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Woulda been nice, the defending champions obliterating a bad team as a warmup for Saturday's visit from those dastardly blackguards from San Antonio. It didn't work out that way. Charlotte even managed to chew up most of a 17-point lead in the clinch. Back come Dirk and Jet and down goes Charlotte, 101-96. Quoteboard:

The trade deadline's come and gone, and the Dallas Mavericks have chosen to wait for better opportunities. These Mavs are our Mavs, and we're riding with them until the end. One would figure a game against the Bobcats would be a good one to establish a little ... panache, the defending champions obliterating a bad team as a warmup for Saturday's visit from those dastardly blackguards from San Antonio. It didn't work out that way. Charlotte even managed to chew up most of a 17-point lead in the clinch. Back come Dirk and Jet and down goes Charlotte, 101-96. Quoteboard:

Trade Talk -- the last word ...

"I didn't think that we were going to make any trades ... We just need to get everybody healthy and we have a veteran team again like last year." - Dirk Nowitzki

"We feel like we've got depth at every position. We've got veterans at every position that know how to win playoff games. We've just got to start hitting on all cylinders, getting some folks back, and then we'll make the next little push ... We're built for the here and now. We feel like we're in a little bit of a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too in that we have a product that can contend this year and then, come summertime, we can be active in the market." -Donnie Nelson

"I'm not opting-in. It's not monkey-see, monkey-do.'' -- Deron Williams, telling the NY press that he plans to explore free agency this summer.

Good to get a couple of wins after the Fortnight In Hell ...

"A win is a win at this point. If you go through a stretch where you basically win only two games out of 10, that's not Mavericks standards. So, at least we found a way to get some wins here and we definitely need some home cooking after that tough road stretch." -Dirk Nowitzki

Our M. Beaubois -- on Roddy B and his 14 point, 4 rebound, 3 assist, two steal, and rather brilliant evening ...

"In the first half, he was out there, but he wasn't a factor. He had no presence. I talked to him about that at halftime, and in the second half, he got in his stance and he made things happen. It's one of the habits that he's got to continue to develop, and that is the habit of keeping the motor going. It doesn't come natural to some guys, and so it's got to be things that keep you on, and we'll stay on him about it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Jet and Roddy backcourt awesomeness ...

"Well, he's starting to understand what he needs to do to be successful and I'm just playing carefree. We have to play our style. And Roddy and I, our style is to get up and down as fast as we can and put pressure on the defense." -Jason Terry

"We just try to push the ball, because we know that we're small but we have to use our strength -- our quickness. And Jet is a great player. It's always easier to play with a player like this." -Rodrigue Beaubois

First half -- Dallas comes out slow and Charlotte smashes the glass, putting the good guys behind ...

"Rebounding was one of the key areas coming into the game. The Bobcats, in their wins, have a substantial plus, so we knew that was a big part of it. Their big guys can really shoot mid-range shots, we gave up 14 points on big guy mid-range shots in the first half, and that got them going and got us behind." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We talked about we need better starts but that was a slow start again. We were a step slow to everything. They got whatever they wanted; they got hot and made some threes. I just thought our defensive energy wasn't there." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It took us a while to get warmed up." - Shawn Marion

No halftime blahs tonight; on the 26-14 third quarter ...

"All year long, teams have been hitting those kinds of shots on us, so in the third quarter, we had to make them miss. Our energy was much better, our offense was better, our shot-making was better, but we got to look better." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We played as well as we can play. It was just the third quarter that gives us problems, but everything else was almost picture perfect. When they put the zone on us, we couldn't make shots. You've got to give them credit, they came through in the end, but I like the way we played." -Coach Paul Silas

"I don't know. Those guys, they came back, they did everything right, and they made shots, while we didn't really make shots, and that's what happened. That's been happening to us all year; the 3rd quarter has been a major problem for us. I don't know, though. We just couldn't hit shots. I thought we got some great looks, they just weren't falling." -Kemba Walker

"Yeah, the third quarter has been killing us all year, and we've just got to do a better job and we've still got some games left where we can tried to get that fixed." -DJ Augustin

After all that, what exactly happened in the last four minutes to give Charlotte hope?

"We hiccupped down at the end of the game, but we got through it ... I made the mistake of subbing too early. I shouldn't have put Jones in there. He went in there and half-stepped it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We didn't close out the game the way we wanted to, obviously. We let them hang around and it was a lot closer than we wanted down the stretch." -Dirk Nowitzki

Injury Bug strikes again -- Marion's knee is still paining him and Haywood went out in the third with a strained knee (doesn't look serious) ...

"We just need to get our troops back and Haywood went down again." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Hell no [knee doesn't feel right]. I'm good, though. I'll fight through it." -Shawn Marion

Put simply ...

"It's two wins, and we've done some good things. But if you look at our schedule, it gets significantly more difficult. We're playing some of the upper echelon teams. Our game has got to rise and I think we know that ... We're having to work for everything and that's the way it should be." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"The most important thing is to come out of it with a win. When we're playing against a better basketball team, we'll have to be better." -Vince Carter

"This is the big picture right now. Just get wins and get better." -Shawn Marion

Here come the Dastardly Blackguards -- San Antonio Spurs, 8PM Saturday night ...

"It's a huge challenge Saturday. I mean, it's a big rivalry, it always has been and it's a fun game. So, we've gotta be a lot sharper and a lot better." -Dirk Nowitzki

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