Who Deserves 'Dirkie' As Mavs Crush Celtics?

The Mavericks rout the Celtics, 89-73, on Monday, and at the midway point of the 66-game schedule, Dallas is 21-12 - and on pace for the 61-percent-wins equivalent of another 50-win season. A special night for KIDDIRK but lots of individuals contribute ... Who Deserves 'The Dirkie'?

After escaping the Linsanity with bloody noses and a big fat L, it's back to the relative sanity of the AAC, and the thoroughly sane butt-whupping of the undermanned and spiraling Boston Celtics. The most significant notes of the evening had to do with some more career milestones for KIDDIRK. Otherwise, fairly routine. Boston made up some points in garbage time when Dallas went with an unorthodox mop-up lineup and that makes the score ... well ... not quite as atrocious?

Another win, another bit of shine for a Maverick's individual trophy case. Stand and be recognized, Dallas Mavericks fans: Player of the Game, Dallas versus Boston ... Vote here!

Dirk Nowitzki -- 26 and 17, slides into the top 20 scorers in NBA history and gets his 1000th block

Jason Kidd -- 6 and 8, beats Jordan in all-time steals and is now second all-time

Shawn Marion -- stuffs 11 points

Jason Terry -- notches 16, but a bit of heat-checking

Dominique Jones -- improvement, with 7 points and 5 assists and some mastery of the drive-and-dish

Brendan Haywood -- Center A with 5 and 8

Ian Mahimni -- Center B with 2 boards

Brandan Wright -- Center C with 9 and 5 plus 3 blocks

Vince Carter -- 4 points, 3 boards, and a steal and a continued willingness to fit

Lamar Odom -- 4 points and ummm ... amid some AAC boos, hope springs eternal?


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