Reloading Mavs Win Bid On Brand

Piece-by-piece, the Mavs are trying to reload their roster toward an even more competitive level. The latest accomplishment: The amnesty-bid win on center/forward Elton Brand. 'It's going to be great playing with someone of Dirk's caliber,' Brand says. Some of the inside stuff on what Brand brings to the Mavs ... and what might be next:

Elton Brand, the 33-year-old two-time All-Star, was no longer a financial fit in Philly. But with only a $2.1 million amnesty bid and with his interior talents coming on an expiring contract, he's a fine fit for the Dallas Mavericks, who can now pencil him in as part of a front-line rotation that also includes veteran forwards Nowitzki and Marion and fellow newcomer Chris Kaman.

'It's going to be great playing with someone of Dirk's caliber,' Brand tells ESPN.

Brand put up numbers in the last two years that suggest he remains a viable force: 18.5 and 18.0 PER the last two seasons. ... 8.9 rebounds per 36 mins in 2011-2012. ... 2.0 blocks and 1.2 steals per 36 mins in 2011-2012. ... +4.21 unadjusted +/- in 2011-2012. ... +6.88 adjusted +/- in 2011-2012. ...

He's thought of as a 4, but Brand played most of his minutes last year at center. His huge wingspan allows him to be a very effective man-on defensive center. though he's not the classic TY-style "rim protector.''

Man-on defense and some toughness:

How effective is he as a two-way center: Philly scored 96.1 pts and only allowed 86.6 pts when he was at center last year. So ... effective.

Brand measures in at 6' 9.5" in shoes with a 7' 5.5" wingspan and a 9' 2" standing reach. For perspective, Dwight Howard has a 9' 3.5" standing reach and Tyson Chandler has a 9' 2" standing reach.

He also can create room with his big body:

Brand has been remarkably consistent during his career, having averaged 18.3 points and 9.4 rebounds over 13 seasons. Some of his best years were with the Clippers, when he became friends with then-and-again teammate Kaman.

Brand's Sixers season highlight package:

Brand's numbers did slip last year, and agent David Falk recently conceded to that he wants to "re-establish his career.''

"He's got four or five good years left,'' Falk said. "He's only 33 years old.''

The Mavs are just as concerned about his contract, which expires next summer and allows Dallas to continue with Plan Powder while also remaining competitive. Kaman is also on a one-year deal. The Collison/Dahntay trade brings in two more rotation players with expiring contracts.

What's next? has been told that Dallas and Delonte West have an "understanding'' about his future that will be decided by this weekend. The Mavs can fill the roster now using the Room Mid-Level of $2.575 mil on Delonte or possibly on a wing who can shoot.
The $2.1 million bid on Brand leaves enough money to also place a bid on amnestied power forward Luis Scola from Houston, if Dallas wishes. He's got three years left on his contract and the minimum bid on him is just over $3 million.

There may be more machinations to be juggled. Some of them are revealed here in today's exclusive for Premium Mavs Fans.

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