Mavs Quoteboard: No Hyperbole Allowed

No hyperbole here: 'Biggest win of the year.' 'The playoffs have started.' 'Dirk is better than Barkley. 'Trix is the Defensive Player of the Year.' 'Wright is LIBB of the Year.' 'A game that might make the difference between homecourt in the playoffs and no playoffs at all.' Mavs Quoteboard from Houston:

Oh that was close. The Dallas Mavericks, reeling from back-to-back blowouts, hit Houston for the only time this year. The playoff race is crowded and the Rockets want in. Brandan Wright's tentacle arms and gravity-breaking knees -- seven blocks! -- and expected levels of brilliance from the likes of Jet and Dirk Nowitzki were matched by Houston's scrapping on the offensive glass.

A three from Chandler Parsons tied it 97-all and Jet's killshot missed; yay, five more minutes of basketball.

Fast-forward and Dallas was clinging to a two-point lead courtesy of Dirk's 23,757th and -58th points. Dallas had the ball but failed to advance it in time -- turnover. Last posession --Goran Dragic had it inside, tried to get it to Chase Budinger for the killshot three, Marion muddled up the pass, Buddinger threw up a prayer and nope. Mavs win, 101-99.


Not hyperbolizing either; just a game and a half between homecourt advantage and an early vacation ...

"[Coach] said it was a playoff game and that's all I needed to hear. He put a huge emphasis on the playoffs starting and I think guys really took it to heart. And regardless if we were on a back-to-back, it didn't matter. We won Game 1 and now it's time for us to go home and get another one ... Nobody is guaranteed of being in the playoffs. You're a three- or four-game losing streak from being out of the playoffs , so you have to really look at every game and take it serious." -Jason Terry

"It was the biggest win of the year for us. It really was. We were fighting back all night, until the end of regulation. They made a couple of plays, and we made a couple of plays. They guys kept hanging in, and that's what it's about." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"This is a big one. We had to grind it out no matter what happened. We had to find a way to win. Coming out of those nine games in 12 days, we definitely knew then it was going to be on the rest of the season. We got to scrap and grind those wins out ... We made some mistakes, but at least we found a way to win. In this league, in this season, a win is a win." -Dirk Nowitzki

Another punishment on the boards -- Houston managed 16 offensive rebounds and 25 second chance points ...

"That's a big question for us. Sometimes we rebound, sometimes we don't. The thing is we've gotta be consistent with it. I know we're just trying to count W's right now, but we've still gotta develop continuity on a consistent basis." -Shawn Marion

"They were all over us early on -- got a lead and we couldn't get a rebound." -Dirk Nowitzki

Brandan Wright, Lighting in a Bottle Boy of the Day ...

"He's quick on his feet. He's quick off his feet. Sometimes you think he's got no shot to get to that ball, but one quick step and he's basically elbow above the rim. He had some great blocks tonight." -Dirk Nowitzki

"He was great. He bounced back tonight, because last night he didn't have a great night. He played some minutes last night, but didn't have much impact. He was terrific tonight. Really from the moment he stepped on the court. He was a factor on both ends of the court, and hit big shots and made big plays." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I think I've been real close to putting a game like that together the whole year. I've just got to play my game.It was one of those nights where I just got a lot of them." -Brandan Wright

Regarding Jason Terry and his late-game awesomeness ...

"That's his quarter. That's his reputation. And he takes pride in it. Our guys look for him and he's a different breed of cat. There aren't a lot of guys that want that kind of responsibility, but we're fortunate because we have two of them." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Really, Jet made it happen for us. They were really hugging me on the screen-and-roll and he came off a couple of times and hit tough shots. He was really clutch for us tonight." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I feel very comfortable in this building, and we really needed a win. We play this team again on Tuesday, and we're battling them for a playoff spot. Every win is critical for us. We didn't want to give up an easy victory, and we fought to the end." -Jason Terry

On the final play in regulation, Chandler Parsons for three, good ...

"It was a sideline out of bounds play. It was kind of a broken play; there were three options to try to find someone for a 3 but couldn't get them open. Chase kicked it to me and I just hit a big shot for my team to put it into overtime. It felt good. I was just trying to make a big shot and was fortunate enough for it to go in." -Chandler Parsons

Some blood for the sweat and tears -- one of Wright's flails accidently opened a cut over Nowitzki's right eye ...

"Hats off to the training staff for getting the blood stopped. Dirk being able to go back into the game created that scoring opportunity for Jet, because Camby was hugging Dirk so closely that it created a double screen and Jet got a really good look to put us in strong position." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Just four stitches. I'll be alright." -Dirk Nowitzki

Last chance for Houston, Dragic to Budinger for three NO GOOD!

"The play worked for us. We got Goran the ball on the move. He turned the corner and attacked the basket. He does that so well; he attracts so many people and was able to find me in the corner. Unfortunately I just missed the shot." -Chase Budinger

We're beating this drum until it breaks; Shawn Marion, Defensive Player of the Year ...

"Marion's back in a big way. He was terrific again. He's guarding the key guy on their team, who was a point guard. He's just really one of the unique guys that I've ever seen. The way he's guarded every position on the floor this year, he's Defensive Player of the Year material." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Another week another milestone; the UberMan passed Charles Barkley and now sits 19th in career points scored ...

"That's obviously great. Charles was always kind of my hero. I always wore No.11 in Germany and I saw him wearing No. 14 in the Olympics in Barcelona. So I changed to 14 and when I came over here, I changed it to 41. It's great to know. It's been a great ride. Obviously, topped it off last year with the championship and all these things are gonna be great in a couple of years when I look back at my career." -Dirk Nowitzki

Hopeful thoughts on Big 'Wood and West -- back on Tuesday? Maybe?

"I'd like to think so. But I don't know that. I know the progress has been good. But we don't have a set timetable. I don't think it's impossible. The hope is sooner than later." -Coach Rick Carlisle

The Odom Report (we'll keep it short) ...

"It was cool. It was quick, but it was cool. I didn't say it was too short. I just said it was quick. That's okay. All I can do is play and do what's asked of me. Just so we won, that's all that matters." - Lamar Odom

See y'all next week; next game Dallas hosts Houston on Tuesday night ...

"We've got a couple of days now to regroup. We've got these guys again and these are big games, because we're close to these guys in the standings and everything is congested." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"A home-and-home is always fun for me, because if you have success against a team then you can come back the next night and hopefully duplicate it. And there's really no scouting report, because you've already done all that the first game." -Jason Terry

PS: I think what the Custodian's really saying, Captain Jax, is, 'Neener-neener-neener ...

"The thing I take from that is that he thinks I once could play. I'll take that." -Brian Cardinal

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