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Confident talk from the fellas after the Mavs' win at GS. Reassuring talk from Carlisle prepping for Portland tonite: "Every year,' Rick says, 'you're involved in some kind of race. It gets magnified when you're down in the lower tier. We're aware of the situation. We've been talking about being in this mode the last two weeks. We know where things are at.'

The last time the Dallas Mavericks visited the Warriors, they got handed their worst loss of the year. Things were different last night. Among other things, the Mavs weren't reeling to the end of a 9-in-12. The young guns rolled through the first half, building Dallas a 19 point lead. Golden State got hot in the third and made things nervous. In the fourth the vets saved the day, holding the Warriors off and taking it 112-103.


Regarding the game's flow -- Golden State fell behind by 19 but cut it as close as 3 ...

"I think they made a great run in the second half, but we made enough shots, enough stops to get the win and that's all that matters right now." - Dirk Nowitzki

"I think they like that style of play. When they get down, they've got a free will to shoot threes, shoot a lot of jump shots, get a little active. They got within five, we got the timeout and we ran it back out to eight or 10. Then we were feeling pretty good about ourselves." -Brandan Wright

Wrighteousness -- about Brandan Wright's 16 and 9 evening ... "Wright was terrific all night. It was the kind of game where if a team is playing small, he's a valuable guy because he can be a presence at the rim and he can guard perimeter guys when needed." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It really wasn't about playing an old team or anything like that. It was about us getting off to a good start." -Brandan Wright

The Brandan Wright Fireworks Display is included in our All-Access coverage of the win. But here, as a sampler, enjoy the Freeing of Roddy B:

Aw darn, it was thisclose -- Jason Kidd, one point short of a triple-double ...

"If we'd have known, we would have gotten him one or two more shots. I thought he had a great look on that runner." -Dirk Nowitzki

"At that point, I thought we needed to run clock." -Jason Kidd

49 might be pushing it a little -- on Kidd's longevity ...

"I would love to keep going. I was joking with Dirk that we could retire together. I would like to get to 20. As a kid, you just think about playing and if you can go past eight years, you're like, 'I've had a great career.' Now it's going on 18. So why stop now?" -Jason Kidd

"Never underestimate greatness. I don't care if that guy is 29, 39 or 49, he's going to do something to help you win." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Playoff time's coming; what, us worried?

"No worry at all. We're a team full of veteran guys that know what needs to be done. It definitely prepares you for the task ahead. We'd rather do this than be resting guys and you lose your rhythm. We tried that. Golden State did us nasty the last time we did that. We learned from that." -Jason Terry

"We don't talk about the standings very often, but they're basketball guys. They know where things are at. We've been talking about playoff mode for two and a half weeks. It's a must. The pressure that comes with that is a good thing, because it's the kind of pressure that you like. It brings you to a higher level and we embrace it. We're not looking just to get in. We're looking to move up." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It has never been in our minds that we won't be in the postseason. That's what we play the game for, to see if you can get in the postseason and see if you can get hot, lock in and see if you can win a championship." -Jason Kidd

"That's what this is about. These last eight games, building up our chemistry. There's a good chance we'll be in the playoffs if we play well enough. But playing well and building up chemistry, finding a steady rotation, I think is key for us." -Vince Carter

... concerned, maybe, a little ...

"Every year, you're involved in some kind of race. It gets magnified when you're down in the lower tier. We're aware of the situation. We've been talking about being in this mode the last two weeks. We know where things are at." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I mean, we talked about it last week and our playoffs started a little bit early. We've gotta win some games. It might not be pretty right now and we might not be playing our best, but we've gotta find ways to win games." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It's a race to the finish line. Every game counts here on out." - Shawn Marion

Onward, ever onward (but no LaMarcus in Portland) ...

"Well, we have obviously a tough stretch here. We have four games in five nights, all on the road, and that's never easy. You know, will take it one game at a time, so it was a good win for us tonight. Another one in Portland. The Rose Garden is a tough place to play, I don't care who suits up for them." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Right now, the biggest thing we have to do is get showered, get on the plane to Portland, get settled in there and get ready for a battle tomorrow night, because each game is super meaningful for us. It's not only trying to win games, it's trying to get playing better and that's a task." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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