Mavs Quoteboard: Hell Week's Stretch Run

The championship circle is now complete. Mavs hosted Knicks. Tyson Chandler finally got his ring. It was a nice moment, all smiles from Tyson, his teammates past and present, Coach Carlisle, Mr. Cuban, and the AAC crowd. Then it was over and everybody went to work.

The championship circle is now complete, as the Dallas Mavericks hosted the New York Knicks and Tyson Chandler finally got his ring. It was a nice moment, all smiles from Tyson, his teammates past and present, Coach Carlisle, Mr. Cuban, and the AAC crowd. Then it was over and everybody went to work. Dallas looked in control until the fourth quarter, but hit a scoring drought and New York took the lead, 78-77. And then KIDDIRK happened. In the last 4:55, it was KIDDIRK 16, NYK 7. Add a couple Roddy B free-throws and there's your final, 95-85. Tyson was still smiling at the end, but it was that ... other smile.


That's the last shiny thing -- Tyson Chandler, NBA Champion, and with a ring to prove it ...

"It's a lifelong dream finally come true. It's absolutely amazing. I was overwhelmed. You'd think I was here for more than one season, but I was able to accomplish a lot last year. As a player, it was absolutely the best time. It's what you dream of. I'm just trying to do the same thing here with the Knicks. Just the moment was amazing. I didn't have enough time to really look at it, but experiencing it, getting the ring. It's my lifelong work and definitely everything I ever dreamed of." -Tyson Chandler

"Tyson is my man. We've been through battles and came out on top. He's family forever. I'm really happy for him. To us, he was that missing piece last year that put us over the top." - Dirk Nowitzki

We're all grownups, we know, but it's still a little sad ...

"He'll get that bling-bling, so it was well worth it. I'm sorry he's not with us right now, but that's the nature of the game. Too bad it couldn't happen all in one night, with everyone still here and the team together. Everyone has the rings and I'm happy for all those guys. I wish they were all here, though. It just doesn't happen that way." -Shawn Marion

French Connection, part 1 -- Rodrigue Beaubois and his efficient 18 point night ...

"We couldn't have won without him. He's the second-leading scorer. He was doing a terrific job of scoring the ball and then had some situations where he was casual with the ball, and then all of a sudden he's in the middle of everything, and that's part of the learning when you play the point position." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Lately I have been tying to attack more, to be aggressive to the paint. But I wouldn't say this game I tried to do it more than the others, but it was open, and when it's open I am going for sure. I think it is because I knocked down my first two shots so that opened it even more. When I hit my first shots it is easier to drive." -Rodrigue Beaubois

A thought on Coach Carlisle's management of our M. Beaubois ...

"I am a young player, so I have to learn from my mistakes and show him more things to make him feel more comfortable about myself. Nobody likes to go out of the game, but I mean, it is his decision, and I have to understand it and try to do better the next time." -Rodrigue Beaubois

French Connection, part 2 -- about Ian Mahimni and his start at center, fouls and all ...

"Mahinmi was terrific, very active. It seemed like he was always scoming up with a key rebound or a key defensive play and he made key buckets. There were times when he'd do something that would lead to a little momentum for us. We obviously need him. The backup situation is a little bit of a coin toss right now. We've got different things we can do depending on who we're playing and matchups." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"[Foul trouble] is probably the biggest challenge for me. I'm getting better and better. It comes with experience and all that. Sometimes I have to calm down and let one go. It's a learning process and I think I'm doing a better job at it." -Ian Mahimni

Flip-flop -- about Kidd's hard foul of Jeremy Lin and Coach D'Antoni's T-worthy response ...

"Anytime you just get clobbered in your face, [the referees] had to look at it. I don't even mind them looking at it and thinking maybe not. But to ignore it is kind of tough, and I deserve the technical, and it's probably one of those things where they didn't see it. Maybe it was quick where they didn't see it. I wanted to protect our guys." -Mike D'Antoni Speaking of Lin ...

"The Mavericks just trapped. I think he had seven assists and two turnovers, so I thought he did well. He missed a couple shots but I thought it was okay." -Coach Mike D'Antoni

"I need to do a better job at getting the ball out quick or to a different person. We didn't hit a lot of shots either and we need to get better at executing throughout the game." -Jeremy Lin

On the Knicks making it a game late ...

"It was tough. I thought we had the game under control there, and all season long we've felt like we don't do a good enough job protecting the lead. We lost the lead way too quick -- had some bad shots, had some turnovers -- and next thing you know they're right back in the game." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I think that's the makeup of this ballclub. We never do things the easy way. That's what makes this team special. We went on a six-game losing streak last year and nobody thought we were going to make it out of the first round and we ended up winning a championship. So we definitely don't do things easy. That's okay." -Jason Kidd

"Our games with the Knicks -- both games -- have had massive runs in both games. They had a 17-0 run in game one in the first quarter and then we had a 12-5 and 12-3, and they had a big one in the fourth ... In this season no lead is safe, no deficit is too large. You've got to keep playing, keep playing, keep playing. They made a heck of a run to take the lead, and we made a heck of a run to put the game away. We'd like to win it more comfortably, but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards right now." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We made a run with our second team which kept us in this ballgame. We couldn't close this game out and they obviously did a great job of getting defensive stops." -Jeremy Lin

"I thought our energy was great. We were getting up into people. We were turning them over a little bit. They missed some shots. Novak hit some threes. Guys got to the rim." -Coach D'Antoni

Grasp this -- Dirk finished the first half 1-8 ... "I just really had a slow first half." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I knew that wasn't going to last." -Coach Mike D'Antoni

... and finished the game with 28, including 11 in the fourth quarter ...

"Coach ran the first play right away for me, was able to face up and knock a shot down. From that point I had a good rhythm ... Guys kept finding me and sometimes I just ran to the ball and tried to make something happen. The rhythm I had there in the second half, I definitely was looking for the ball. I was chasing the ball sometimes, I was looking at Kidd and basically telling him, just bring it over here and let me try and take it home." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It's never really a shutdown when you're playing a great player. It's always going to be a battle of two halves. In the first half, we did a great job of containing him. Second half he was able to get it going a little bit, a couple of open shots, a couple of touch shots, a couple of travel shots ... He traveled on that last shot by the way. I saw the replay." -Amar'e Stoudemire

"Just bring it over here. Let me try to take it home." - Dirk.

The man doesn't know his own strength -- about high-fiving a kid and giving him the bruise of a lifetime ...

"I'm sending an autograph or two towards the kid. It's just an emotional game. Off the court I don't get emotional at all, I'm a laid back guy. I like to have fun. But once I'm on the court I get fired up. I get fired up no matter if it's a national team game in the summer or it's a (bleepin) pickup game. Once I'm out there I want to win and compete." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I loved the emotion that he showed tonight. No matter make or miss, he was into the game with his emotion and that's kind of like the playoff-type, his emotion tonight, and that's good to see." -Jason Kidd

But emotion can be a bad thing -- technical foul Nowitzki, Dirk tried to argue the point ...

"You wanna go?!? You wanna go?!?" -Eric Dalen

Aren't the Knicks one of those Two-Superstar Teams? On Carmelo Anthony's 2-12 effort ... "As far as me, I'm alright. I'll figure out what I have to do out there and adjust whatever way I have to. Anytime you just go from early part of the season just having the ball and things and me just having the ball and distributing and now just running the wings and waiting for it to come to me is quite an adjustment for myself." -Carmelo Anthony

"In the opportunities where Carmelo had openings, he just seemed a little out of rhythm. We were fortunate, but I think Shawn had something to do with it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I tried to make it uncomfortable for him. He's a very talented player, but you've got to give him different looks and make him a little uncomfortable. And my teammates were helping me also, it wasn't just me." -Shawn Marion

"He's trying to figure out where he fits in. It's our job to get him better looks." -Coach Mike D'Antoni

'And Hell followed after' -- here comes the three-back ...

"This is a tough stretch. We obviously lost some games that we should have won. That just shows this season is crazy. Every night there is some crazy results because there are so many games. Some nights you just don't have it. It's going to be an uphill battle for us. This is going to be a tough stretch, three games in a row. We'll take it one game at time." -Dirk Nowitzki

"There's a couple of teams that have won all 3 in a row, so we want to add our name to that list." -Jason Kidd

"It's going to be interesting ... We better get our rest." -Shawn Marion

"Just play whistle to whistle. That's how we've got to approach it." -Coach Rick Carlisle








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