Dirk's Ballgame: Video Mavs Mash-Up

Dirk jumped into the batter's box for the first time in his life and revealed his 'pitch' to Deron. Delonte tried to play ball, too. Vince Carter pledged devotion to Dallas. Najera spoke glowingly about the organization. Cardinal and Carlisle shook off some baseball rust. Want to see it all? Let's start you with the Video Mavs Mash-Up:

Mavs superstar Dirk Nowitzki leaned his Heroes baseball cap back from his face, took a deep breath, and maybe unknowingly broke a critically important piece of Deron Williams recruiting news on Friday.

"I told him I got a little something in the tank, too, for two more years,'' Dirk said.

Yes, The Pitch has started. And Dirk is involved. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be stationed in LA. (That's customary for him, and it's also the base for various NBA sports agents). Jason Kidd is vacationing with Williams in The Hamptons, and Mavs fans hope Kidd -- himself a free agent -- is attempting to lure Deron back to his hometown rather than back to the Nets. Delonte West (yet another Mavs free agent) has spoken from the heart to Deron on Twitter, detailing the greatness of the Dallas organization. Coach Rick Carlisle and GM Donnie Nelson are ready to be "troops on the ground,'' too.

But Dirk carries a big stick (though not necessary a big bat, as his batting practice for the charity event resulted in nothing more than a few seeing-eye singles).

"I think he's still undecided," Nowitzki said. "He honestly is. I thought he might make a decision quick and get it out of the way. But I really think he's torn. He's got two great owners, two great organizations. And obviously, I think Jersey, with the move to Brooklyn is even more appealing.

Nowitki is now DFW's adopted son, and favorite son. He says Deron-to-Dallas would be "very special for the city.''

"It's a tough decision'' said Dirk of Williams, who is from The Colony/Carrollton area, as is his wife. (Most of their relatives also still live here). We're going to keep recruiting and hopefully we'll get some good news this week."

Nowitzki says he doesn't believe a "hard sell'' is necessary.

"Obviously, I know him," Nowitzki said. "We've played in multiple All-Star games together. We can talk amongst players. But I don't feel I need to pitch much. He knows the organization. He knows what we have here. He knows what the city's like. He grew up here. I think he knows what he has here.''

DB.com videographer Imran Virani helps us cover the day with this Video Mavs Mash-Up starring Dirk himself ...

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