Mavs Advance Scout: How To Beat The Blazers

NBA scout Kyle Leath provides you with an NBA-style scouting report before each Mavs games. tonight, Blazers at Dallas, 7:30 tip. Here's insight into the Portland playbook and How To Beat The Blazers ... oh, and a call-out for Lamar Odom:

BLAZERS 15-12 MAVS 16-11

F- Gerald Wallace F- Shawn Marion

F- LaMarcus Aldridge F- Dirk Nowitzki

C- Marcus Camby C- Brendan Haywood

G- Wesley Matthews G- Vince Carter

G- Raymond Felton G- Jason Kidd

Blazers on Defense:

• Man-to-man team and note to Jason Kidd: they really take chances in the passing lanes both on perimeter and interior. Will hit hard at ball. Must be strong on drives.

• Handle big/little ball screens by showing to flatten and recover. Will switch some guard/guard ball screens.

• Show full-court pressure after made FTs with Camby on ball out of bounds.

Blazers on Offense:

• They're a transition team with Felton pushing the ball. In secondary break they will trail with Camby and look to get Aldridge/Wallace open on block to block cross screens with ball reversal.

• Much of their set offense is on left side of floor. Look to iso Lamarcus Aldridge and Wallace and even Felton on post-ups in low and mid post.

• They use Aldridge in mid pick/roll action. He likes to pop and shoot 18-footer off the elbows.

• 1-4 series is their primary continuity offense. Will UCLA cut PG to weak side Flex action. Also will use to post PG on UCLA cut.

Blazers Stat Check:

• Blazers are 5th in scoring at 98.3/gm

• Blazers are 5th in FT% at 78.1

• Blazers are 4th in Opp. 3pt.% at 30.3

How to Beat The Blazers:

• PUT OUT THE FIRE– Blazers will look to get out and run at any opportunity. You must do a good job of forcing turnovers (4th in NBA/9.1). Mavs must first take care of ball then stop transition on misses.

• OPERATE – Execute in the half-court. Strong with the ball and make then defend and take advantage when they gamble.

• BACK UPS – Blazers have Jamal Crawford (14.6) and Nicolas Batum (12.2) coming off a solid bench. Need a solid game from Odom in this one to help match up.

Kyle Leath, a long-time Dallas Mavericks staffer, former college head coach and now scout for the Denver Nuggets, provides you with an NBA-style scouting report before Mavs games.

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