Mavs Quoteboard: 'We Made The Spurs Pay'

St. Patrick's Day and it's the Dallas Mavericks vs. the San Antonio Spurs. It's always big when these teams hook up -- mutually inflicted heartbreak make this one of THE rivalries in professional sports. And somebody made the other somebody pay. Mavs Quoteboard:

St. Patrick's Day and it's the Dallas Mavericks versus the San Antonio Spurs. It's always big when these teams hook up -- mutually inflicted heartbreak make this one of the rivalries in professional sports. Given how each team's been playing the past few weeks, it made sense to pencil this one in as a loss and think in terms of might-have-been. That's not what happened; eleven more made free throws and thirteen more rebounds offset San Antonio's efficient shooting. Dallas gets the win, 106-99. Now we talk in terms of watershed moments.

Dallas Mavericks Quoteboard:

MavsLag? Not here ...

"I never view our team as lacking confidence. We just need to play at a certain level and we have to have the right kind of presence on the court. Tonight, there were no lags. We've had lags in other games. Tonight, there couldn't be a lag and there wasn't.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Well, I think everybody stepped up. Everybody came to play tonight. We knew how important this game was, and as the season is getting closer to the end, we've got to play better basketball. Tonight is a perfect example of that." -Jason Kidd

"I just think that their team in general was a lot sharper overall than we were. We were half a step behind most of the night, defensively for sure, and they took advantage of it. They shot the ball well. They moved it well. They did a good job." -Coach Gregg Popovich

"It was a playoff battle. Anytime we see the Spurs it's a fun game, great atmosphere, both teams really trying to get the win. As expected, it was a physical game. They went small some, tried to mix it up. At the end they were double-teaming some. I thought as a team, we always made the right play, find the open guy. That was definitely big." - Dirk Nowitzki

On coping with Tony Parker ...

"I think it's pretty much he stops himself. He should be one of the MVP candidates this year. He's having a heck of a season, and we just tried to make it tough for him by putting bigger bodies on him and making him play defense. And tonight we got lucky." -Jason Kidd

"I just tried to help the team the best I could. When you play against a guy like Parker, we have to be together and just do our best to block him." -Rodrigue Beaubois

"I don't think they did anything special. I missed easy shots and was a little really tired from last night from the big game. It had a playoff intensity and was a little bit tired after that." -Tony Parker

Mavs Fake-Deep Maxim -- when Kidd has a double-double, we usually win ...

"He shot the ball well, and we didn't expect that. I give him credit on having one of his biggest offensive games of the year. He played great tonight by making shots and getting his teammates the ball.'' -Tony Parker

Regarding rebounding -- DAL 48, SAS 35 ...

"The rebounding is a big stat when you play these guys. They had 24 second-chance points last night in Oklahoma City and that was the difference in the game and it was an emphasis for us. The good thing was we had a lot of guys who had three or more rebounds; Carter had six, Kidd had five, Terry had three, Odom got three, Brandon had a big night. Because of the three-point shot you get long rebounds so everybody's got to stay in there and scramble to get them. We did a good job there and we made big plays." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Starting at shooting guard, number three, Rodrigue Beaubois ...

It gives us another scorer, a guy who can defend and he showed that he can rebound. He's developed. I think he's feeling very comfortable and that's the biggest part." -Jason Kidd

"Tonight we fell into it, obviously, because Shawn is out. But if this was a playoff series, could you foresee that lineup? I could. And that's something that we have to continue to look at." -Jason Terry

"I'm not going to talk to you about lineups. I love everything about Roddy right now. We'll evaluate it. We've got to see what our health situation is." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Okay, so what about his 16 points and 8 rebounds?

"He's really figuring some things out and he's really doing a great job both pushing tempo and then playing under control, and that's really key for us. He is making plays defensively, playing solid and then early fourth quarter he had two or three jumpers when the game was getting closer. He really delivered for us on two or three plays ... He was terrific all night long." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He's stepped up this entire homestand. He kind of controlled Tony Parker. He was pretty darned good. The way he handled pick-and-roll situations offensively and then defensively being inserted into the lineup to kind of contain Tony Parker was pretty darn good. He's out there playing confident, and when you're playing confident, good things will happen. For him, it's all about his decision-making and maintaining his aggressiveness." -Jason Terry

"He played good, too, and he played with confidence tonight. He was knocking down shots on the pick-and-roll and we were going under the picks instead of contesting his shots." -Tony Parker

"It's been fun to watch. He's really been making them pay when they go under screens." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I just tried to help the team the best I could. I just wanted to be aggressive. We wanted to win this game because we needed it. It was a big game." -Rodrigue Beaubois

About Nowitzki, and his 27 points and holy moley did you see that shot ...

"I wanted the ball there. I felt like we've gotta make them pay if they play a small lineup. They basically had four guards out there and I was calling for it a lot. I'd rather be over-aggressive than not aggressive at all ... When I have a good look, it's going up." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Dirk gets a lot of points no matter who's guarding him. He's an MVP and Hall of Fame player." -Coach Gregg Popovich

"He probably doesn't get enough credit for being the competitor that he is, and for being so tough-minded. There's nothing soft about Dirk. He's tough." -Lamar Odom

About the play up the middle -- Mahimni starting and Wright backing up as Haywood recovers from a sprained knee ...

"It's not necessarily my expectations. It's the requirements to win a game like this. You got to have everybody step up big. Those guys did. We had foul trouble, which we knew was a possibility and they ham and egged it pretty good in the middle. They both have different body types. They give us a little different kind of activity, but they were both aggressive all night and were active around the boards." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Ian is going to bring energy. He battled Timmy D in there. That's a tough situation to be in obviously with Timmy and no double team and he gets five or six dribbles, but I think Ian did a great job battling ... And we know what Brandan brings, a high-energy player." -Dirk Nowitzki

On time management as applied to NBA basketball ...

"We've got to be mindful because of the frequency of games -- these aren't just games, they're events -- there is a lot going on, there's a lot of emotion expended along with physical exertion. A coach has got to be aware of that and we've got to keep everybody at the right levels. What it does, it keeps everybody involved. I thought everyone that stepped on the court tonight played a key role. I thought Cardinal's six minutes were big minutes for us. Odom's playing terrific even though he's not shooting the ball well. I'm really pleased with how he's doing and we've just got to keep pushing forward." -Coach Rick Carlisle

A slight mercenary streak; it's probably essential for mental health in this business ...

"No question, I've got a lot riding on this season. Obviously financially with my situation, knowing where I'm going to be next season, it's up in the air. So, for me, the more we play, the more I get exposed, the more I get seen. I want to stay and play as long as we can this year. If we go back to the Finals and win it all, I'll be able to write my own ticket." -Jason Terry

Oh brother ...

"Oh, I'm going to speak the real." -Jason Terry

"Everybody can shoot their mouth off if they're going to play like he's playing right now." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"If I was a reporter, I probably wouldn't even interview him because I know he's talking, it's just nonsense half the time. Especially after games, he's just fired up. I wouldn't even pay him no attention." -Dirk Nowizki

In short ...

"It's solid. It means we took care of business at home." -Jason Terry

"Tonight was the kind of game that it was absolutely essential to play at a high level. Look, we met the kind of level that we needed to be at tonight. Now, the challenge is to sustain during this really challenging stretch." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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