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In the NBA, worms turn so fast they fly away. The Mavs -- sometimes before your very eyes -- flip from powerhouse to unwatchable. They did just that in the first of the road b2b2b's Thursday in a 96-94 loss at Phoenix. And we've got the fellas talking about it in Quoteboard:

In the NBA, worms turn so fast they fly away. The Dallas Mavericks -- sometimes before your very eyes -- flip from powerhouse to unwatchable. Coach Carlisle goes from Fire The Man Before We Shoot Him to Greatest Coach Ever and back to Fire The Man etc. Dirk's done then he's not ... never mind, we don't have to have that conversation yet thank God. Jet's name changes from Captain Clutch to Mud and back again.

In any event, Dallas had Phoenix handled, then the offense broke and the Suns got hot. The Mavs tried a comeback, but failed to put Phoneix away. The three-back starts off on the wrong foot as Phoenix takes it, 96-94.


First half, halftime, wheels fall off -- it's becoming routine ...

"They started hitting shots. They got going in transition, started hitting open threes, it was everything. This was just a mental breakdown by our team. It's unfortunate, we played really well enough to control the game and to finish the game and we just couldn't get it done." -Vince Carter

"We didn't do what we needed to do to protect the lead. We didn't adjust on the fly like we needed to. We had an 8, 10 point lead and the next thing I know I looked up and it was 72-72." -Lamar Odom

"You know, basketball is a game of runs. They made a run there and we just didn't respond the right way. We had some errors that compiled there and next thing you know we were in a dogfight." - Dirk Nowitzki

"We got the pace of the game up where we really wanted it. Once again we came up with stops which is really important to run off misses as opposed to taking the ball and running off makes. We had the game up at the tempo where we wanted it and we were able to score." -Coach Alvin Gentry

On Rodrigue's last shot, a missed jumper that would've forced OT ...

"We tried; we got into a position at the end of the game to tie. Roddy Beaubois had a really good look at it ... We wanted a open shot and if we had gotten an open three that would have been great and a chance to win the game but Roddy got a good look at a two. You're not always going to get your star players a shot at the end because they attract so much attention and that's the reason Roddy got so open. " -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We got the ball to Roddy and to be honest he had two great looks. A little floater in the lane went in and out. Then we ran a great back pick, I mean I really clawed Jared Dudley there and he had a wide-open look at it. Anytime you have two open looks to tie the game, you'll take it.'' -Dirk Nowitzki

"It went in and out; you can't get better than that. You can't get any closer than that. We did what we needed to do, it just missed. It happens. You just have to live with that." -Lamar Odom

"I'll be ready next time." -Rodrigue Beaubois

It's not quite the level of infamy as 35.5 Seconds or Game Six in San Antonio, but why was Terry sitting the last half of the fourth?

"That was a coach's decision." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"What do you think my thoughts are about not being on the court? Are you kidding me? You know how I feel if I'm not on the court when it's time to win the game ... I can't check myself in and out of games. You got to ask the person that didn't have me in the game. Ask him his thoughts. What I think don't matter, really. I'm not trying to be a smart aleck. I'm just telling you the situation. I root my teammates on and wish we could have come out with the victory. It didn't happen." -Jason Terry

"Was [Jet] having a good night? No. But if he's on the floor to knock down a three at the end to win the game, we might be singing a different tune. But he's not on the floor, Coach goes with Roddy and we still get a good look. So like I said to start this comment, it's a double-edged sword. Coach makes a decision, we execute the play and we get two good looks." -Jason Kidd

"Me and Jet, we've been through a lot and butted heads some. He's a warrior. I'm not really worried about him. He might not be shooting the ball well, but he's going to keep working and looking for his shot and making the right play. He'll be okay." -Dirk Nowitzki

Memo to the Dirk Sucks Society; here's what the opposition *really* thinks of the UberMan ...

"Dirk is a tough matchup. Other than LeBron James of the Miami Heat, he's probably the toughest matchup there is because you have such a tough time doubling him. He's not really a 7-foot post-up guy, so he's out on the floor and it's tough to double-team him or do anything like that. If he wants to raise up and shoot, there's not really much you can do about it." -Coach Alvin Gentry

For that matter, here's what the opposition really thinks of the Mavericks ...

"They are so versatile. I mean they can score in so many ways. Lamar comes in, Vince got it going, and JT hurts us, and Kidd was hitting wide open shots. They have a lot of guys that can make plays, are smart, and know the game. So, they will always be tough as long as they have those guys." -Jared Dudley

A teensy bit of silver lining -- regarding Lamar Odom and his very very not-bad 15 point evening ...

"I got the looks I wanted and I'm getting my extra work in. Every day I'm getting closer and closer to being myself." -Lamar Odom

So winning all those close games last year did mean the Mavs were good -- about failure to execute at critical moments ...

"These are games we should win. Down the stretch, that was our strength last year. That's why we won the championship, 'cause we were the best executing team down the stretch and we just knew we were going to win. And that's not the case anymore. Why that is, I don't know, but we've got to keep working." -Dirk Nowitzki

So now what?

"There's no better time to play your best basketball than the next game, which we have two of them. Not one but two." - Jason Kidd

"This season, the team that has the most chemistry and fresh legs is gonna look the best in the regular season. We have neither. We'll get it together. We learn when we have basketball games and when we look at film. We're a veteran team and we'll be okay." -Lamar Odom

"We're trying to go out there and play for our lives. We just have to buckle down and focus in and there are a lot of games left to be played and we just need to fine tune ourselves and get the job done ... We've shown flashes of what we can do. We just have to do it on a consistent basis." -Vince Carter

"I do think we'll stick together." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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