Exclusive: Mavs Cuban & The 7 Deadly Sinners

Cuban's 1-on-1 visit with DB.com continued today with him asserting, ‘There are about seven teams making all the moves in this market. We can't change our strategy because other teams are going nuts.' While Mavs fans can disagree about that ‘strategy,' it's helpful if our opinions are ‘informed opinions.' So let's go at it with Cuban & his '7 Deadly Sinners':

On Thursday afternoon, DB.com visited with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on the subjects of his personal level of competitiveness and his personal level of frustration.

The under-attack owner's all-encompassing summation of this free-agency Week That Wasn't?

"We don't try to win the summer,'' Cuban told me in this Premium story. "We want to win championships.''

On Friday morning, Cuban and I visited again as we discussed some of the essence of and the thinking behind "The Plan.''

"There are about seven teams that are making all the moves in this market,'' Cuban told me. "We can't change our strategy because other teams are going nuts.''

Who are "The Seven Deadly Nuts'' ... "The Seven Deadly Sinners'? And are they really "nuts'' to be pursuing talent with little regard for the CBA Jail that Cuban swears will eventually come?

This is where the brilliance of the educated and passionate Mavs fanbase comes in very handy. As I say above, we can disagree about this "strategy,'' and we can respect each others' differences and even be entertained by the funny punchlines (and the angry air punches) we are creating in our frustration. But even more value that passionate opinions are passionate-and-informed ones.

So should we at least listen? Like Joan Rivers used to say, "Can we tawk''?

Some big brains have kicked it around on DB.com Premium Boards. Who might "The Seven Deadly Sinners'' be? How about ...

1. Brooklyn .. trade for Joe J's big money, $40M to Wallace, $98M to DWill, $10M to Teletovic

2. Phoenix ... max to Gordon, big money to Beasley, $32M to Dragic

3. Minny ... BRoy for MLE was stunning ... $45-50M to Batum

4. Portland ... max to Hibbert, will match Batum's $45-50M

5. Toronto ... offered Nash $36M, $20M to Fields

6. Houston ... Asik $25M, $30M to Lin

7. Boston ... $20M to Bass and $15M to Terry, chasing Green

Toss the Clippers, Wizards, Sixers and maybe the Lakers in there and you've got the candidates for Cuban's CBA sinners.

Meanwhile, Cuban told me, "There are a lot of teams that are ‘watching' right now.''

Let me be clear: Cuban didn't call anybody a "sinner.'' Nor did he email Nets ownership scolding them for CBA foolishness. (That's contrary to the NY Daily News writer's "accidental'' suggestion that such a thing happened.)

What is happening? It zips around by the minute, with the Mavs having been surprised by Kidd's depature (they felt they did him quite an honor by offering him three years). With them now eyeballing an amnesty bid on Elton Brand. With them visiting with Marcus Camby and Ramon Sessions and Anthony Randolph and anybody else who comes close to making sense. (Bayless? Belinelli?)

And of course, there's always that ultimate Sammy Superstar thing regarding Those Who Shall Not Be Named because we want to protect our faint hearts.

Deron Williams is gone. But priorities remain intact as Cuban notes that Dallas has been planning for years for this summer and next.

Cuban says that once the summer is over he and GM Donnie Nelson will "answer all questions'' about the path Dallas has chosen. ... and about the choices being made in the AAC basement, where Cuban, Nelson and staff spend a long day Friday.

But we already know many of the answers.

An amnesty acquisition and a trade of the $8.9-million Odom TE represent two creative ways to improve that have nothing to do with the tradional "Lists of Free Agents'' that some scan over.

The Mavs continue to wish to position themselves to take another run at a superstar as soon as possible ... in the summer of 2013 if necessary. We can lose sight of the fact -- or disagree with the likelihood -- of the big priority being to land another superstar.
No D-Will? the search continues. Don't mention Dwight? OK, I won't, but Sammy Superstar was the subject of Mavs and Magic talks on Monday night. ... as Premium Mavs Fans know. He's still available. The Mavs package still unattractive? I suppose, or else it'd be done. But otherwise. ... even with Deron and Nash moves ... why wouldn't they still be talking right up until the time he ends up elsewhere?

(Oh, and we DO want them to try, right? Even with the disappointment that might come in the wake of that effort? Cuban is acutely aware of some who think he's an "idiot.'' But you do want your "idiot owner'' to try, right?)

So they try. Not just to "Do Something'' -- "We're not just trying to sign someone,'' Cuban said -- but to do the right something. With a plan some think can never work, with a plan they believe is the only path to greatness. Others are doing things other ways.

"Well,'' Cuban told me, "it will be interesting to see what happens.''

"Interesting'' AND "successful'' would be even better.

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