The Dirkie: Mavs 97, Blazers 94: Pick A Mav!

Other second-tier teams in the West fell. The Mavs continued on a mini-roll with Friday's 97-94 win at Portland. No, they didn't 'roll' in the sense that they retained the 24-point lead. But they are rolling in the sense that they now own sixth place, are a game back of fifth, and somebody's getting 'The Dirkie':

Oy vey, such a mess the Trailblazers make for our Dallas Mavericks. Feels like this kind of thing happens every single time Dallas and Portland hook up. The lead for the Mavs got all the way up to 24 before the tires all went flat at once. 11-2 run, 12-0 run, everywhere a 'Blazers run. Fortunately, the good guys survived to fight another night, taking it 97-94.

Meanwhile, Houston, Denver and Utah all lost. The Grizzlies are but a game up. And the Lakers-- the Sunday afternoon foe for a game in which Kidd will be well-rested having sat out here -- have some health issues with everybody from Mike Brown to Kobe Bryant.

The Mavs sustained a calf injury to Roddy B but otherwise survived a Blazers team that always makes it close. One slightly scuffed Dirkie, ready for mailing.

Participate in the process, will ya please? Player of the Game, Dallas at Portland ... Who Deserves The Dirkie? Vote here!

Shawn Marion -- 17 and 14 double-double and even though John Trollinger is a Portland fan, I bet he didn't notice Trix not "falling sharply.''

Dirk Nowitzki -- 24 points, done with that 35-percent shooting business, but a silly foul late. Temper, temper, UberMan.

Delonte West -- 21 points and 7 dimes, mighty man. "A money player,'' Rick says.

Brandan Wright -- 13 points and 8 boards -- doing more in five games than Lamar Odom did in five months.

Player of the Game, Dallas at Portland ... Who Deserves The Dirkie? Vote here!

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