Have Mavs Flipped On The Switch?

'Caring Is Sharing' in the 112-95 win at Denver ... The Odom Who Cried Wolf ... Our DB.com Mavs Get-Together on Friday! ... Who keeps winning all those 'Dirkies'? ... Is Tony Parker scared of Jason Kidd? ... We wrap up the quick roadie over the Nuggets and offer up all the good stuff in Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Your Dallas Mavericks zipped into Denver dealing with a seven-game road losing streak, with the issues that come with missing three starters and with concerns about the uptempo Nuggets' ability to control pace.

They zipped out of Denver with yet another cripsly played and fully controlled 112-95 victory.

"It was one of the smartest-played games I've seen in the league all year long by our guys,'' coach Rick Carlisle said. "Very disciplined, aggressive, but not frantic and we moved the ball the way we needed to. We had a lot of guys play well.''

The Mavs, winners of four straight, registered a season-best 33 assists. The main beneficiary of all that ball movement was Nowitzki, who was a monster, finishing with 33 points and 11 rebounds ... and six assists of his own.

"It was really fun out there,'' said The UberMan.

Kidd was the orchestrator with 10 assists. Vince and Roddy B grabbed offensive momentum with 14 points each. Ian and B-Wright combined at center for 26 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks. And on the 45 made baskets there were 33 assists. Heck, on the first 19 baskets, 18 of them were assisted!

"That's Mavericks Basketball,'' Jet said. "Everybody touching, everybody contributing.''

Caring is sharing!

DONUT 2: With a chance to check out Corey Brewer as a Nugget (he scored eighr points and yeah, his pants remain on fire), it prompts us to wonder: How are your ex-Mavs with rings working out in their new cities?

We spend a lot of time in this space wondering how the Mavs are doing without TY, Caron, DeShawn, JJB and Corey. But maybe it's time for a review of how they are doing without Dallas. Scan these numbers collected on DB.com Boards, where Mavs fans are also talkin' about them, and maybe you begin to realize that while some of those guys were part of the fabric and are among "the best things that've ever happened to Dallas,'' Dallas is also about the best thing that ever happened to them, too.

DONUT 3: And here is a piece of video that suggests that Barea is, for the moment anyway, one ex-Mav who is not doing well when it comes to getting along with Kevin Love.

I wish I could trick you into betting me $10 bucks -- or actually, $1,000,000, inasmuch as this is such a lock -- but how much would you like to wager that J.J. Barea would like to undo his decision to go to Minny to instead remain a Mav?

How much do you want to bet that this offseason JJB will talk to his agent about finding a way back to Dallas? (Hint: Don't bet me. You'll lose.)

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DONUT 5: Good news on the injury front: Delonte did travel to Denver and is being cleared for "light workouts.'' Maybe a week away? And tests on Marion (who stayed in Dallas on Monday for a day of treatment) reveal no structural damage in his knee. He's hopeful of being ready for Wednesday's visit from the Lakers.

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DONUT 7: Our man MDug has an insightful theory into why Tony Parker would reflect on Jason Kidd hitting four-of-five 3-pointers on Saturday to help the Mavs beat the Spurs by saying those makes defied SA's scouting report:

Tony Longoria is blinded by years-old hurt feelings.

First of all, the hard numbers that say Parker is fibbing if he suggests the SA scouting report didn't account for Kidd's ability to make the 3.

In his near-four years in Dallas, Kidd is shooting almost 39 percent from the arc. Furthermore, in the nine games leading up to Saturday's Spurs game, he'd shot 37.5 percent And of course, after that game his 10-game run had him up to 42.2 percent.
In short, there is no way the Spurs scouting report failed to account for Kidd's almost singular ability as a shooter.

So what's the explanation for what sounded like bitter words from Parker?

MDug suggests that maybe Tony is still suffering from some hurt feewings as a result of Kidd, once upon a time, being courted by San Antonio back when Parker was a young-and-only-semi-proven point guard.

Is that possible? That all these years and all those accomplishments later, Tony Parker has an inferiority complex when it comes to Kidd?


Also good: Kidd's fit into the "Light-Switch Theory.'' Kidd, who will turn 39 on Friday (and is just 65 minutes from passing Stockton as the all-time leader among guards in that category), has in the last two wins totaled 20 assists to just one turnover.

"He was orchestrating all night long, he had the game under control," Carlisle said of Kidd, who on Monday had 10 assists, seven points and, yes, made a 3-pointer.

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DONUT 9: We've got to choose a Player of the Game and award him "The Dirkie.'' And you get to vote right here!

Oh, one more thing about "The Dirkie'': DB.com Boardsman "Grumpy'' has done the math on this year's Player of the Game in all the Mavs wins. Here are your "Dirkie'' results.

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DONUT 11: I've been asked why I haven't covered like a blanket these tales about Lamar Odom having requested a buyout from the Mavs. My answer is contained in a scene from "Khloe & Lamar,'' the E Network TV "reality'' show that I checked out for a moment on Sunday night.

In the episode, Khloe expresses some concern that LamLam isn't sleeping well. So unbeknownst to her husband, she fixes him a cup of hot tea and adds to it about a pint of honey and then a tiny chuck of an over-the-counter sleeping pill.

And I'm watching Lamar sip from the cup and I'm watching his reaction and I'm watching brother Rob Kardashian watching this gripping and controversial scene and the dramatic music and the serious line readings and the thespian faces on these people ... well, they treated the decision about what to do about this cup of tea as if Khloe was starring in "Sophie's Choice II.''

In other words, much of the "drama'' surrounding LamLam's career is orchestrated. He is the Man Who Cried Wolf. Wake me up when he hustles for an offensive rebounds, cuts to the basket or garners a floorburn.

What?! He did all three of those things in Denver, part of a six-point, nine-rebound, four-assist night?

"I thought Odom played a terrific game,'' Carlisle said.

OK. I'm awake.

DONUT 12: Meanwhile, outside of Denver ... Deron is such an unhappy camper in NJ right now that following Monday's loss to lowly Cleveland, he exited the locker room without speaking to the media -- a season first. He was also kinda angry during the game, too. ...

DONUT 13: So some people (including Mark Cuban) believe Jet -- because of his blood and sweat and tears and his ring -- has earned the right to do as he wishes as it regards criticizing his front office.

Fine. So ... Hasn't his front office invested the same blood and sweat and tears? Doesn't his front office also own rings? If Jet has earned the right to do whatever he thinks is best ... hasn't Cuban done the same?

And as I've suggested many times about this team and this franchise ... way before they surged to 27-20 as they are now a half-game out of fourth in the West ... haven't they all earned some privileges? Including just a little patience from the rest of us?


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