Opt-In Dwight & What It Means To Mavs & Deron

Allow us to take you on a circular NBA journey that involves Dwight flip-flopping, D'Antoni desiring and Deron Williams in position to work with the Nets on his future ... which gives life to the idea of Deron-to-Dallas. Mavs, Nets, Deron? It may be y'all's move.

Watch and see how we take you in a Dallas Mavericks circle ...

The Latest on Dwight. Maybe.

After his controversial comments last night, where he said he wanted the Magic to ‘roll the dice,' it now appears he may want to stay at least one more year. According to multiple outlets, Dwight Howard has told teammates that he's planning NOT to opt out of his deal after this season to remain a Magic. However, Howard nor his agent have signed papers agreeing to this as of yet. Further, this is now refuted by Adrian Wojnarowski, who tweets that "Three Magic players tell Y! Sports (2 to @SpearsNBAYahoo) and one to me that Dwight Howard did not tell them he was opting in for next year." He followed that with another tweet saying, "Said one Magic player on Howard meeting: "Next year was not even mentioned in meeting...He told us he was "all-in" for this season."

As of 3:55 pm Chris Mannix of SI tweeted "Magic continuing to explore Dwight Howard deals, league sources tell SI. No indication anything DH has said today changing that."

Broussard mentions that the Magic would now be interested in trading for the Knicks ‘Melo and Chandler, a rumor that was previously shot down. Wouldn't it be just a little ironic if Chandler was ultimately moved in a deal for Dwight when he wasn't willing to be a part of such a move here?

And now this, from David Aldridge: The Magic have given Dwight Howard a deadline to submit the needed "opt-in" paperwork to league offices Wednesday or they will trade him before Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline.

Aldridge suggests the Magic are skeptical that Howard will sign on for the elimination of the ETO.

Whoa. Wait. At 1 a.m. Orlando time comes a tweet from an Orlando columnist who says, "@DwightHoward has told @MisterRudolph personally he will opt in for 2012/13.

It's "The Indecision.''

If indeed Dwight does opt in for another year, do the odds increase that the Nets seek to trade Deron? Or does it become more likely that he signs with Dallas in the offseason? Also, don't rule out the Lakers, who need a point guard and are still dangling Pau Gasol.

We're working on those angles as you read this … All of them based on the assumption (very dangerous with Dwight!) that he is indeed opting in. ... Again, wait for the circle to close ...

D'Antoni wanted to trade Melo for Deron Williams

Buried amidst the news that Mike D'Antoni has resigned today as the Knicks coach, is this report that D'Antoni advocated trading Carmelo Anothony for Deron Williams. You can see where D'Antoni might be coming from, since Linsanity was built during Melo's absence and the Knicks have struggled since his return, now on a 6-game losing streak. Apparently, D'Antoni envisioned Williams' arrival as a means to ease the burden on Jeremy Lin and would employ both Williams and Lin in a three-guard rotation.

But the biggest Mavs-related angle to that rumor is this: If the Knicks were having in-house discussions about acquiring Deron, that suggests that Deron, on some level, might be available.

Deron? Nets? Mavs? It's y'all's move.

Now, when can that move come?

If the Mavs make a bid to do it now, they can attempt to put NJ over a barrel. Dallas can offer its kitchen sink ... the Nets can feel underwhelmed by it ... but might consider it because something (now) is better than nothing (in the summer). And yes, there will be other competitors bidding ... but none of them with the hopeful advantage Dallas has of believing Deron will re-up in the summer.

Our David Lord is working on the deep analysis of the names and numbers for an eventual deal. (It's too early to do so now as it relates to summer plans.) Meanwhile, DB.com has a couple key conversations planned for tonight. But for now, while Deron to Dallas in the summer is an even stronger possibility now. ... Deron NOW is worth exploring.

And that's what we -- and the Mavs - are doing at this moment.

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