You Vote! Mavs Sink Clips; Who Gets 'Dirkie'?

That's four straight wins - Mavs 96, Clippers 92 - and that's therefore four straight 'Dirkie' awards. Our golden boy goes to Dallas' Player of the Game for the Monday win at the AAC ... and you, Dear Mavs Fan, get to vote!

If you're prone to motion sickness, don't look at the last few Dallas Mavericks boxscores. And don't look too close at the tape of this one -- combine frigid shooting from the good guys and epic fumble-fingers from the bad guys and you've got a spectacle that makes the fans reach for the Drammamine. Dallas makes one less mistake than the Los Angeles Clippers, and manages to wring out a win, 96-92.

The Dirkie's pretty even if the win wasn't. What do you think folks? How are Mavs fans voting on the Player of the Game? Check it out here, and you vote, too!

Jason Kidd -- watch him pull a rabbit out of his hat

Delonte West -- 10 points, including clutch free-throws

Brendan Haywood -- monsterous 10 point 9 rebound night (and a fun Video Visit with Fish coming up!)

Shawn Marion -- the reason Chris Paul was only good

Dirk Nowitzki -- came alive late, finished with 22

Lamar Odom -- capable spot work, notches 9 and 3

Vince Carter -- scores 10 and steals 2

Jason Terry -- 9 points and 3 dimes

Brandan Wright -- 4 and 2 plus a steal and some explosiveness

Come to Boards, talk about the win, and Rock the Dirkie vote!

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