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Sooner or later, cream rises. And whatever NBA fashionistas might gush about at any given moment, the Mavs are part of the cream and they are rising. Rising? Flying. With the 102-84 demolition of the Nuggets, the Mavs are sitting on a five-game win streak. Depth and defense saves the day again, and as the good guys hit the road for Philadelphia and points east they're gonna need lots of both.

Dallas Mavericks Quoteboard:

First the old business -- NBA Champion Corey Brewer gets his shiny thing ...

"He became a fan favorite here because of his high energy and his attacking style of play. This guy's a winner and now he's a world champion." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I was just hoping to play [in the Lakers series]. And we were down bad, and we didn't have any energy. Coach called my name, and I thought he made a mistake. So I just went out and tried to make a few things happen. At least I helped us do something. Everybody was like, 'You played a lot, I said, 'I played eight minutes'. It might have been the best eight minutes of my career. Everything happened like bang, bang, bang, bang." -Corey Brewer

Jason Terry out (quad injury), Rodrigue Beaubois out (death in the family), and Delonte West out (gristly finger injury) -- paging Dominique Jones ...

"We'll have to make it work. With Kidd we're going to have to keep his minutes reasonable, and Dominique Jones is going to have to play some. We're going to need him. He's worked hard and this gets his feet wet for Friday." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He's a great driver, slasher. He can finish in the paint and once in a while, he's going to make a shot. Defensively, he's a workhorse. He's a big guy, he can move, he can be active. He's definitely going to get some opportunities here and he's going to make the best out of them like he did tonight." - Dirk Nowitzki on DoJo

"DJ played great tonight. He hasn't played in over a month, and four points in 30 minutes, I thought he did well. He was attacking the basket and making all the right plays." -Jason Kidd

"I'm pretty comfortable playing the one. I think this is a big opportunity for me to go out there, maintain and show that we can't miss a beat. So, my main thing is just looking at film, looking at different teams and different players and getting better at the things I can get better at so the team can be better." -Dominique Jones

(Rodrigue's out tending to his family following his father's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his kin.)

Did you see Vince Carter's reaction? Regarding Delonte's dislocated/broken/we're not sure but there was blood finger injury ...

"He's a good defender, so we're going to miss him. Injuries are a part of the game and we've got to fight through it. This is how fragile this league is. You can go from a healthy squad and in one game you're depleted in one position." -Dirk Nowitzki

"He's going to be out for a while." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Why Jason Kidd is awesome -- well one of the reasons anyway ...

"We have a lot of high basketball IQ's on this team. For instance, the play Jason Terry got late in the [Clippers] game-- that backdoor cut? Jason Kidd basically drew that up in the timeout when Jason saw the way Mo Williams was guarding him. Most point guards can't do that in a timeout. We can do that because we have guys who really, really understand the game." -Brendan Haywood

The pace of improvement is frustrating, but the improvement is there -- about Lamar Odom and his 14 point contribution ...

"He's a funny guy. He loves to win and he takes it personal. We talk all the time on the bench. Motivate each other ... He's very vocal in the locker room. Through all his tough times, and him trying to get back into it, he's still very vocal in the locker room. That means so much. Now, he feels a part of it. It's a family. We believe in him. We've all hated him for what he's done to our teams with his ability to run the point/forward and do so many things. You see flashes of it and it makes us all feel good." -Vince Carter

"`It's the best I've seen Odom play offensively all year. Their big boys didn't even have to come into the game." -Coach George Karl

"Odom is really doing a nice job for us now. When he plays the way he's playing, it gives us an opportunity to bring Dirk Nowitzki down to 32 minutes, which is huge for us. That's why it's important not to get carried away with Lamar's stats. The way he's fit into our team is important and meaningful." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Third Quarter Meltdown; nice to be able to write that and not mean the Mavs ...

"We had a very good third quarter. The third quarter was key, because they'd gone on a 4-0 run to end the half and had a little momentum. The third quarter had been challenging for us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"When the score swings by 17 points you're going to be down by a huge deficit going into the fourth, one that you know you can't make up." -Al Harrington

The Swiss Army Knife approach to building a basketball team ...

"The ability to be resourceful and resilient is what defined us last year and I don't see this year as being any different, probably more so in many ways just because of the way the schedule's condensed. And it's one reason why we go get players that are versatile, that can play multiple positions." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding the defense, which broke Denver's league-leading offensive machine ...

"Dallas has turned into an incredibly good defensive team. I think we're a pretty good offensive team, and we couldn't find many things, and when we did we didn't make the shot, or didn't make the free throw, or didn't convert the easy basket." -Coach George Karl

Speaking of versitility and speaking of defense, how 'bout Shawn Marion? Geez, Fish, he's never been named to an All-NBA Defensive team? Seriously?

"Lawson's penetration is something everybody in the league is trying to solve ... We had good concentration, kept him from shredding us on the inside. Marion's versatility on the defensive end came up huge for us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I saw him do similar things to Chris Paul. They are using him all over the court in different ways, in different positions. I think he's getting the first option of most teams' offense, from a defensive standpoint and doing a great job of it." -Coach George Karl

"He looks comfortable. On the defensive end, I thought he was always great. Offensively, he's being aggressive, running right to the post and his floater game is there. He just plays with a lot of confidence, and we all know this league is a lot about confidence. He has it. He's been probably our most consistent and best player this season." -Dirk Nowitzki

"His versatility on defense is what really sets him apart. Not too many guys guard a team's point guard and then go out there the next night and guard a guy like LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant; he does a great job against anybody. Not too many guys are willing to go to guard to point guard and then power forward." -Brendan Haywood

"I don't sell myself short for nobody. If I didn't have high expectations for myself, I might as well just hang ‘em up ... I'm just doing what I do every game. Y'all are just not paying attention to me. I'm just playing my game and I pride myself in being the best basketball player I can. Not position-wise, but as a player as a whole. I do it all." -Shawn Marion

What we master becomes ours to use, or in every trial there is opportunity, or the rationale behind Be Ready (again) ...

"That's how we all learn is through adversity. That's how we get better, even as men, even if we're not talking sports and just talking life. That's how we live and learn is through adversity. And sometimes what happens is somebody who wouldn't get a shot gets a shot at confidence. Because hopefully this team will be playing through June, so to have everybody confident, everybody prepared mentally first and have their confidence is a big deal." -Lamar Odom

Who is this slender man with tentacle arms and anti-gravity shoes? On Brandan Wright and his surprisingly studly contributions ...

"He's very athletic, just scratching the surface on his ability. I think he's a key component to our team. He gives us a third big man that can play two positions. He causes a problem because he can run and jump. And he knows the game cause he's a Carolina guy. I think he's going to be unreal." -Vince Carter

The Dirk's Done nonsense put into perspective ...

"It's funny how things go. A couple months ago, he was the greatest power forward the league had ever seen. Six months later it was send him to the glue factor or the shady retirement home, because he's done. It's almost laughable. It's like 'Really, Chuck? You think he's done.' The entire league was struggling because of a shortened training camp. It's just a situation of Charles speaking prematurely." -Brendan Haywood

Gotta love his definition of 'fun' -- about this stretch of games going into the All-Star Break ...

"We've got a lot of great opponents coming up, we've got four games on national TV, so it's gonna be a fun four games. A lot of challenges and we've just got to play. But I like where the team is. Unfortunately, we've got some injuries and some personal issues, but hopefully we'll be okay and fight through some of this stuff." -Dirk Nowitzki

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