Mavs Quoteboard From Memphis

'It obviously sucks right now.' After Dirk said that Wednesday in the postgame locker room at Memphis, well, we could've just put down our tape recorders and notepads right there. But we've got a Quoteboard job to do and we're gonna do it, baby!

It could've been worse. But if one throws out obvious doomsday scenarios -- alien abduction, comet hits the plane, Godzilla rampage -- it's hard to see how. The Dallas Mavericks lost the UberMan early in the second and his absence on top of all the others tore too big a hole in the team to patch over. The Mavs complete the first back-to-back in this stretch 0-2, losing to Memphis 96-85. All we're left with is frantic hopes; we hope Dirk's back issue isn't serious, we hope Delonte's hand sets healing speed records, we hope Odom's sabbatical has gotten his head on straight, we hope Terry's jumper will find its way home, we hope Roddy's brilliance is sustainable, we hope Coach will let him play enough to sustain said brilliance.

Dallas Mavericks Quoteboard:

Not good, not good -- Nowitzki out after less than ten minutes and did not return ...

"He had a back issue. He felt something in warm-ups and tried to play. He clearly wasn't moving the way he needed to be moving, so we pulled the plug." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I took a jump shot in warmups with 20 minutes on the clock and just the back locked up a little bit, went stiff. I came back, tried to loosen it up, tried to play in the game, but it wasn't really loose enough to really do something." - Dirk Nowitzki

The flow of the game -- Dallas outscored Memphis 32-22 in the second, but only scored 36 the rest of the way ...

"I thought we had some good stretches. Our second quarter was great. The start of the third was okay. Then, in the third, we had some opportunities to score, but couldn't cash in. Then they made a run." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We got to be more consistent. We had some lulls. We got to make sure the ball moves and we can't turn it over. The third quarter definitely put them in a great position to win the game. They had a good run. In the second half of the third quarter, we were really on a tough drought where we couldn't really get good shots or just get a good offensive feel." -Brendan Haywood

"Our tempo was better in the second half, defensively. We did a great job running them up the three-point line. We played our style defensively and did a good job in our transition. When we play in a comfortable zone like that we are hard to beat. It was a great win, it says a lot about our discipline." -Mike Conley

Calling Jet's jump shot, calling Jet's jump shot -- in these two losses he's gone 11-29 ...

"Right now, it is just not going down and I got to find it. That's my job. I worked too hard for it not to go down." -Jason Terry

About Rodrigue Beaubois -- went off for 12 in the second quarter and was ineffective from there onward ...

"I loved his aggression — driving the ball, making plays. He got other guys involved, he scored and he caused problems. Second half, he did some good things, but he got a little tired in the second half. This is two games in a row after a 10-day layoff with a family situation and that's tough. But he gave us what he could give us and I thought he got better tonight." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I just kept pushing myself. But then in the second half, I was out of gas. I have to fight through it and get back in shape. But tonight, for sure, I felt it." -Rodrigue Beaubois

On dealing with absences ...

"We can't worry about that. Whoever's here, you got to go out and get the job done." -Jason Terry

"We've got to keep playing. We've got enough veteran guys in here that know how to win." -Jason Kidd

"It obviously sucks right now. We're already down without L.O. and without D-West, we're on a tough stretch and we need every win." -Dirk Nowitzki

"This is one of the realities of this league. You go with the guys you got.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

Speaking of, what's the word on Odom?

"Lamar's going to not be with us these two games, and then we'll update everybody on Thursday as to where we're at. He's got a tough situation he's going through. We're very supportive as a franchise. And we'll let you know Thursday where we are." -Coach Rick Carlisle

More importantly, what's Dirk's prognosis?

"24 hours, 48, basically until the next game is a long time for a body and I'll be able to get some treatment and recover, but I'm fully planning on [playing]." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Hopefully it's minor. Indications are that it's not serious, but we've got to see where we are Thursday and then Friday." -Coach Rick Carlisle

In short ...

"It was very tough playing without Dirk, just because of the kind of situation. It was tough for us to overcome. Basically all those things mounted up against us tonight." - Brendan Haywood

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