minutes, another try at the killshot ... bupkes. In the second OT, Coach Dialed Delonte, who responded with three buckets. Third time lucky? With the clock under twenty seconds the ball was in Nowitzki's hands. Up goes the shot, and DOWN IT GOES! Finally! It wasn't pretty but it's a win, 97-94.


Third time lucky -- Nowitzki One-Legged Euro LeanBack, made, 16.9 seconds remaining ...

"I should have made the first one, really, at the end of regulation going right, great stepback, great look. To me, it was right on line and I thought actually it was going in, but that's basketball. Sometimes you get the bounce, sometimes you don't. It was a little long and bounced out. The second one wasn't that great of a look. I took probably one or two dribbles too much, ended up on the baseline and that was a tough look there. I finally got one." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It was a vintage Nowitzki shot. Contested, bump, somehow create space, high-arch and the ball goes in." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He made a tough shot. But he had three tries at it, so third time's a charm. I do feel good about my defense. Nowitzki couldn't see the basket half the time." -LaMarcus Aldridge

"Dirk being Dirk. He made a tough shot." -Lamar Odom

What's his brand? On Delonte "Hot Sauce" West ...

"The guy stays ready and he's a money player. He's had that reputation ever since he's been in the league. We had been battling pretty good but we needed a lift. J-Kidd was at his minute-ceiling for tonight. He was the guy. The first play of overtime we draw up a play and he winds up the shot and it gets us going. He did good things defensively; he was big at both ends." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He's always ready when his number is called. He's either going to do the little things or the big things." - Jason Terry

"Delonte was unbelievable. He was great for us." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Yeah, it's what you have to do. The coaches have shown a lot of trust in me, putting me in in tense situations like that. Like I said, I had the strength of Lyndon, I responded, and helped spark a comeback for us." -Delonte West

Lyndon ... "I thought about my man Lyndon Baty ... He's just a young man who's been fighting since he came out of the womb. They gave him 2 years to live, and he's 15 now. They did a special on him on ESPN earlier in the season. I was sitting in my motel, and he reminded me of Maximus Aurelius in that movie, you know -- he's gotta throw himself all the way." -Delonte West

Minutes ceiling? About limiting playing time for Kidd (and probably others too) ...

"Just coming off this layoff and the calf and he had the hip thing going on, it was basically going to be 18 minutes going into the fourth and then if we needed him for seven or eight at the end of the game, that would be okay. We were at 18 going into the fourth and he felt okay going into the first overtime, so he rolled with it, but then it was time to get him out.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We do more long-term than game by game. We want to win every game, and we're going to try to win every game, but not at the expense of trying to win a championship." -Mark Cuban

More of that please -- regarding Lamar Odom's quietly effective evening ...

"I thought Lamar Odom played one of his best games of the year tonight. He had great energy, he was attacking, he was into the game. When Dirk had some struggles early in the third, we went to Lamar and he made a couple of big plays, he hit a three. It was stuff that kept us going during a tough spot." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I think right now it's important for me to play well to give the big fella a break without us falling off too much. When I say the big fella' I mean Dirk. He deserves a rest, he deserves to be able to come out the game and the team not fall off too much." -Lamar Odom

Turnovers, or did somebody oil the ball?

"Right now the thing we've got to address and do better with are the turnovers. We're doing some things that are just uncharacterically weird out there with the ball, and it's not like us.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

Come to think of it, why didn't the Blazers give Aldridge the ball more late?

"On the pick-and-rolls we needed [Crawford's] ability to try to create. LaMarcus was good in the post, and when we didn't have the post-up I liked the combination of a pick-and-roll with LaMarcus trying to bring Haywood away from the basket. And Crawford had some opportunities to get into the paint. We've just got to finish." -Coach Nate McMillan

Some affection for the big guy ...

"Haywood had a great game. Even though Aldridge had all the points, there really wasn't one easy basket he had all night. He was having to put in difficult shots on a body with a hand up, but that's why the guy's an All-Star. He finally missed a couple in the second overtime, and Brendan being there all night long plays a part in that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Does basketball have Follies? About the lack of beauty in the game ...

"All I can say is it's the NBA. You can say this and say that, and at the end of the day we were able to pull out a win. It took two overtimes to do it, but you've got to give them credit. They're a resilient team, and that LaMarcus Aldridge is a handful." -Shawn Marion

"Those guys over there in the other locker room were NBA champions last year. We just came into their house, took their best punches, gave them our best punches and they barely squeaked a out a win." -Gerald Wallace

"We're used to close ballgames and being a veteran team doing what we have to do to get a win. You would have liked to have seen us kind of close things out, but it didn't happen." -Jason Terry

"It would be better to win them by more and not get into overtime. Sometimes that's just how it goes." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Oh look, it's the Other-Than-Lakers coming to town Monday ...

"We've still got a long ways to go. The Clippers beat us there a couple of weeks ago on a last-second shot. They're obviously very athletic and they're led by one of the best point guards in this league. Paul can score, he can pass, he can hurt you a lot of ways. So, another tough test, but we want to get back to protecting our home court." - Dirk Nowitzki

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