Mavs Cannibal Holocaust & LO's U-Turn

The four-game losing streak makes this thing bloodier than a Cannibal Holocaust, and that's not even counting the carnage Lamar Odom may be racking up as he swerves his way back and forth, north and south, on the Tollway bound for ... well, which is it? Frisco? Downtown Dallas? A compromise and we all hang out tonight in, say, Garland? Mavs Quoteboard:


If losing is like bleeding, right now your Dallas Mavericks are a horror story of Cannibal Holocaust proportions. Circumstances had practically gift-wrapped this game -- the Hornets are not very good to begin with and their roster's been hollowed by injuries and illness -- and the Mavs barely competed. Even hopeful signs are tarnished by the quality of the opposition. And the schedule doesn't allow for a day or two of fundamentals work, soul-searching, or just plain rest. Hornets take it 97-92, and don't look now but a couple more losses could drop the defending champs out of the playoff picture completely.  

Now, can Lamar Odom ride his white horse (well, more likely his white limosine) back down the Tollway from Frisco to downtown Dallas? Steiny-Mo reports that the LO-to-the-Legends plan has been scrapped. Instead Odom dresses tonight for the Mavs hosting the Jazz ... and while we wait to see if he can collect his first floor burn of the year ...  


Don't sugarcoat it fellas, tell us how you really feel ...  

"We've got to first realize we're not that good, so we've got to play hard. We're not doing that now. We've got to fight and stay together, but we're not as good as we think. We got to fight through this stretch. We're a little disappointed. I don't want to say frustrated. But maybe disappointed because we've given away a lot of games. In an 82-game season you can do that. In a 66-game season, you can't do that. And we've done that." -  


"Obviously, this has gotta be the lowest of the lows this season. It's just a game we had to have." -Dirk Nowitzki    

The Battle of the Boards -- New Orleans averages 42 and got 50, Dallas averages 44 and got 34 ...  

"This game was won on the boards. They did a great job on the boards and it showed. We must do a better job of securing the rebounds going forward. If we do a better job on the boards, we win this game." -Brendan Haywood    

25 points, 2 boards, 3 dimes, 4 steals -- Roddy B Freed for good now? Possibly? Maybe? Hopefully?  

"They want me to be aggressive and I understand that I have to be aggressive to help the team. I need to try to be aggressive to help the team ... I just tried to get to the lane and see what I could do." -Rodrigue Beaubois    

"Roddy played great tonight; we just didn't do enough to help him out." -Jason Kidd  

"Roddy was the right guy to play in my mind [in the fourth quarter]. Roddy kept us in the game and he made plays to get the game back close." -Coach Rick Carlisle  

Regarding the final minute of the game -- a Dirk three and a steal-to-layup had cut the lead to two, but then Jarret Jack hit a jumper and Carter missed a three ...

"Those plays are high risk plays at the end of the game. Usually when a guy makes a shot like that, it goes a little different than what was planned. I dare to say Vince Carter and Dirk have been in those situations over 100 times in their careers, and they are more used to it than Chief Aminu certainty is. We were just trying to defend and force a tough shot." -Coach Monty Williams

"We were up two or three and Coach called a time-out. I went up to him and told him I am ready and just give it to me. I don't know if he heard it, but I had the confidence in myself and my team to knock down the shot. My teammates had confidence to put the ball in my hands." -Jarret Jack  

Keep It Simple, Stupid -- an argument against overanalysis ...

"I'm fine and I think everybody else is, too. Sometimes you just go through a rough patch. It's not mental. No one needs to call Dr. Phil. We just have to go out there and play." -Brendan Haywood

"We've got to just leave it on the floor, man. That's the only way. We can't make any excuses. We've got to leave it on the floor and play 48 minutes of basketball. That's the only way." -Shawn Marion  

Something to be said for a workmanlike attitude ...

"Like I told our guys this morning, we are a work team. We had a practice this morning, which takes me back to my days with Pat Riley. We'd practice an hour, an hour and a half before the game. I saw tons of carryover from that practice." -Coach Monty Williams  

This is becoming a trend -- Jason Terry, took nine shots (!) and only made one (!!!) ...

"I make one shot, we win. Put it on me. I'm here to make shots. I didn't make none." - Jason Terry  

So what now?

"We've got to fight our way out of it. It comes down to that. The margins of error are very slim ... Right now, we'll find out really what we're made of. This is one of those times. We've got to stick together and we've got to fight." -Coach Rick Carlisle  

"It's tough. Nobody likes to lose. We know we have the players to win. But we're in a little bad stretch, so we have to pick it up. We have to fight to win the first one and then keep it going." -Rodrigue Beaubois  

We've heard this before ...

"We played hard in stretches, but right now, we're not good enough to coast. I don't care who it is. And that's on the leaders. It's on me. It's on everybody." -Dirk Nowitzki

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