Are The Mavs 'Shopping' Roddy Beaubois?

ESPN says ‘Dallas is ready to move on from the Roddy B experiment.' We separate ‘story' from ‘spitballin' on Dallas' view of Roddy B's future. Are there reasons for the Mavs to swap him now instead of in the summer? Really? Are they ‘shopping' him at the same moment the kid is arranging his dad's funeral? Really? ‘Let's get to the truth, starting with a source who calls the story ‘a bunch of …

If you are a Dallas Mavericks fan looking for profundity in ESPN's "Dallas is ready to move on from the Roddy B experiment'' story, your search will be unrewarded. Here, we separate "story" from "spitballin' on Dallas' in-house view of Rodrigue Beaubois' future.

There are reasons for the Mavs to swap Roddy B now instead of in the summer? Really?

They are ‘shopping' Beaubois at the very same moment the kid is arranging his father's funeral? Really?
Let's get to the core of this.

"Sources say Dallas is about ready to move on from the Roddy Beaubois experiment,'' writes ESPN's Chris Broussard.

Is it true?

A source close to the situation calls the story "a bunch of horse----.''

We could drop it there. But letting it go as "horse----'' leaves us swinging the pendulum too far in the opposite direction of where ESPN has shoved it. … a shove repeated by our friend Tim MacMahon, who grabs the Broussard cause and sprints to the conclusion that Dallas is "quietly shopping'' the player.

So let's delve into the details.

What we see here in Chris' story is a rather random assemblage of names … in a spitballin' article full of spitballin' ideas.

What do we mean by "spitballin'? That's how we refer to what in this case appears to be a shuffle through 30 NBA rosters in search for the unhappy, the underused, the surplus with talent … not to mention your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. …

Now, take those names – 14 in all in this Broussard report – and toss them into a gumbo with an eye on other teams' apparent wishes or needs, and the result is some slick pot-stirring fun (we're not sure what "quietly shopping'' even means) that turns idle thoughts into "sources said" and "rumors" and the like. Throw them all up against the wall and see what sticks.

We hope we're not being too harsh on Broussard here because we're not suggesting that there hasn't been a single phone conversations between NBA GMs that have mentioned those 14 names, Roddy's included. But …

Let's be honest. Except for how far Beaubois has slipped from the overstated Mark Cuban position of "untouchable'' a year-and-a-half ago (and as much as we like Roddy it was ridiculously overstated), there's nothing outrageous or odd or new about the idea that Roddy B could get traded at some point.

A month ago we wrote that if the Mavs get lucky enough to assemble 3D in the summer of 2012, they would have to essentially clear out the roster. In that scenario, they "move on from the Roddy experiment." If the return is strong enough, they would pull the trigger - and 3D obviously meets that bar.

So in that sense, Broussard is "re-breaking'' a story. Dallas will absolutely "give up on Roddy B'' at the exact moment New Jersey or Orlando is desirous of accepting him in trade in exchange for a big prize.

But otherwise, what's the rush? Mark Cuban's recent comments that Roddy B is part of the future here is a nod to the fact that they're certainly not going to send him away unless they have a compelling reason to do so. Again, Cuban leans towards overstatement; Roddy B's "future'' could likely be as part of the kitchen sink that is traded elsewhere.

But you already knew that, right? Hasn't that already been established all the way back to our summer of 2010 "kitchen sink'' trade offers for New Orleans' Chris Paul?

The crucial thing to recognize with this article is that the trade deadline is almost a month away. When do the vast majority of serious trade talks occur? In the days just before that deadline.

Heck, with 30 GMs talking daily, probably every non-superstar player in the league is being trade-talked about at some point or another by someone. If Broussard just uses logical ideas for his possibilities – and Roddy B ending up elsewhere if the Mavs can get Dwight and/or Deron is logical -- the odds are good that something in his list might actually get discussed. Maybe he'll even hit on a player that gets traded. And knowing that it's a month from the trade deadline, a writer's thought of "who knows what might happen?" becomes news.

Know this: Roddy B's $2.2 mil salary has value in terms of space. Is Dallas on the fence regarding whether he's more valuable as a player or as potential room? Dallas comes off that fence the moment it is clear that Deron or Dwight can be Dallas-bound. But not until then.

But when does that moment come? What is the hurry about trading a cap-relief asset when the relief isn't to be used until summer, anyway?

Here's the biggie, the true "scoop'' in terms of insight into Mavs HQ: Dallas is NOT actively shopping Rodrigue Beaubois - "quietly'' or otherwise. We know this in part because if the way in which GM Donnie Nelson handles his "family.'' He recognizes how sensitive some players are to hearing their names bandied about thusly. He famously ("famous'' at, anyway) shielded Josh Howard from trade gossip, as best he could, because he knew J-Ho's psyche was fragile. Look at the way Dallas is presently handling Lamar Odom, who we're told "needs constant validation,'' so by gosh, Mavs management is giving it to him.

Roddy B is already a sensitive soul, a soft-spoken and somewhat shy native of the little island of Guadaloupe trying to adjust to a big job, to the big leagues, to the big world. And for the last week, he's also been dealing with the stunning death of his father. is told Beaubois is "devastated'' by the loss and that the kid will be given another week off (over the All-Star Break) to grieve away from the team. And then he will return to his basketball family.

And here's what the Premium Reader needs to understand: This is indeed Roddy B's family. His closest friend on the roster is Frenchman Ian Mahinmi, and you likely know that. His agent is Bouna Ndiaye, who represents many foreign-born players and with whom Roddy is close. You may know that.

But his closest friend of all in the United States is a young man named Luca Desta. Desta is also foreign-born, is well-educated, speaks many languages and now works as a Dallas scout. That, you probably did not know.

Point is, as corny as it sounds, the Mavs have built a family around Beaubois. That familial structure won't prevent the team from doing its necessary business, of course. But it does fuel sensitivity … Yes, this is business. But if you think that Donnie Nelson is "shopping'' or "giving up on'' Beaubois at the very same time the kid is burying his father … you really don't know Donnie Nelson.

We promise you, ESPN -- on a national level or on a local level -- did not get its information, such as it is, from Donnie Nelson.
But we can also tell you that Dallas is NOT "shopping'' Roddy because it's illogical ... and then, ultimately, because we're told it's "horse---.''

Spitballin'. That's the best way to see virually every idea that Broussard included in that article. Names being tossed about oh-so casually … but not in a way so defined that talks can be characterized as "the Mavs giving up on the Roddy B experiment.''

The Mavs aren't "given up anything'' until what they give up nets them a major prize. And because such a transaction is not imminent, suggestions that it is are "horse----.''

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