Mavs Work Out 2nd-Round Prospect Kevin Jones

If the Mavs intend to use this year's picks as players instead of chips, it explains what we've learned is an interest in second-round prospect Kevin Jones of West Virginia. Jones has limits. But his 20-points/11-rebounds college averages could translate better than some of the Mavs' previous Round-2 fliers, stashes and dumps. Jones recently visited the AAC. Here's the latest:

Kevin Jones from West Virginia doesn't have first-round skills; there are rarely even 30 of those guys. He's 6-8, 250, shorter than most power forwards, and he's and not a leaper – but he completed his senior season and is almost 23 … and might therefore be more ready to contribute as a bull in the paint than some of the Mavs' previous second-round failures.

We've seen him at the Scouting Combine and the ESPN comments there are as valuable as the look …

Kevin Jones is not blowing anyone away with his height or with his raw athleticism. "He's not sexy,'' his agent Bill Neff says. "Just productive.''

Neff also says Jones has a first-round promise and frankly, we see that as unlikely. More possible: A club that recognizes what San Antonio did with DeJuan Blair (undersized-but-thick, just a second-rounder but immediately ready to contribute) could see the same sort of path here.

Jones has developed some shooting range while at West Virginia, and he's a hustler. But mostly he's a bull, a back-to-the-basket interior player who rarely dribbles on the perimeter and is well short of being a stopper on defense. He plays "under the rim,'' too. … but he does so effectively, taking up space and finishing well (though without the usual array of breathtaking dunks).

This is a not a graceful ballerina here. This is a power forward who even as he works on his jumper, as you see in the video below, looks something less than natural.

But do you want "sexy'' or "productive''? Jones was always among the Big East both in scoring and rebounding, finishing this year with 20.1 points and 11.1 rebounds per game and we bet he might be able to contribute in the NBA in the latter category immediately.

Kevin Jones could be something more for the Dallas Mavericks than just a risk/reward plus; there's another plus here, for a team that may end up needing to fill its roster with affordable bodies who can play now.

That's why Dallas brought him to the AAC. Because maybe, just maybe, he's something more than a second-round flier, stash or dump.

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