Tuesday Mavs All-Access Practice

Mavs practices have been few and far between this year, but DB.com is all over the Tuesday workout! Dirk's 3-pointer work ... The bonding of Vince and 'Trix ... Roddy B's complaint ... And Video Visits with the unedited Carlisle, Carter and Marion - plus a DB.com Exclusive 'Look-Around' - We're your eyes inside the Mavs basement!

They've been few and far between this season, but the Mavericks actually held a real life practice on Tuesday and DallasBasketball.com was all over it. Most of the Mavericks took part in 3-point contests or free throw practice while Assistant Coach D.A. made his voice heard constantly, as always. As lighthearted as it was, efficient use of practice time is especially important for the Mavs right now with these few days off between games and the playoffs looming.

Coachspeak: Coach Carlisle held his standard post practice mini-press conference and touched on a variety of subjects, namely the importance of Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry, how he viewed the Golden State game as a step back, the Chicago game as a potential step forward, and the overall state of the Mavericks heading into their 12th consecutive playoffs.

"We're excited," Carlisle said about the playoffs starting and his team's chances. "There are going to be fifteen other teams excited about their possibilities, as well."

Carlisle's full and unfiltered thoughts here:

A Seamless Transition: It's safe to say that guard Vince Carter has given the Mavericks more than what was expected of him when the season started. His 41% shooting leaves something to be desired, but his 37% from three-point range and 10.2 points per game have provided a number of lifts for the Mavericks during the season, while also providing a few clutch moments. Additionally, despite a few negative whispers about a ‘Me-First' attitude that have been completely unfounded during his time in Dallas, Carter has made nothing but a positive impact with his teammates. It's clear through practices, shoot arounds, and locker room interaction, that Carter has become quite a favorite amongst the rest of the team. Vince Carter also never fails to provide in-depth thoughts and honest opinions during his interviews:

As Fish noted at Delonte West's Casino Night, it also appears that he and teammate Shawn Marion were separated at birth due to their BFF-itude.

A Look Around: There wasn't exactly big news to be breaking from today's practice as it was simply another day for the Mavericks to tighten the screws on what they hope is the beginning of the franchise's first ever title defense. That involves, for one, Rick Carlisle pondering who to rest/when to rest them.

For instance, J-Kidd, who is again a candidate to sit out against the Hawks on Thursday.

"There's a very good possibility that they [the Hawks] will be very motivated to play and win that game," Carlisle said. "Either way, we've got to go into it with the idea that it's an important game for us, how we compete. We want to win.''

Sure. But maybe not enough to play Kidd.

Also, the break involves a chance for Dirk Nowitzki to take extra 3-point practice, Kelenna Azubuike to work on the small things to find his role, Darrell Armstrong to constantly keep things light, Brendan Haywood to be forever practicing his free throws, and etc. All in a day's work for the Mavs who have their eyes set on one of the more meaningful postseasons in their history.

See for yourself:

Mavsellaneous: Dirk's longtime coach and mentor Holger Geschwinder has been in town recently, but wasn't at practice during media availability … Vince Carter airballed a three-pointer at one point during a competition and the whole gym made sure to stop and rip on him for it, even Dirk and Terry from across the court … Roddy Beaubois was still complaining to Monte Mathis about a travel Mathis had called on him while reffing one of the scrimmages that day. Beaubois called Jason Kidd over for support, but Kidd promptly turned on his teammate. "Nah, that was a travel," said Kidd with a not-so-small grin.

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