Donuts: Mavs, Suns, Pink Sofas, LO Vs Cuban?!

Kyle Leath with an NBA-caliber scouting report on 'How to Beat The Suns' ... Should Kidd post-up more? ... Odom vs. Cuban? ... What is 'Pink Sofa Syndrome' and does Jet have it? ... David Lord's breakdown of The Kaman Process ... Mavs-at-Phoenix, I'm on TV at FSSW at 9 p.m. and it's Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: It's a team effort this morning: Mike Piellucci with thoughts below on Kidd, David Lord with the process of getting Kaman from New Orleans post-buyout, Nick Reed reflecting on Jet, NBA scout Kyle Leath with the Suns-Mavs playbooks ... has you convered on the Dallas Mavericks games being played on the court and off ... Dig in! Smile

DONUT 2: Can you teach an old dog a new/old trick?

It was rather innocuous when it happened early in the first quarter Tuesday, a simple backdown by Jason Kidd on the Knicks' Jeremy Lin. It wound up leading to a shot at the top of the key for a Mavs bucket… and a question: why, exactly, doesn't he do more of that?

It's not really a new thought, either in his second tenure in Dallas or in his career overall.

After all, point guards don't come much larger than the 6-4, 210-pound resident walking legend. Nor do they come much stronger, evidenced by the soon-to-be 39-year-old shoving around Kevin Durant like a ragdoll down the stretch in Monday's narrow loss.

So pardon us for extrapolating on something that likely will remain a "what if" at this point in twilight of Kidd's career. But watching him push around Lin, or harkening back to a sequence last week when he had a postup turnaround J on the low block, make it impossible not to wonder if that could be an effective wrinkle to iron into that erratic offense. It's a strategy that Kidd's since-retired contemporary Gary Payton used as his bread-and-butter for years – and it's worth noting Payton was listed at some 30 pounds less than Kidd during his playing days.

As the best passer on the team, it says here that Kidd would generate more than a few scoring opportunities working outside in to compliment his usual yeoman work on the perimeter.

Tonight, against Steve Nash, would be a good place to continue this. (See below for NBA scout Kyle Leath's thoughts on this.)
DONUT 3: Lamar Odom vs. Mark Cuban? Really, NY media?

I haven't wasted a lot of space on this non-story, but I'll address it quickly here: So the NY media thinks it notices that Cuban is yelling at Odom during the Mavs-Knicks game. And the NY media thinks Odom retaliated by shooting Cuban a nasty look.

And now we've got a controversy?

I say it's a non-story ... unless you've been around Cuban for 13 years and heard him yell at players -- yell encouragement, yell "C'mons!,'' yell whatever -- 82 nights a year.

Cuban is a fan. He gets to yell.

Cuban is throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars to make this work. That can make a person yell, too.

You wish for the owner to retire upstairs to the privacy of s suite? Why should he? Because YOU are sick of seeing him? Or because Odom is, for the sake of your point, sick of seeing him?

This is an issue under one circumstance and one circumstance only: If it's caused Unloved Lamar to grapple with more inner turmoil resulting in another self-imposed sabbatical.

Well, Lamar?

"Me and Marc Cuban are cool!,'' tweets Odom. "Frank u can't lie 4 a story. Unethical Bro.''

DONUT 4: Did Jet move into the Ritz-Carlton and furnish it with pink sofas?
(If you don't get the inside joke, go onto Boards and ask your Mavs-lovin' friends. )

In other words, has NBA playoff success gone to the head Jason Terry?

It seems like we're in a cycle in which Jet is so intent on being Mr. Fourth Quarter that he busts plays. So ... he either tries to take it upon himself, or the Mavs stay away from him and run KIDDIRK. So Jet pouts for just a second on the floor ... goes harder after his own majesty when he has a chance. ... and expresses locker-room discontent with it all at night's end.

The specific case in OKC: There are two other guys on the floor who are open. ... and you know they're going to be open when you see the Thunder hedge on the screen and rotate a defender ahead of the pass.

the problem got solved vs. NY: Feed Dirk Nowitzki. Run it through him, re-set, run it through him again. But in OKC, it almost looked like the Mavs were trying to mix up the action and have Carter spotting up on the wing, while Kidd cut to the basket, thinking one of them would come free. And on that final possession in what was a one-possession game at the time, Jet needed to simply swing the ball to Dirk. He had a shot. Or he could have easily gotten it to two other open mates with a dribble or two to create lanes

Jet's earned his swagger. Last spring, LeBron shut down the MVP Rose one-on-one on the perimeter in the ECF and yet one series later, Terry was able to score down the stretch in the Finals against the King. Granted it was mostly ridiculously long jumpers going down, but still impressive.

Watch this weekend, in all three games: Opponents will try to force Dallas away from Option 1. Let's see how Jet handles it ... and hope he doesn't overhandle it.

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DONUT 5: Tonight's Starting Lineups ...

SUNS 17-21 MAVS 223-17

F- Channing Frye F- Shawn Marion

F- Grant Hill F- Dirk Nowitzki

C- Marcin Gortat C- Ian Mahinmi

G- Jared Dudley G- Vince Carter

G- Steve Nash G- Jason Kidd

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DONUT 7: The Suns on Offense ...

• With Nash at the trigger, the Suns want to get out and run, looking to get to the basket OR the quick open jumper before the opponents defense can get set.

• They run Nash off a lot of mid pick/rolls.

• Gortat makes powerful moves to basket off the pick/rolls. Will look to isolate him in half-court looks.

• Favorite set is post at elbows and wings in working b/t FT line extended and baseline. Will run UCLA cut w/post-post cross screen.

• Against a zone, they will run a high/low attack with a baseline runner to try and overload a side of the floor upon ball reversal

• Also vs. zone will set in a high post with forwards on each block. Upon a strong side being established, ball side forward will pop to corner, hi post will drop to block and weak side forward (most dangerous player) will flash to hi-post.

DONUT 8: Stat Check ...

• Nash is 1st in NBA Assists at 10.9/gm.

• Mavs have won eight straight over Phoenix.

• Gortat is 6th in Double-Doubles at 22.

• Dallas has lost four straight roadies.

• This is the first of the Mavs' back-to-back-to-back roadie. Dallas will make trips to Sacramento on Friday and Golden State on Saturday to conclude the gauntlet.

DONUT 9: The Suns on Defense ...

• They are a ood transition team in getting back, but soft in the post on secondary break.

• The Suns do a good job, fundamentally, of playing off ball screens. Will go over off ball screens on baseline and over off ball screens at FT line and above. They do not chase screens very often.

• Their posts will show hard on high pick/roll action, especially Gortat.

• If Mavs will use effective ball reversal, they can attack the post upon reversing the ball because Phoenix' post will get caught behind.

• Can post guards with "Drop" series for Kidd and Carter. (See above "old dog'' note on Kidd.

• From time to time they will show full court pressure off their made free throws therefore do not get lazy inbounding the ball.

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DONUT 11: How to beat The Suns ...

• GET BACK - Stop them from running and make them score in the half-court.

• EXECUTE – Be sharp and execute in the half-court. Get the ball inside on these guys and make perimeter players defend the ball, a weak point in their team. Don't count on decision-making mistakes from Nash. They are so rare that they are actually humorous:

• RESERVES – Need strong play from bench players. Phoenix has guys that can come off the bench and score.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

We're on every single rumor and every single reality in the Dallas front office in a way that is unmatched. Our Trade Rumor Traffic coverage right now includes an on-the-record and exclusive discussion with Mavs GM Donnie Nelson on the plans for Marion and Haywood. (A dime? It's worth bricks of gold!)

Also covered: The Mavs' thoughts on pursuing New Orleans center Chris Kaman. For your edification, capologist David Lord breaks down and bullet-points how it can happen:

*NO will try to trade Kaman somewhere, and will do so up until the trade deadline of 3/15.

*If unsuccessful, NO will (or won't) buy out Kaman in the next few days AFTER the trade deadline. The deadline for him to be waived and be able to sign with another time and be playoff eligible is a waiver by 3/23.

*Dallas will have nothing to do with that transaction.

*Dallas will not make a trade with NO. Kaman's waiver after the trade deadline will simply happen or not, like it did when Brewer was bought out by the Knicks last spring.

*If Kaman is waived, Dallas will try to sign him, competing with perhaps a half dozen other teams for his services. Miami, sure. And others.

*If Dallas gets a commitment, they'll waive a player as they submit the paperwork for Kaman. (It will be after the trade deadline at that point, so they won't be trading anyone away.)
*I'm guessing it would most likely be Williams (who would then be free to sign elsewhere if he can).

*Kaman probably will NOT be the only player bought out by his team after the trade deadline, so the Mavs might be in the mix for others as well. Each year there are usually a few players who go through this type of scenario.

Now, as you can see ... we're big on the news and the scoops and the details that verify we know what they heck we're talking about. If you want to know what the heck you're talking about as a Mavs fan ... c'mon inside!

I'll see you on TV tonight ... Fish, Ortegel, Harp and Followill, Mavs at Phoenix, starting at 9 p.m. on Fox Sports Southwest!

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