Mavs Quoteboard: 'Bad Time For A Bad Outing'

'We had more than enough chances to steal Game 1, more than enough chances to steal Game 2,' Dirk says. '(Game 3) was a very bad outing and a very bad time for a bad outing.' A bad outing. A dour locker room. A full Mavs Quoteboard:

The Dallas Mavericks strode onto the floor last night down 0-2 in a best of seven. That's bad, we all reasoned, but not catastrophic. The two games in OKC were photo-finish close, and if there's one thing our Mavs know how to do it's defend the home place. Well ... that didn't happen. OKC led wire-to-wire and the closest the home team could get was five points. Final 95-79 and a long hot summer looms for us all.


As bad as all that? [bleep] yeah ...

"[bleep], Golden State. Golden State, bleep] ... You've got to take your hat off to them. They came out and played a hell of a game tonight, kicked our ass in every facet of the game." -Jason Terry

All right, gentlemen, what happened?

"I thought we played two really solid games up in OKC, didn't find a way to steal one and tonight just picked a really bad time to put a stinker out there ... We had enough chances in Game 1 and Game 2, we played solid quarters. I don't think we put it together for a full 48 yet. But we had more than enough chances to steal Game 1, more than enough chances to steal Game 2. And just like I said, today was a very bad outing and a very bad time for a bad outing." -Dirk Nowitzki

"They're a good team and they threw a great game at us. We needed to be a lot better than we were. We've just had some bad shooting nights and some horrible decision-making. Frankly, a lot of the responsibility is on me -- I didn't have these guys ready to play." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We just weren't making shots. They did a great job of limiting us to one shot and they were getting out in transition and hitting shots. They really put it to us in the second half." -Vince Carter

"You can win by two or 30, it's all the same thing. We just didn't shoot the ball well. Tonight we came out and shot a dud and that's the story for us." -Delonte West

"Offensively, we just had no rhythm." -Jason Terry

Speaking of, about Jet's crash and burn ...

"I would hope [he'd lose confidence], especially guarding a guy that can't touch the ball. It's hard to get confidence without having the ball in your hands. You can't do much without the ball.'' -Russell Westbrook

Regarding Kevin Durant and his 31 point, 11-15 from the floor evening -- curse you, your family, your friends, your business partners, your pets, the ground you walk on, the air you breathe ...

"Durant is a great player. He's the best scorer on the planet. Marion did a phenomenal job for two games, and then tonight Durant picked his level up a little bit. He was making some of those contested shots. He was 11-for-15, and that's a phenomenal shooting night in a game where they're spreading the ball around quite a bit." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Kevin hasn't shot the ball well, but he's taken good shots. He hasn't forced shots and he got to the free throw line last game. But it was good to have a good start. He's earned it. He works as hard as anybody I've ever been around. You knew he was going to have a good shooting game sooner or later." -Coach Scott Brooks

"Kevin is going to stay confident. Tonight, he was just his regular self. He kind of surprised everybody else, but to us he was his regular self." -Russell Westbrook

"I missed my first layup, so I thought it was going to be a long night. I knew that if I'd just continue to work, they'd start to fall." -Kevin Durant

"If you look at Game 1 and Game 2, the way we defended him, we've got to steal one of them. He shot 34 percent from the floor in the first two games. That's a time where we've got to steal one and we weren't able to." -Dirk Nowitzki

"He had a good game tonight. I've got to give him credit. It's frustrating to see him do that. As many times as he shoots, he's going to have a good game here and there. [bleep], it's bound to happen, he shoots so damn much." -Shawn Marion

The NBA Sportsmanship Award goes to ...

"It's a great honor to win this award after all the guys have won it before." -Jason Kidd

On the big man play in general (ugh) ...

"Defensively, we did about as well as we could possibly do. We've always said, our bigs are our unsung heroes. They come in every night and do their job." -Coach Scott Brooks

"Serge Ibaka took a step forward. He's the best shot blocker in the league." -Dirk Nowitzki

"[Ibaka's] a presence in there. They have a presence at the rim that's effective. " -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Just a great, total defensive effort tonight. Frustrated them ... If we play like that, it's hard to beat us." -James Harden

A vote of no confidence in Big 'Wood? Well ...

"It's tough. He's an important guy to us. I'm not saying we're bailing on him or anything like that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Hmm -- Dirk's down ...

"I don't think we took a step forward as a team. We took a step back." -Dirk Nowitzki

About the officiating -- Coach Carlisle got so hot under the collar Terry Stotts had to hold him back from the refs ...

"Look, there's been some frustration with the officials, but we're not going to make it about the officials. I'm not going to sit up here and make a bunch of excuses. Sometimes things with the officials get to you -- I'm not going to go into a big thing about that -- but we've got to rise above that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"There was an invisible man out there [fouling Westbrook]. That was very interesting. I don't know who hit him." -Shawn Marion

About the series not being over yet ...

"We've got to win a game. You never focus on winning four straight. We've got to show some pride on Saturday and just play a better game, move the ball, make some shots ... If you think about 0-3, you're just going to get more frustrated. That's bad energy." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Can you fight through adverse situations and come together as a team and get it done? I believe we can. People say I'm crazy. Hey, go see a doc." -Jason Terry

"At some point someone is going to defy the odds so why not try for it." -Vince Carter

"We can't win four at a time. All we need is to win one." -Delonte West

So what's the plan for Game 4, guys?

"I'll make sure that we're focused on the game at home on Saturday. We're disappointed, but we're going to keep playing. We'll circle the wagons tomorrow, get the wheels back on the wagon and we'll get ready for Saturday." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Let's put them on their heels instead of us being down 17-6 or whatever it was and always having to fight from behind ... I think we come out and come out with pride, and play hard and execute our game plan. We haven't done that in this series for 48 minutes and hopefully Saturday night we can get that done ... I wish I could play right now tonight and see if they're ready for it, because they're probably full of themselves right now. " -Jason Terry

"We've got to fight. We've got to go out swinging. That's what it's about. It's about going out there and seeing what's inside of you. Gotta dig deep inside of us and go out there and get it. We've got to all look at each other in the eyes and in the face and go out there and challenge each other." -Shawn Marion

"Win the next game. Plain and simple. There's no rhyme or reason. Just win the next game. Or it's over. There's no sense in trying to dress it up and make it any more difficult than it is." -Vince Carter

"This team is still motivated. And if we got to go out, we're going out like champs. We're going down swinging." -Delonte West

And now, for the Understatement of the Night ... "We didn't match them; we shot 31 percent and they shot 42.9 percent. It's hard to overcome that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Everything that could go against you went against you tonight. It seemed like we never had a chance." - Shawn Marion

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