Thursday Mavs Donuts: Issues And Answers

Thanks to a 102-84 blowout of Denver on '70's Night,' the Mavs now hold a five-game winning streak. They put away their third-quarter struggles by outscoring Denver 32-15 in the period. But that doesn't mean there aren't some issues to be handled. We take you inside Mavs HQ with our loaded Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts:

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The Nuggets entered the game averaging a league-best 104.1 points per game. They were held to 84 points on a season-low 35.7 percent shooting. Is that personnel? Philosophy? "Principles,'' the word so often used but rarely discussed openly?

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DONUT 3: Noteworthy last night was the go-to-nature of Vince Carter's role on offense. He scored 15 points on 5-of-10 shooting (efficiency!) but there was something more:
The Mavs used him as an offensive hub and were once again so effective doing so that Denver opted to double-team him, especially with a weakside defender when VC posted up.

What does that mean? In the trickle-down of it all, it means that double-teaming Vince will leave you-know-who free to find his pet spots on the floor. ... and done properly, Dallas will have too many offensive poisons for most teams to survive.

DONUT 4: confirmed with two sources yesterday afternoon the tragic news of the death of Roddy Beaubois' father back home in Guadaloupe. Our prayers are with the Beaubois family and Roddy is away from the team for an undetermined length of time.

DONUT 5: Basketball isn't life, of course ... but basketball goes on, and Dallas will plow forward while mourning for Roddy B, and also while being thin in the backcourt due to Delonte West's gruesome hand injury and due to Jason Terry's quad problem and "personal business.''
The official word on West: He has a fracture/dislocation of the right ring finger and will be out indefinitely. The unofficial word on Jet: This week sort of serves as his own "Dirk-Out WorkOut.'' Rest up, Jet, and be ready for the Knicks on Sunday.

DONUT 6: Welcome to a new Mavs partner ...

RED ROCK Bar & Grill is working with us to host another of our famous Mavs Get-Togethers ... and in the meantime, we're all going to start hanging out there because of that 200-inch screen - the biggest TV in Texas! (great place to watch the Super Bowl) and because of the live music (Random Axis plays regularly).

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DONUT 7: If you missed the game, here's the NBA highlight reel:

DONUT 8: Jason Kidd was only needed for 22 minutes, but managed to score a season high 13 points by hitting 4-of-6 attempts behind the arc. He also added three rebounds, three assists and three steals.

His shot is coming around. You can feel it. Fewer knuckleballs and zero airballs. That's progress!

DONUT 9: Our MDug on what Trix did last night:

Shawn Marion did everything (16 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists) Is there a more under-appreciated player than Marion, or possibly under-recognized, if you prefer ... particularly at the defensive end of the court?

Ty Lawson – who's recently been an automatic 20-point guy -- set a new season low with only three points, a season-low 12.5 field-goal percentage (12.5), and tied a season low with just two assists.

Around these parts, that's essentially hog-tying a player and leaving him to be cleaned up by the rodeo clowns.

We've got some exclusive stuff with Trix that we'll spring on you this weekend as he preps for Iggy and Lin.

DONUT 10: It's a tradition: Who Deserves The Dirkie? Cast your vote!

DONUT 11: The UberMan on the issues:

"We've got a lot of great opponents coming up, we've got four games on national TV, so it's gonna be a fun four games," Dirk Nowitzki said. "A lot of challenges and we've just got to play. But I like where the team is. Unfortunately, we've got some injuries and some personal issues, but hopefully we'll be OK and fight through some of this stuff."

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DONUT 13: Neat moment at game's end, as Dirk whizzed through the crowd of bodies to seek out Corey Brewer -- who'd gotten the ring and then the start for the Nuggets -- and give him one more thing: A hug.

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