Deron Stays With Nets; 2 Tales Of 2 Jasons

Two coasts. Two Jasons. Lots of emotions. While Boston-bound Jason Terry's mention of a return to Dallas is now a courtesy, Deron golf chum Jason Kidd is 'focused on trying to get a deal done with Dallas' - but that was before the 6:13 p.m. tweet from Deron that he's staying with the Nets. Let's start with the emotions and the notes and even the quotes of the two Jasons.

First to the West Coast, where Jason Kidd appeared Tuesday afternoon on a radio station in his native Oakland and gave every indication that he wishes to be back with the Dallas Mavericks.
"Right now we're focused on trying to get a deal done with Dallas,'' said free-agent Kidd. "It's between Brooklyn and New York and Dallas … Right now, Dallas is a team with the owner Cuban who is always trying to win, and I always respect him and I won a championship. So they always have first dibs. If I can get a deal done with Dallas, I'll end up back in Dallas.''

As we've written before on, Kidd and Deron Williams had discussed being a package deal and maybe even playing in the same backcourt together. The Mavs still hoped for that scenario to play out for them, of course. ... a dream that now ends, with thoughts of Nash and other PGs in their heads.

And then there is Kidd – who says he's also in contract talks with the Knicks and Nets – and he isn't quite willing to concede anything yet regarding his skill.

"It's funny,'' he said. "I feel I could still start. There's been a lot of talk about going where D-Will's gonna go. But I always looked at it me and Deron like we could play together at the same time. I feel I can start together with him and still play 30 minutes. (Physically) I feel great.''

We believe Kidd is willing to sign a one-year deal and might even take a relative paycut in the right situation. We also know that he wishes to have a future in an NBA front office, and this is a good place to reiterate that he and Cuban have engaged in those sort of talks.

J-Kidd's certainly got the BBIQ to pull that off:

Meanwhile on the East Coast, the Celtics are sealing a deal with Jason Terry to come to Boston.

Jet talks about giving Dallas a final chance to make an offer to keep him, but we all know that's not in the plans.

"I want to see what (the Mavs) come up with, but I'm not optimistic,'' Terry told FoxSports.

Dallas is unlikely to match under any circumstances. Terry would get the full MLE from Boston, making $5 million-plus a year.

For now, a brief reflection on Terry's eight seasons in Dallas.

Jason Terry was many things during his tenure with the Mavericks: first he was the Steve Nash "booby prize," and then he became a pillar of the Dallas offense, playing the two-man game with Dirk. He was a scrapper, a fighter, at times going overboard with his hot-headedness (punches to Michael Finley's groin in 2006 and a shove to Matt Barnes and tiffs with teammates on the bench in 2011 come to mind.) However, the same bravado and hubris that made JET routinely utter cringe-worthy quotes to the media also was the source of his on-court achievement.

For example, look no further than Terry outplaying LeBron in last season's Finals. On paper, there's no way Terry should have been able to keep up with the consensus best player in the game, but after publicly declaring his doubts that James could guard him for seven games, Terry proved more than up to the task.

However, his Mavericks career is more than highlights and sound bites. Some numbers:

*6th all time in franchise history in games played at 619.

*6th in minutes at over 20,000 with the Mavs.

*2nd all time in playoff games with 87.

*6th in points scored, 9,953, right between Michael Finley and Brad Davis.

*2nd in 3FGM with 1140, trailing only Dirk.

*7th in assists with 2524.

*5th in steals with 735.

Beyond the numbers, he was a fan favorite due to his expert showmanship and flair for the dramatic. Aside from the occasional bone-headed quote or overheated moment, Terry is consistently listed as a consummate teammate, graciously accepting a spot on the bench when it became clear it was in Dallas' best interests. Relishing his sixth-man role, he had grown into something of a fourth-quarter specialist, and prior to this season, routinely was among league leaders in fourth quarter scoring.

Part of what made him so clutch was his elite ability to bury a three-pointer. Indeed, he is 4th all time in that department.
He was not without his flaws however, and his detractors are not lacking for sufficient ammo. There will be more time for full career examinations later. For now, it is enough to say that he was one of the greatest Mavericks of all time, a defining figure of this era, instrumental in the franchise's greatest glory and some of its shortcomings. His accomplishments speak for themselves and while probably not NBA Hall of Fame-worthy, he certainly merits enshrinement locally and someday his jersey should hang in the rafters.

Of his move to the Celtics, Jet said, "I just love that they have a championship pedigree.''

That's what we'll lovingly remember about Jet, too -- that he helped the Dallas Mavericks have a "championship pedigree.'' Deron? We hardly knew ye. Kidd? This is the sort of post-Mavs-career reflection we hope we won't soon have to write about the other Jason as well.

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